Masterchef Junior Recap 5/4/18: Season 6 Episode 12 and 13 “Pop Up Restaurant – Grandma Gordon”

Masterchef Junior Recap 5/4/18: Season 6 Episode 12 and 13 "Pop Up Restaurant - Grandma Gordon"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with an all-new Friday, May 4, 2018,  season 6 episode 12 and 13 called “Pop Up Restaurant – Grandma Gordon,” and we have your weekly Masterchef Junior recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef Junior episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The junior chefs cook for 30 “MasterChef Junior” alumni at a pop-up restaurant. The losing team will head back to the kitchen for a pressure test designed by Season Five winner Jasmine Stewart. Then, the remaining junior home cooks prepare dishes inspired by their grandmothers.”

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Time for the Team Challenge, Olivia is thrilled that she is the team captain on the blue team. One the red team, Quani is the team captain. The cooks are enjoying a ride by convertible to their next challenge. Today is Masterchef’s Pop Up Restaurant. Christine tells Olivia and Quani that the judges want them to step up. The guests today have incredible palates, they are Masterchef Junior alumni. Mikey is on his way in a limo with his golden apron on and he will be sitting at the winner’s table.

Today’s dish is; Branzino with chorizo, clams, mussels and polenta. The judges will speak to all the guests to find out what they think but ultimately, the judges will decide the winning the team. On the blue team, there is an issue between the sisters, Remy is having a hard time not being in control and Christina has to tell her to back down and let Olivia, who is the team captain, to take charge. Olivia is breaking down, Christina comes to console her and tells her it is a high-pressure situation and she can do it. Olivia goes back to the kitchen and steps it up.

Quani is struggling with the polenta, guests are complaining that it is not seasoned well. Time is up, all meals are out and it is time to find out which team won the challenge. The winning team is the red team; Beni, Avery and Quani. On the blue team, two people are going home. Reigning champion, Master Chef junior’s Jasmine is going to explain the challenge, it is one of her favorite dishes. Olivia, Remy and Evan have to make the best macaroons to win this championship. Either Evan is sending the two sisters home, or the two sisters are going to be split up.

Olivia has a hard time, she doesn’t make enough batter and Gordon steps in to calm her down and show her that she has enough time to make more. Meanwhile, Evan is really stepping up and he may just win this challenge. Everyone brings their macaroons to the front. Gordon likes the flavor of Evan’s macaroons, but he wishes they had a smoother complexion on the outside. Christina says that visually Remy’s macaroons are incredibly delicious and she is very impressed. Joe is tasting Olivia’s macaroons, he says they taste delicate and full of finesse. Evan is going home, he did not win. It’s now between the two sisters. Olivia is going home, Remy is still in the competition. Joe commends Olivia on her comeback and gives her a hug.

Joe, Gordon, and Christina come into the kitchen dressed as grandmothers; they announce that the cook’s grandmas are there to surprise them. This competition is about how their grandmas inspire them; they have to make a dish that impresses them and the judges. This is the semi-final, the winner of this challenge with the very best dish will officially take a place in the Master Chef Junior finale. This year for the first time ever, there will be three cooks in the finale. They have one hour to make their dish.

The grandmothers make their exit, it is time for the judges to taste the dishes and reveal the winner. Quani made Squid Ink Pasta with spicy puttanesca sauce and parmesan crisp; Gord is very impressed and is pleased to see the change in Quani. Mikey made Crap Stuffed Lobster Tail with filet mignon, asparagus, and potatoes; Joe says the lobster could be a one-way ticket to the finale. Avery made Pan Seared Duck Breast with garlic mashed potatoes and cherry-port sauce; Christina thinks his dish might propel her to the finale. Remy made Pan Seared Scallops with farro, butternut squash puree, and apricot sauce; Gordon says her dish is very creative and a strong effort. Beni made Crispy Skin Salmon with polenta and beets three ways; Joe says overall an excellent dish.

This is a hard decision for the judges, it was a great challenge. The cook earning the first spot in the finale is Quani. The rest have another challenge and Quani is about to make some important decisions. There are four different proteins and Quani gets to choose who cooks which one. Remy: Salmon, Mikey: Bass, Avery: Sardine and Beni: Mackerel.

The cooks have 45 minutes to make a restaurant quality dish with the fish that Quani assigned to them. The pressure is on, all the cooks want to make it to the finale. Beni made Vadouvan Spiced Mackerel with cucumber yogurt sauce and cauliflower couscous; Christina says the fish is cooked perfectly and the taste is divine, she is very impressed – Joe says the cooking technique is impeccable. Remy made Miso Glazed Salmon with fried salmon skin and carrot-ginger puree – Gordon says the dish is nailed beautifully – Christina says the salmon is succulent, but the soba noodles needed more flavor. Mikey made Pan Seared Bass with potato lasagne, arugula pesto, tomato vinaigrette and pancetta – Joe says he took a massive risk and did a good job – Gordon says he really nailed the fish, it is mind-blowing. Avery made Stuffed Sardine with crab, spinach, fennel salad and lemon-caper butter sauce – Gordon says it is one of the best dishes she has cooked in the competition, amazing – Joe says it is amazing, she took something of low value and gave it value.

Quani comes down from the balcony to stand with the judges. Joe says it is a tough decision, the cook who will be joining Quani is Avery; she is the first ever right-year-old in the finale. The person joining Avery and Quani is Beni. Remy and Mikey are going home.