S.W.A.T. Winter Premiere Recap 1/4/18: Season 1 Episode 9 “Blindspots”

S.W.A.T. Winter Premiere Recap 1/4/18: Season 1 Episode 9 "Blindspots"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, January 4, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 9 called, “Blindspots” as per the CBS synopsis, “When a misconduct complaint filed against Hondo gets him taken off active duty, Deacon steps up to lead the team in finding a robbery crew that is hitting marijuana dispensaries. Also, when Tan notices a similarity between the current robberies and a case from his time with Hollywood LAPD, he asks for help from an informant with whom he has a complicated history.”

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A man named Tucker arrives at work, orders the receptionist to round everyone up in the conference room as he uses a bike lock to seal the front doors and pulls out a gun. Once everyone is together, he demands to know where Brittany is; meanwhile the SWAT team is scaling the walls as Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Shemar Moore) tells Christina ‘Chris” Alonso (Lina Esco) to get the snake camera ready, as they prepare to breach. They break in and shoot Tucker, securing the scene.

Jim Street (Alex Russell) feels it was a decent way to start the day, Victor Tan (David Lim) agrees. David ‘Deacon’ Kay (Jay Harrington) and Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) joke with Hondo and Chris how competitive they all are.

Across town, Students from Michigan are thoroughly enjoying their visit to California as they enter a medical marijuana facility. They are laughing how they cannot believe everything is legal when suddenly there is a shot at the cage and everyone is ordered on the floor; they hide in the closet as the man behind counter says he only has $700 in the drawer.

One if the students hears gunshots and says they have to stop them from killing the people. He attacks the gunmen but when he yanks the helmet off the gunmen, he kills two of them but the one with the helmet still on stops them from killing the last guy from Michigan; its a woman’s voice, she says the job is done and they need to go now!

While Hondo and his team still badger each other about their times and challenge each other, they receive a call about shots fired at a dispensary, with multiple shots fired and the shooter is in the vicinity. Hondo and Deacon find the guy who works there and the college kid in the back closet.

Outside, Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) informs the team that college kids are in town for the Rose Bowl that is happening tomorrow. Hondo tells her that their friend who survived, got a good look at one of the gunmen, and there were three active shooters who also mentioned hitting another dispensary after this one. Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) interrupts them, telling Hondo they need to speak privately.

Hondo denies knowing a man named Landry Belmont (Stephen Friedrich) as Hicks informs him that Landry is down at HQ filing a complaint against him for unlawful search and seizure, theft, excessive force while off-duty. Hicks tells him that as long as it is an open matter, he needs to bench Hondo. Hicks says it is protocol; Hondo needs to go back to HQ and speak to IAD, and until further notice, the team is Deacon’s.

Luca and Chris ask Deacon if there is anything they can do about this bogus accusation but Deacon says they can only allow this to run its course. They need to scoop up this crew and earn their paycheck, so they review what they know so far about the gunmen; Deacon gives them their assignments, hoping they can get these guys before kickoff tomorrow.

Deacon speaks to Detective Boyd, saying he is sending two of his guys over to Robbery/Homicide, said both victims were hit with exploding shotgun slugs that were modified. He looks at the Michigan college student who survived and tells Dt. Boyd they need to find these guys immediately.

Landry is being questioned by Nadya Gibbs (Tonja Kahlens), and Jessica as Hicks looks on. He admits he scored drugs and someone followed him, then turned on their police lights, claiming it was a Camaro, even remembering the beginning of the license plate and memorizing the number on the police badge. Landry goes on to say he took the drugs and put it into his pocket saying he doesn’t want drugs in his neighborhood and took over 200 bucks from his wallet and placed it in his pocket. He swears to what Hondo was wearing the night and Jessica says they have video footage that can prove what he was wearing.

In the gym, Hondo is sparring in the boxing ring, but starts to really hit his opponent, who leaves the ring, saying he only wanted to break a sweat, not mix it up for real!

