S.W.A.T. Recap 11/08/18: Season 2 Episode 7 “Inheritance”

S.W.A.T. Recap 11/08/18: Season 2 Episode 7 "Inheritance"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, November 08, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 7 called “Inheritance,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The team hunt for a band of criminals reenacting the crimes of the infamous Symbionese Liberation Army, leading Luca to review the files of his late grandfather. Also, Hondo experiences discrimination from a fellow officer during a training seminar.

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SWAT begins tonight with LAPD making an emergency entry into a building, with Jim Street (Alex Russell) and Devlin using the battering ram to breach the warehouse; once inside tear gas is released. Dominque Luca (Kenny Johnson) compliments on how fast they were, asking Devlin and Street to hang out until the scores come out. Christina “Chris” Alonso (Lina Esco) feels Street is the most eligible one and a lot of potentials but Jimmy is worried about Devlin.

Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) is taking a drive in Arizona with Nia Wells (Nikiva Dionne), talking about where he goes for all of his talks; they suddenly get pulled over by Officer Reid (Derek Phillips), who demands identification from both Hondo and Nia. He orders them to pop the trunk, but when he continues the questions, Nia shows her badge revealing she is the district attorney and Hondo is LAPD SWAT. Officer Reid tells Hondo he should have said he was a cop, Hondo informs him he is a Sargeant.

Paul just gets home from work, suggesting his girlfriend talk to her dad, as he owns 20% of the internet, making their last name Tucker a verb. Lauren (Sofia Vassilieva) made the mistake of getting high before a family dinner, no giving Paul the chance of making a good impression. There is a knock at their door and a woman tells them she backed into his car, unsure of the damage. Several people barge into their apartment, demanding the safe; Lauren screams as neighbors witness them taking her.

At HQ, Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) and Luca stand in front of Jim and Devlin, saying he is there to break the tie between them. He welcomes Devlin to SWAT, disappointing Jim. Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) comes in, informing them of a kidnapping in Westwood. Hicks tells Street not to let this get him down as he has a bright future.

David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington) gives Hondo all the information they have so far, but they are concerned that Tucker is one of the richest men on earth and this is going to blow up fast; Hondo says they really shouldn’t be going out there with a man down. Luca and Victor Tan (David Lim) are surprised at how coordinated the kidnapping was. Chris tells Deacon and Jessica that the Mayor is there but only to speak to the press; just as she tells the cameras they have every reason to believe Lauren is alive, everyone’s phones go off with a video of Lauren.

It says her and Paul are Prisoners of War because she is a member of the ruling class family. To ensure her release, they have to show two actions of good faith. 1. Donate $50 million to the committee for the poor of LA. 2. $5 million in BitCoin to an account, he will receive an encrypted email with instructions. Luca recognizes the wording and says this is Patty Hearst 2.0, a hostage situation from the 70s. It turned into the biggest police shootout in American history, even as the house with the suspects inside burnt to the ground. Chris can’t help but wonder what their end game is after the first time ended so badly.

Luca’s father comes to HQ with his grandfather’s case file on Patricia Hearst. Chris apologizes to Jim Street about what happened in the Academy, saying if the budget cuts ever end he would definitely be a shoe in. She wonders what its like to be so rich you can’t even count your money, but what is money worth if it gets your daughter kidnapped.

Luca and his dad explain how Patty’s case happened and the demands were similar, trying to feed the poor in SLA, but eventually, Patty joined the movement; groups like SLA is why SWAT exists. Hicks tells Luca to go through his grandfather’s journals with his dad while everyone else needs to be on patrol. Deacon reveals to Jimmy that he didn’t make it to SWAT until the second time either, but he offers to get him back on SWAT for just one day; Jim readily agrees as Deacon says this was Hondo’s call.

Jessica and Hicks talk to Richard Tucker, urging him not to pay and give them more time to hunt this group down. Meanwhile, Hondo continues his talks with other SWAT crews. After their session he talks to Deputy Chief Braun (Rick Cramer) asking him about Officer Reid, saying he wants to have a word with him.

Luca and his dad are talking when Lauren’s phone begins vibrating, Luca rushes off. Jessica and Hicks confront Richard about paying off the ransom and Luca tell him that both Lauren and Paul have both been released in a junkyard. Victor and Chris find two mannequins with an envelope with the word PIGS on it.

Meanwhile, Deacon and Street are 5 blocks away when a bank robbery in progress, they are using Lauren as a hostage, telling someone in the bank to take a video of Lauren shooting a gun in the air, saying the first person who picks their head up, she will blow it off. In the envelope, they find Lauren’s ID shredded, just like the Patty Hearst situation. The robbers drive into a poor section of LA and throw money from the roof of their car, yelling, “Free Money!”

