The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Y&R Ends Complex Arc With Outrageous Chelsea Write-Out – Adam Newman Fans Cheated?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Y&R Ends Complex Arc With Outrageous Chelsea Write-Out - Adam Newman Fans Cheated?

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers documented five years of a complex arc that involved many characters, notably including Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). So Y&R’s end to all that was having Egan’s character depart via a thumb drive video that Nick (Joshua Morrow) watched alone in the penthouse? How outrageously unsatisfying!

It’s always possible that further plot points will be fleshed out. And it can be said that Elizabeth Hendrickson’s (Chloe) linked storyline was handled during her most recent departure from the cast. However, the multiple open-ends that exist through Chelsea’s exit can’t possibly be digested by seasoned Y&R audience members.

What about Victor (Eric Braeden)? His direct involvement with Chloe led to Adam’s (Justin Hartley) death. As just noted, Y&R fans were at least allowed to see that Chloe was responsible for the cabin explosion. Daytime devotees also know that the DNA substance Paul (Doug Davidson) used when assuming Adam was blown to bits doesn’t conclusively prove he’s gone. But seeing Victor allow Chloe escape Genoa City last year, when she’s at least responsible for attempted murder was wrong and now, remains so.

Victor is an accessory to Chloe’s crime, before and after the fact. Kevin (Greg Rikaart) is also connected and also deserves to be grilled, or imprisoned along with his bride and The Moustache. Don’t worry about Delia (Gia Poeme), Esther (Kate Linder) could raise her at the mansion in what would become a Chloe do-over.

Separately, Nick and the audience were denied Chelsea’s in-person explanation of why she withheld Christian’s (Jude and Ozzy McGuigen) paternity information from the man she claims to love, though not as much as Adam. Having Chelsea choose to leave town as a coward didn’t match who she’d become since Victor (there’s the Dark Knight again) first hired her to bamboozle Billy (then played by Billy Miller) in 2011.

Y&R had plenty of time to write Egan off in style, as she apparently offered her voluntary resignation well in advance. Hartley did the same in 2016 and was given a fitting sendoff.

While Egan did say that she wasn’t choosing to leave forever and planned to play Chelsea again, there’s no guarantee of anything in life, which includes the quixotic soap world. So TPTB surely should have put more into what just played out.

The only salvation to all that has been cited above would be the realization of Adam Newman’s resurrection. If that happens in the near future, then okay. But if he doesn’t rise, then an opportunity was needlessly missed in this instance.

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