Deacon comes to see the Michigan college student, who feels guilty for bringing his friends there. Deacon says the best way he can honor his friends is by finding the people who killed them and send a message that if you are going to hurt innocent people, there is a price you’re going to pay. He nods in agreement to help Deacon.

Street and Tan visit one of his old Hollywood CI, Allie (Michanne Quinney), she is mad at him, saying she knew the only time she would ever see him again is because he needed something. She walks away from him, refusing to do it. Street gives him a minute, realizing that they had an intense relationship, although Tan saying it never got further than friendship. Tan talks with her in a private back room, he tells her the real reason he never came back. She agrees to help but she will only deal with his partner because she is completely done with him.

In the hallway, Hicks shows Hondo a photo of Landry and swears he has never seen the guy before. Hicks wants to know if there is a reason he would have made it up. Jessica joins the conversation and reveals that Landry was able to prove what Hondo was wearing that night which means that Hondo is now officially on desk duty because he can’t provide an alibi for that night. Hicks leaves and Jessica asks Hondo to come into her office.

They review the night Landry is talking about and realize that Jessica came to his house to make him dinner, and they watched the Laker game and she spent the night, which means she is his alibi! Jessica says she is willing to come forward but Hondo doesn’t want to be the reason her career gets sidetracked. She tells him if he doesn’t have a reason by morning, she will tell Hicks everything, he has the night to prove his innocence.

Deacon shows Street and Tan the sketch the college student remembered and he learns that Tan’s CI only wants to deal with Street. Jim jokes that Tan used to be tight with his CI, but it is a long and juicy story. Luca and Chris return, telling Deacon that they have a lead on the weapons modifier; Dt. Boyd believes it is someone they jammed up before and they order a search warrant for the place.

Hondo updates the team, telling them Hicks has him sidelined until IAD finishes their investigation; the entire team is supporting him completely. He tells them he can take care of himself and orders them to stay focused on this crew. Deacon follows Hondo and gives him all the details of where they are at with the case, Hondo stops him, saying he doesn’t have to check in with him saying that he has his back on this and he knows that it isn’t easy being thrown into something with all this going on but reminds Deacon that he has got this and that he should trust his gut.

Jim Street goes to visit Allie at the scrap yard, shows him the sketch. Jim says he hasn’t know Tan that long, but he feels guilty about what happened between them. Street cuts to the chase and says if she doesn’t want to help, they can end the dance right now. She takes the phone and tells him it is Kane Markovich (Mike Tarnofsky) and the two others with him were probably Vera Stokes (Faye Viviana) and Royce (Josue Aguirre), they were all on the same Motorcross Team.

Deacon, Tan, and Street look over their rap sheets but notice they have no addresses listed as Tan comments they are bikers and always on the move. Luca, Chris, and Dt. Boyd has more information on their gun maker and a breakdown on the house. It has been reinforced, built to keep the cops out. Deacon still feels they should do a full breech assault, Street feels they should go in ripping the door off but Deacon feels they should follow Honod’s advice that it’s not always smart to go in hard and to trust your gut. He tells Chris, to get into her city clothes and they are going with “helpful neighbor.”

The SWAT team surrounds the house as Chris arrives with a package, he tells her to put it on the ground; as soon as she leaves and he opens the door, SWAT swarms in and arrest him.

Jessica meets with her Commanding Officer, who says it isn’t looking good for Hondo. She then asks him about a “colleague” who just started dating her watch commander and she wants to know what blow backs could happen. He says if they reveal it immediately and one is willing to transfer out of the Division, then it is not a problem but if they keep is a secret and it does get discovered, then it will be much tougher on her boss because he is in command and he pays the bigger price. As he is leaving the room, he tells her it isn’t worth it and its best for her friend to come forward now!

