The Crossing 4/16/18: Season 1 Episode 3 “Pax Americana”

The Crossing 4/16/18: Season 1 Episode 3 "Pax Americana"

Tonight on ABC their new mystery drama “The Crossing” premieres with an all-new Monday, April 16, 2018, episode and we have your The Crossing recap below. On tonight’s The Crossing season 1 episode 3 called “Pax Americana,” as per the ABC synopsis, “A wounded Reece faces off with her pursuers miles away, while Jude’s plan to spend quality time with his son leads to a terrifying ordeal. Back at the camp, Hannah escapes to get her first look at the outside world as Dr. Sophie Forbin arrives to assess the larger threat presented by Leah’s unusual virus. Meanwhile, Emma discovers unsettling information which makes her question who she’s really working for.”

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A group of survivors risked everything to make it to the era known as the Long Peace on tonight’s all new episode of “The Crossing” but they were finding out things a lot more dangerous in twenty-first century than they initially believed.

The humans from the future were still stuck at the camp. They had been told that it was for their safety and that everything would be okay however Thomas returned to the camp telling them that they all needed to be careful. He had been gone for a few days and had claimed to have found out information from someone in charge. Thomas was telling them the truth when he said he talked to Director Lindauer and that they had come to an agreement, so he left out the part where Lindauer had threatened him. Lindauer had come from an earlier migration and he as well as the people he was working with had come up with a plan. This plan they spent years putting into effect could not be risked by anyone and so Lindauer told Thomas that he was willing to do anything to stop this latest migration from talking.

Thomas realized that Lindauer was prepared to kill anyone that threatened his agenda and so he did as directed. He stopped telling everyone about this earlier migration and instead went back to his old people with tales. Thomas told the others that if they kept insisting they were from the future that the government would think they were all crazy. He said that’s what some of them were already willing to believe and so he told them that if they were ever going to get out of the camp that they had to act like everything they said was fake. They couldn’t talk about Apex, the disease, or claimed they were from the future. They had to pretend like they were normal because if they did Thomas said they would be released.

Thomas told them that they could go out into the world with jobs and a home just for them if they played along. He managed to convince several of the survivors to stop talking to the agents at the camp that he thought everyone bought what he was selling and so there were only two people that questioned his story. Caleb had listened to Thomas claim they would soon get released and had then witnessed the guards brining more food that could last the camp for months, so he knew Thomas was lying and had purposely called him for it. He accused Thomas of lying to them and hadn’t been surprised when Thomas came up with another story for why there was more food. Thomas could find an answer for everything and there was nothing Caleb could do.

Agent Emma Ren, on the other hand, was different. She could see through lies as well and had brought Thomas in for questioning because she still needed answers. She wanted to know what Thomas talked about with the Director and had told him that his story didn’t match what Director Lindauer told her. She had been told by her boss that Thomas was delusional and was making things up to make himself look more important than he really was yet that didn’t explain why Thomas suddenly telling his lies to her and started telling new ones to his own people. He was out there spreading false hope and Emma suspected her boss might have had had a hand in that. She had talked Lindauer about his mission at the shipyard and he claimed he doing what was best.

Lindauer said that the suspect was dangerous and that the team sent to collect her had to use deadly force, but Emma had never asked Lindauer to go pick up the suspect. She had merely called him because she wanted his okay on possibly talking to Reece on her own and so she wanted to know why Lindauer had done what he did. He could come up with all the excuses and it still wouldn’t explain things. Nothing he did or say would have changed Emma’s mind because she suspected her boss was hiding things. She had checked with Homeland’s database and according to official records the camp didn’t exist. It made no mention of the survivors and not even Leah’s illness was put on the record.

Emma couldn’t understand what was going and even the latest addition to the camp wasn’t much help. Dr. Sophie Forbin was brought in to stop Leah’s condition from spreading and so the doctor wasn’t there to save Leah’s life. The little girl was going to die as far as the doctor was concerned and she truly only cared about stopping the disease from claiming anyone else. She had been brought on to find a cure and Emma had been shocked by that. She watched the doctor turn the whole matter into a case study and had wanted to know why her boss was so set on pretending like everything at the camp wasn’t happening. Emma had been so desperate for answers that she turned to Jude.

Jude was there when the feds went after the Apex and Emma were hoping he would turn into an asset willing to help, but Jude hadn’t wanted anything to do with her side investigation or with the Apex. He had made promises to a mother about reuniting her with her child and had then reneged on those promises. Jude thought about that quite a lot and had tried to distance himself from what he did by spending every spare bit of time with his son Ollie. Ollie was visiting him after a long separation and the kid had been hurt when his father moved away because he thought his father had left because of him. Thankfully, he talked about that with his dad and Jude had enjoyed taking his son to Harborfest.

Jude got to play games with Ollie and had been proud of his son who later won a stuffed shark, yet despite his best efforts, he still had to deal with the survivors because one of them had gotten out of the camp. It had been the young woman named Hannah and she had apparently snuck out by hiding in someone’s trunk. She had been running away because someone back at the camp had found out she had been an Apex collaborator and was holding that over her head. This guy told her that she had to do whatever he said because he now owned her and so she had decided to take chances escaping. She had found her way to Harborfest and had been enjoying herself with the town’s resident bad boy Marshall when one of the guards realized what she had done.

The guard saw Hannah and was pulling her way when Marshall decided to make a scene. Marshall thought Hannah should do whatever she wants even if the guy dragging her away had a badge and so Jude had to intervene. He told Marshall to stand down and had advised the guard to get Hannah away from the scene. Jude knew what was going on and had done his best to preserve the secret about the survivors though no matter what he did they still kept haunting him. He had done his best to tell Emma she was on her own, he had tried to cover up the fact that someone in the water that day had survived to make it to Harborfest, and he had been doing pretty well until that night a dead body was thrown on a car.

The body was clearly wearing military attire and it had a note in its mouth that said now he’ll suffer, so he tried to race back to his son only to find Ollie’s stuffed shark lying abandoned on the floor.

Jude knew that Reece had kidnapped his son because he reneged on his promise to her and that there was nothing he could do.

Reece had managed to decimate the military team that was after her and her daughter Leah was still up at the camp dying from a disease that left even Dr. Forbin puzzled.

The doctor thought she was supposed to find a cure for this Mantle’s disease and instead she learned that Leah had been treated for this disease before because Leah’s mother was a cure!


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