Samantha Markle Apologizes To Meghan Markle: Promises To Make Peace

Samantha Markle Apologizes To Meghan Markle: Promises To Make Peace

It looks like Samantha Markle is desperately reaching out to her estranged sister Meghan Markle in hopes that the two can finally work out their issues and make peace. The Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister delivered a televised apology in Britain, claiming that all she wants to do is repair their broken relationship and hopefully move forward with a peaceful resolve.

Meghan Markle hasn’t spoken to Samantha in years, but apparently that hasn’t stopped her from traveling to London this week and appearing on the Jeremy Vine show to talk about her relationship with her royal sister. Samantha, along with the rest of the Markle family, were not invited to Meghan’s royal wedding to Prince Harry at Windsor Castle back in May.

Meghan also stopped speaking to her father, Thomas Markle Sr., after he failed to show up on her wedding day, too. Since then Samantha has slammed Meghan and Harry, and has even insulted them on numerous occasions on social media.

Defending her decision to air out their family’s dirty laundry in public, Samantha said, “(My father) was being purposely ignored. We were hoping that private channels would be used. When they failed, we went public. I was lashing out more at the media.”

Samantha Markle also said that most of what is written in the tabloids is not true and that she’s said favorable things about Meghan but according to her, they are never printed in the media.

Ever since it was reported that Meghan would marry Prince Harry, the Markles have been in the tabloid spotlight. Samantha has suggested numerous times that she would write a tell-all book about her life with Meghan Markle. If that weren’t enough, her own father Thomas Markle was caught staging photos with the paparazzi for cash right before their royal wedding. He decided not to travel to London for Meghan’s wedding at the last minute, citing health problems.

So far Meghan Markle herself has not made any public comments about her ongoing feud with her family. Her father Thomas claims that she’s no unreachable as the phone number he used to have to call her no longer works. Now, whether or not Samantha Markle will actually have a face to face talk with Meghan remains to be seen. For now, it doesn’t look like she’s been invited to Buckingham Palace or anywhere near Meghan Markle for that matter.

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Image Credit: Kensington Palace Twitter

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