Hondo meets with Moco (Reinaldo Faberlle) about Landry. He learns Landry has no gang contacts but his dealer might. Hondo comes to see Landry in the interrogation room and tells him this whole thing is affecting a lot of people and goes way beyond just the two of them, and he isn’t okay with that. Landry acts like he is scared but Hondo leans in asking him if he really wants Hondo as an enemy; Hicks walks in and Landry says Hondo was threatening him.

Deacon and the team catch the gun builder and tell him to cooperate as the gun he built killed two people. Deacon wants to know if he sold Kane any more hardware, and they learn he sold him a taser prone gun that is used to disarm an electric fence, like the ones in some dispensaries. Deacon says they have been working for 22 hours straight, him and Luca will carry on and orders the others to go home and rest.
[2018-01-04, 8:49:35 PM] Cristie Grx: Tan comes to see Allie while he is off-duty. He came to apologize because he didn’t want her to keep believing he left because he didn’t care for her. She admits that he made the right choice, it sucks but he deserves better than her and everything happens for a reason. She tells him they are both moving a long now. He leans in and kisses her, she begins to cry, but denies anything is wrong and she kisses him again.

Officer Wallace (Matthre Excel Simmons) brings in Sherman (Ja’Quan Cole) so Hondo can question him about Landry. He reveals that Landry has a girlfriend who was the original one on drugs, but she is in prison now. Hondo wants to know what Landry’s girlfriend’s name is.

Tan and Allie are woken up by a message on Allie’s phone, she tells him where the raid is about to happen. Tan hops out of bed, ready to leave; she tells him “bye”. Victor kisses her, saying he is going to finish this case and then he is going to make up for the last 3 years.

Jessica calls Hondo, but only gets his voicemail; Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) walks past her office and informs her that he hasn’t seen him either. She calls Commander Hicks, saying it is important and that she can prove that Hondo is telling the truth. She is about to confess when Hondo walks in and says he needs to speak to Hicks right away.

Hondo explains to Jessica what is going on as they leave Hicks’ office. The security alarm sounds at the dispensary and the bikers take off, but SWAT isn’t far behind them. Shots are fired and Deacon jumps and takes down Royce, Street takes Royce’s helmet and chases after Vera on the motorcycle. Luca speeds to the alley way and Vera’s bike hits the side of the Hummer.

Hicks and Gibbs continue to speak to Landry when Jessica walks into the room, she nods and Landry can see into the other room. He quickly recants his story about Hondo and Hicks has no choice but to let him go. Jessica explains the woman behind the mirror was the sister of Landry’s girlfriend, who is in prison. Hondo says this is where the story gets interesting.

Tan and Street go to Allie’s apartment after Vera reveals all the cash is gone, she is trying to cooperate. They didn’t have another accomplice but someone ripped them off. Victor Tab finds a letter for him from Allie. She apologizes, saying after she saw him get out of bed and leave her, it made her realize that nothing is going to change. She saw some seed money for a new start so this time she is ditching him. Street sympathizes with Victor but says some people simply don’t want to be rescued.

Deacon loved being the leader and Hondo is proud that he handled the business. Luca jokes that for the first time he saw Hondo sweat. Hondo tells the team they did a great job and asks to speak to Street alone. In the kitchen, Hondo reveals to him that he spoke to his mother in prison and tells him why. He wants Street to understand that his mom is a player in the Pen and he told her to stop messing with Jim, and this is why Landry came after him. He tells Jim he can do what he feels best with the information and Street walks away.

Jim visits his mother, Karen Street (Sherilyn Fenn) in prison and she admits that Hondo came to see her. She says he did but makes Hondo look bad but Jim wants to know if Hondo is right. She says she is “wheeling and dealing” in prison, and she has complained about Hondo and maybe someone took it too far on Hondo and plays that it isn’t her fault if someone took matters into their own hands. Jim stands as she continues to spew excuses, saying she has always been there for him and the only thing that gets her by is soon being eligible for parole and be with him again. Jim sits back, holds her hands, and says he loves her.


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