The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ashley Forced To Leave Genoa City – Shocking Reveal Drives Character Out

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ashley Forced To Leave Genoa City - Shocking Reveal Drives Character Out

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) duplicity will be part of her coming departure from Genoa City. A power-grab fail results in major drama.

Remember when Ashley literally begged Billy (Jason Thompson) to take the Chief Executive Officer’s slot at Jabot? She and Jack (Peter Bergman), to a lesser degree, literally forced their brother to assume responsibility.

Billy didn’t want the job. But then he took it, implemented a series of forward-leaning plans, along with some goofy choices, and was actually doing a good job overall.

Ashley wasn’t like Kyle (Michael Mealor), who feels entitled to lead the family company with about four years of work experience under belt and three-piece, tailored suit. Davidson’s character believes that her deep resume and generally even-handed mind makes her the right person to lead Jabot. That would have been true if she hadn’t looked the other way while Kyle was purposely triggering Billy’s gambling addiction.

Kyle paid Sinead (Lira Kellerman), half before the ruse and half after, to lure Billy to Las Vegas. That scheme followed Summer’s (Hunter King) shameful poker-related setups. Then, Kyle most recently followed with another underhanded setup

Gloria (Judith Chapman) feels guilty, but she gave in to Kyle’s call to further her own career by knifing Billy in the back. Chapman’s ever-engaging character facilitated the transfer of a half-million dollars from Jabot’s coffers to a gambling syndicate. That was the final act in this family tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

Actually, in this specific instance, Billy is the fall guy. Yes, he did all that’s been alleged. And Kyle quickly produced the paper proof for the board of directors during the no-confidence vote to seal his uncle’s fate, as intended. But Ashley’s complicity is about to be exposed, along with another potential issue.

Viewers may also learn if Ashley wronged Jack months ago. Wait! Wronged that half-brother how?

Many Y&R fans remain upset about Jack seemingly not being John’s (Jerry Douglas) son. This controversial arc was launched in the spring when Dina (Marla Adams) seemed to recall and then reveal that Jack’s paternity wasn’t what it was always thought to be.

Dina’s utterings couldn’t be cast off as part of her Alzheimer’s condition because of Ashley’s mid-1980’s paternity storyline switch. In that soapy reversal, Davidson’s then-developing character changed dad’s. John was erased, but thankfully never found out, while Brent Davis (Bert Kramer) was penciled in.

As hardcore viewers recall, Ashley was furious with Jack awhile back because he wouldn’t share the CEO’s chair. Ashley has held that grudge while also openly stating that she didn’t trust Jack.

It would make character exit sense if Y&R writes Ashley out by exposing her as having interfered in Jack’s paternity pursuit as a way to get back at him. Every Abbott character, except for Traci (Beth Maitland), so far, has acted badly. If that trait isn’t genetically shared, then surely the GC environment has enabled it.

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