The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Lope Marriage Cursed by Steffy Placing Engagement Ring on Hope’s Finger

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Lope Marriage Cursed by Steffy Placing Engagement Ring on Hope's Finger

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers documented the power struggle between Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope (Annika Noelle). For whatever their reasons, both intelligent women love Liam (Scott Clifton). If B&B were a comic book movie, he would play the Waffler.

Now, despite what she’s said to Liam directly and even in putting her engagement ring on Hope’s finger, Steffy continues to hide her true feelings from the man she loves. It was a touching scene for all Steffy fans. Her Forrester Creations executive office suite was open a crack. Inside, Hope just pulled a ring box out of her pocket. How long had she been carrying that around, by the way?

So, after making goo-goo eyes at each other, as eternal high-schoolers do, Liam got down on one knee and proposed to Hope. She accepted and Lope was officially engaged.

Last week’s ring ceremony had Steffy pulling off the unusual engagement ring Liam previously used to cinch her. She then placed it upon Hope’s finger, while Noelle offered a stupefied reaction shot and Clifton’s character looked perplexed. Some B&B fans expressed the view that Steffy putting the ring on Hope will prove to be a curse – once that dooms Lope’s future.

B&B fans must wonder if Liam has often been stoned, as he looks like any random toker, which also would explain his Cheech and Chong-like behavior. Okay, Liam is just an over-analyzer who’s far too sentimental. But the last sentence popped into this scribe’s mind, he and various readers laughed and thus the point was driven home through humor (which often resonates).

Back to fictional reality, Steffy saw the realization of what was her worst fear. The recent epiphany she had happened due to Bill’s (Don Diamont) offered mea culpa. That phrase is based on a Catholic confession prayer. Combine that reference and Bill’s Spencer sword, which is very similar to a crucifix. Yes, this passioned soap play does appear to employ symbolism.

Steffy’s selfless move was saintly, in Liam’s opinion. He realizes the incredible sacrifice Wood’s character is making, which has allowed another woman to tell him what to do.

Liam is easily swayed. Steffy got tired of that and told him that she needed to be the adult and make a decision, which led to her ring coming to circle Hope’s dainty finger. However, as viewers noticed, Hope has also taken the lead in giving Liam her own engagement ring.

How did Liam make not one, but two babies with impressive, attractive women? Well, apparently they told him what to do in those instances.

Being on top of things, Hope now has the man (a generous tag) she has long wanted. Incredibly, Steffy still wants him to, as shown by Wood’s tear drop which was seen through the long shot that was referenced earlier.

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