The Mayor and Richard tell the media that Lauren is acting under duress and he paid the money, he asks them to let his daughter and her boyfriend go. Richard has also released a video of Lauren saying the time for people treating others better is long overdue. Rise up for just society as they are all soldiers in this revolution. Deacon calls Hondo, saying these guys are organized and want to replay history; Hondo suggests they can use history to figure it out. He asks that Luca and his dad spread a wider net in the files, something has to be in there.

Hondo has the recruits at the gun range, giving them advice but Sweeney (Briana Kennedy) wants to know about another one of his cases. Hondo says nothing would make him happier than never firing his weapon again. He is proud of the group they have there but Deputy Chief Braun tells him that Reid is not available to meet with him; which he isn’t satisfied with, saying whatever time is good for him, he will be there.

While reading the journals, Luca discovers his grandfather never wanted him to be a cop; but he quickly finds a possible clue to The Movie Boxxx. Jim Street and Chris find what could possibly be their car and a door open to the abandoned building. They find several bullets, cables, and Paul Dillon’s ID. Behind the black curtain, they find Paul, who reveals they took Lauren and have no intentions of letting her go.

At headquarters, Luca and Deacon reveal they found enough C4 to topple a building. Luca reads about all the mistakes the SLA made in the 70s and they worry that if this crew is repeating history, they most definitely won’t be making the same mistakes. Chris and Tan are rushing everyone away from a restaurant when they find the squad car with the bomb under it. They are unable to extract it and the bomb explodes.

Jessica comes to see Richard, who insisted on security for Lauren after they just buried her mother. He feels guilty for paying these people. Deacon and Jim bring in another video where Lauren tells her dad he has an email that he has to upload a malicious code into the Tuck system and if he doesn’t they are going to kill her. Deacon learns this will give them temporary access to his entire social media platform. He says that he can do it but Luca rushes in, saying they believe they know where the group is holding Lauren; Deacon tells them they are rolling.

Outside the house, SWAT is prepared to breach but they start shooting at the police. Luca realizes that the gun inside the house is not being shot by a human and they are still not sure if Lauren is inside. Jim volunteers to go inside the house with SWAT having his back, Jim and Chris hop the fence. They realize there is live streaming into the house, as the group hoped it would record the LAPD killing Lauren; suddenly the machine gun reloaded and starts shooting again.

Jim puts his mask on Lauren, asking her to open her eyes. She’s going to be alright as the rest of the team comes inside. The Mayor holds a press conference saying the kidnappers may have escaped but the most important thing is Lauren and Paul made it home safe; promising they will be eventually be found. She praises LAPD Metro SWAT; Jessica suggests now would be a good time for some budget relief to Hicks and he jokes, saying she knows him too well.

Luca and Deacon reveal that Patty Hearst ended up serving 2 years in jail for what happened in the 70s. The biggest blow to the SLA was that she ended up marrying a cop. Luca looks at Jimmy before taking off. Officer Reid finally arrives to meet with Hondo, saying they need to clear something up. Hondo says he knows this game really well, asking him if this is a racist thing. He knows Reid didn’t stop him for an aggressive lane change, wanting to know how he got the “sense” that he wasn’t around from there.; he doesn’t appreciate Reid implying he is crazy too. After learning that Hondo has been pulled over 17 times, Reid suggests Hondo keep his vehicle in its designated lane.

Luca’s dad is ready to leave but wants to know if Luca really wanted to be a cop if it weren’t for his pushing. Luca tells him that he didn’t make him want to be a cope, he simply wanted to be like him. He says grandpa did have one thing right, he definitely was a better father.

Hondo talks to Nia about the confrontation with Reid and only wanting to beat his ass. Nia tells him it is a catch-22 and wonders why he thought this conversation would be any different. Hondo says there are too many people like Reid out there and wonders when things will change. She feels Hondo needs space and she goes to get ice for the champagne. Hondo throws a lamp across the room.

Hicks tells Chris and Jim that they did a great job out there and was hoping to catch Jim alone. He talks about the budget cuts, revealing two seniors are up for retirement and both him and Hondo have agreed to bring Jim back to SWAT on a probationary period, reviewing it in 6 months. Suddenly the computer comes on with a masked face telling them their society is sick and they only have themselves to blame. The police are not protecting them as their politicians only represent the corporations that put them in power. They should hold these billionaires to account like the revolutionaries and tells them this is their final warning or they will be back with an all-new, bigger show.

Hondo apologizes to Nia, saying it really isn’t him. She knows and suggests they get out of there. Ashley, the hotel manager knocks on their door, saying someone heard a commotion coming from their room and wanted to make sure everything was okay. Nia says there was a little damage to the room and just put it on the card, with them both walking out to leave.


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