This Is Us Recap 10/09/18: Season 3 Episode 3 “Katie Girls”

This Is Us Recap 10/09/18: Season 3 Episode 3 "Katie Girls"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 9, 2018, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 3 episode 3, “Katie Girls,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The Pearsons rally around Kate as she undergoes a medical procedure.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with a young Rebecca (Kyra Kruse) watching her parents, and learning how she is supposed to be a good housewife, both from watching TV and reading in magazines. She gets fed up with taking home economics and joins the woodwork class, and a boy named Alan shows her how to properly saw a piece of wood.

Years, later, after the night she met Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Alan shows up at her door, admitting he had been thinking about her for the past 3 years and dying to call and write to her. He’s never seen anyone like her and never will again; the same line he used on her in wood shop class. He leans in to kiss her, something Jack witnesses; Rebecca invites him in and Jack drives away.

At home, Jack watches as his father, Stanley (Peter Onorati) throws the sandwich his mother, Marilyn (Laura Niemi) just made, on the floor, ordering her to make another one. Jack tells his mother to stop and not touch it, as it isn’t fine. His father doesn’t think Jack is a big hero and not a help to his little brother. Jack tells his mom to pack her things and he will help her or she can stay as Jack kills him; either way, this ends now!

Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) entire family watches his acting debut; Kate (Chrissy Metz) crying and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) calling him a “movie star”. Outside the theater, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) talks to Kate about the IVF, confronting her about passing on a piece of their father. She is frustrated that no one seems to understand how hard this is for her, nor what it is like to lose a baby, and he has no right to throw adoption in her face nor wanting this. She runs off very upset.

A younger Jack pleads with his mother, saying she deserves more. Marilyn finally agrees to go, only if they bring a coffee cake. Meanwhile, Rebecca spends time with Alan and his parents, who thought he was nuts for giving up his life in London for a “feeling”. They give her credit for turning his offer down to go with him to London, but when she talks about going to LA to follow her music career; he suggests they go to New York which has a great music scene and he would go with her. She looks shocked but intrigued.

Kevin picks up Zoe (Melanie Liburd) from the airport and to his place. She doesn’t think movie press is her thing, but when she learns who he is meeting, she definitely agrees to go. Meanwhile, Randall is on a mission of his own when he contacts Councilman Brown calling him out on the promise he didn’t keep. He hangs up on Randall as Beth comes in and fills him in that she too is hoping her proposal will be signed off soon.

Beth chastises Randall, saying he overstepped with Kate and needs to apologize, as she is having surgery tomorrow. Randall is upset when she reveals that Miguel (Jon Huertas) feels Randall has difficulty apologizing to his siblings because he feels like he needs to always be the rock for them.

Kate calls Beth and she hands the phone to Randall, who wishes her luck on her surgery but when he begins to ramble she says she can’t have this conversation right now because everyone is acting like she is going to die tomorrow and this is freaking her out. She hangs up on him. Randall hands Beth the phone as she says Miguel also says he overreacts when it comes to his siblings. He says he is packing his suitcase as he is going to LA to be there for her surgery; Beth tosses the phone, saying Miguel is “so on point!”

Rebecca takes a drink, thinking about kissing Jack when Alan walks in. She admits she wants to get out of Pittsburg and NY has the soul. She kisses Alan and says she could use the walk and will get something to celebrate with and will be right back.

Toby (Chris Sullivan) sits at Kate’s hospital bed as the doctor comes in, reassuring her everything looks great, explaining the procedure to both of them. Kate says she is freaking out, saying if she dies he needs to find someone; they exchange “I love you” and he promises she will do great.

At home, Kevin gets a text that Kate is heading in and will get news as soon as she is out. Terry Gross meets him for their radio interview, where she asks him about his father, Jack’s experience as a Vietnam Veteran. Jack doesn’t have much to say about since he virtually doesn’t know anything about Jack’s history. Kevin remembers picking up a toy grenade in a store and how Jack had a strong reaction to it; making Kevin pause.

Bill Weston (John Billingsley) calls Beth into his office, where he informs her there is no easy way to tell her that they are letting her go. It is purely a budget issue and if she signs it, she will get a severance. She wants him to say it and he does ~ “You are less valuable to the company than Rick and Abby, right now! If he could just keep who he liked the best!”

Randall surprises Toby who is happy to see him, but they are interrupted by a nurse who needs his sperm sample. Kate counts backward during surgery. She dreams to when they were newborns, walking into the nursery, and suddenly sees an empty one that says Pearson-Damon. 17-Year-Old Kate (Hannah Zeile) says there is no way in hell she should have a baby!

Seventeen-year-old Kate asks Kate if she thinks she can seriously raise a child; reminding her that she was too freaked out to raise a dog for the past 20 years. Ten-year-old Kate (Mackenzie Hancsicsak) wants to know what they are talking about, as Jack tells them all to stop. Adult “Katie Girl” is happy to see him.

