Masterchef Junior Recap 4/20/18: Season 6 Episode 10 and 11 “Crackin’ Under Pressure – A Can Do Attitude”

Masterchef Junior Recap 4/20/18: Season 6 Episode 10 and 11 "Crackin' Under Pressure - A Can Do Attitude"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with an all-new Friday, April 20, 2018,  season 6 episode 10 and 11 called “Crackin’ Under Pressure – A Can Do Attitude,” and we have your weekly Masterchef Junior recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef Junior episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The Top 12 have just 15 minutes to make as many eggs Benedict dishes as they can. Later, they must prepare one of the most difficult egg dishes of all time. Then, the remaining home cooks create their own unique dishes but must use one common ingredient: chocolate.”

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They started with 24, there are 12 left and they enter the kitchen to find a gigantic golden egg and the three judges. It’s time for the next challenge and it’s no YOLK. The cooks are asked to advance to the stage and grab an egg from a package of a dozen.

The cooks are going to be separated into three teams of four each. A red team, a green team, and a blue team. The cooks have to smash their eggs on their heads and whatever color yolk they have inside, will decide their team.

Green team: Avery, Evan, Ariana, Sammy. Red team: Mikey, Olivia, Henry, Anthony. Blue team: Remy, Quani, Beni, Cade. This challenge is about Eggs Benedict, Gordon’s favorite dish and they have 15 minutes to make as many perfect eggs as they can. The teams all come up with a game plan, the green team seems to be leading the stronger team.

The red team did terribly. The blue team is the winner, they step off to the side. The green team and red team are having to stand in a pool and get a gigantic egg cracked over their heads. Remy says she looks like a human Eggs Benedict.

Time for the next challenge. Remy, Quani, Beni, and Cade are up on the balcony. For the next challenge the cooks will be cooking with eggs again, the judges want to know that they have truly mastered the egg. Joe tells the cooks that the best food in the world comes from Italy and their task is going to be making Egg Yolk Ravioli. The pasta has to be paper thin, the egg yolk placed in a next of ricotta, then sealed to perfection and poached so the pasta is cooked but the yolk remains runny. This is pasta paradise and the cooks won’t even know if they did well until the judges cut into the ravioli.

The cooks are done. Olivia is first, she gets five stars from Joe. Henry is next and Gordon is going to try it, there is too much ricotta but the egg is cooked beautifully. Christina is going to try Anthony’s ravioli, the egg yolk stared to cook, technique wise it is good but he cooked it too much. Avery is having her dish tried by Joe, it’s perfect and Joe calls her culinary royalty.

Evan’s dish is also good, Gordon is impressed but pasta is slightly too thick. Christina checks Mikey’s dish, he is really confident, the egg yolk is perfection, flavor-wise it is delicious. Ariana is next, Joe says there is too much ricotta, he has Ariana try it, the pasta is too hard, like eating boiled wool – rough texture, chewy and hard. Sammy is the last one, Gordon gets uncooked flour in the pasta, it was probably the worst dish. All the cooks are asked to step up to the front.

The two best dishes of the night are Olivia and Avery, they are both safe and head up to the balcony. This is a tough competition and sadly they have to say goodbye to more people Evan and Mikey are both safe. There are four left, three are going home and one is making it into the top nine. Anthony makes it to the top nine. Ariana, Henry and Sammy are all going home.

The remaining nine cooks enter the kitchen. Gordon has a cast on his leg, his daughter was making banana bread and he slipped on one of the skins. Time for the mystery box challenge; under the boxes there is an array of cans and they are missing their labels. The judges want the cooks to use at least one of the cans in front of them to make an amazing dish. The winner will win an amazing advantage – they have sixty minutes.

The judges loved the look of three dishes and starts with Quani’s dish, he made Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with peach-cherry buttercream frosting – Gordon is really impressed and so is Christina. Evan is next, he made Pumpkin-Sweet Potato Ravioli with black truffle cream sauce – Joe is really impressed and so is Gord. Avery is called up and she made Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with lychee and coconut – Christina loves it and she says it is to die for, Joe says it is delicious and super moist. Quani, Evan and Avery have made three outstanding dishes, the winner who will win a huge advantage in the next challenge is Avery and she is so proud to be the youngest.

The next challenge is, all of a sudden the cooks are doused with powdered chocolate. This competition is getting down to the best of the best. the winner will be given the hugest advantage in Master Chef history, the Master Chef golden apron which will get the winner directly to the semi-finals. Avery is permitted to stay up on the balcony, or she can participate – she says she doesn’t do well with chocolate so she will stay up there, better safe than sorry. The cooks have one hour to prepare their best chocolate dish, two cooks are going home at the end of this challenge.

Beni is first, she made a Cocoa Rubbed Filet Mignon with parsnip puree, crispy parsnips and chocolate port sauce – Gord is really impressed, so is Christina and she calls it stunning. Anthony’s dish is Cream Puffs with dark chocolate ganache and melted dark chocolate – Joe calls it a big risk and it went wrong with the filling.

Mikey’s dish is Chocolate-Hazelnut Cheesecake with chocolate-nutella sauce and toasted hazenuts – Christina says it looks like a perfect cheesecake and it is divine. Olivia made Cocoa Rubbed Steak with yogurt coleslaw, red quinoa and chipotle-chocolate sauce – Gord thought all in all it was a great job. Evan made German Chocolate Cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and pecan-coconut frosting – Joe doesn’t like it.

Remy made Cocoa Braised Short Ris with spinach-parmesan pinwheels and sweet potato-nutmeg puree – Christina says the meat is tough and she missed the mark. Quani made Chocolate Flourless Cake with white chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis and almond brittle – Gordon loves it and calls it perfection. Cade made Deconstructed Beignets with chocolate cream filling and raspberry coulis – Joe doesn’t like them and says they look more like a doughnut. The winner of the golden apron is Mikey and he is beyond thrilled.

The following cooks are called forward: Olivia, Quani and Beni, they are all threw to the next round. The two cooks leaving and have cooked their final dishes are Anthony and Cade. Remy and Evan head up to the balcony, they are safe.


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