Zoe is thrilled after speaking to Terry, saying she called her documentary “compelling” and “important”. Kevin doesn’t sound enthusiastic about it, finding it weird that he never asked his dad any questions about his time in Vietnam.

Jack is with his mom in the store as she tries to pick a cake for Cheryl; conveniently Rebecca walks into the same store. She looks concerned at Jack’s mom and says he never showed. He says he did but saw her on the doorstep with some guy. She reveals they used to date for 3 years, but Jack doesn’t want any explanation and needs to get back to his mom.

Rebecca reveals she is moving to NYC, but going to try her music career there like Joni Mitchell; he tells her she has a beautiful voice and should follow her dream. She wants to know if he has a dream. He says no one has asked him that before and says right now he wants to make sure his mom is okay and after that a decent job, a wife and family, and a house that is nothing like the one he grew up in. Rebecca says that isn’t a stupid answer, he turns to go back to his mother; but pauses to turn back and Rebecca is gone.

Beth comes home and pours herself a drink, thinking of a conversation she had with William (Ron Cephas Jones). William talks to her, reminding her that she is the bass, the quietest instrument of the Jazz Quartet, the solo gets all the glory but the bass holds down the root. She says everybody remembers the trumpet, but William says anyone who really listens, they hear the bass. He tells her there will be a time when she will need to be the soloist and put her needs front and center and make Randall hold down the root for a while, but when that time comes she needs to not sit there silently and not fiddle around with her wedding ring like she is trying to remind herself why she got married in the first place.

Kevin makes a board of all his dad’s military stuff, as he flashes back to when he was 10 (Parker Bates). His dad sits down with him, telling him he was in a war where a lot of people got hurt, so he doesn’t think it is really a fun game. When Jack asks if Kevin has any questions for him, he shakes his head no. Zoe tells Kevin they can search for some of the men in the photos and see what they can find out. She admits she is a very curious person and tries not to underestimate people as he wonders why she wants to help him suddenly.

Toby nervously awaits word on Kate. Randall shares he also has anxiety, but he grinds his teeth rather than shakes his legs. Toby reveals he takes meds for depression, both trying to be “MEN”. The doctor comes out revealing that Kate is having trouble clearing the anesthesia from her body, meaning it is taking her longer to wake up; she will return when she has more news.

Jack brings banana pudding ice cream with all 3 Kates when 17-yr-old Kate begs adult Kate to not have a baby and stay with them as Jack is there and she doesn’t need to go back. The doctor returns to the OR and tries to wake her up. As they fight to wake her up, 10-yr-old Kate wants to know if they married Zack from Saved by the Bell. Kate says he is taller, funnier and beardier and they are trying to be a mom. 17 yr old says it won’t happen because nothing ever works out for them as they are always under a black cloud.

Kate tells Jack that she has to go, he says he knows. She tells teenage Kate that it’s a rough spell and it will be a long time, but it will be okay but she will be a mom. Jack opens the door and smiles at her when she leaves. Kate wakes up to a smiling Toby and Randall waves. She asks him what he is doing there. He apologizes as she says he has so much of dad in him because he flew across the country to be there and that is the biggest “dad” move ever!

The doctor arrives revealing they got 8 eggs and that is really good. Toby kisses Kate’s forehead and Randall congratulates both of them. Toby says she is going to be an awesome mom. Randall calls Deja (Lyric Ross) and promises he will be on the next flight.

Rebecca shares a drink with Alan’s mom, asking if she would go, if she were Rebecca? Rebecca says she never wanted to be someone who waited around all day for her husband to come home from work. She admits there is someone else, she knows next to nothing about but he was in Vietnam and his home life is really messy and sad. She believes he would be good to her but they only spent 4 hours together but she has a feeling.

Randall arrives at the hospital and finds Chichi at the hospital, whose daughter Sky (Drew Olivia Tillman) is in lying in the bed with a broken arm after being attacked. Randall promises he is going to do something about it. Randall returns home, telling Beth what happened to Sky; after a few moments of silence, he tells these people his dad was a superhero who saved his life from the day he was born and then he died and they have all been scrambling ever since.

They are all scrambling for ways to feel close to Jack. Kevin emails a Mr. Robinson as Randall explains how he prides having a piece of his dad inside of him. His dad would never sit still, nor just make phone calls. Randall wants to run against him; Beth fiddles with her wedding ring as she tells Randall she got fired from her job.

Rebecca knocks on Jack’s door, revealing how she found him. She feels terrible coming there without something in her hand. He says his mom went out for a walk with her friend, but he would like her to meet his mom when she gets back. Rebecca tells Jack that Alan is from a previous life as Jack brings her into the kitchen. He clears the dinner dishes and beings to wash them. She takes off her coat and helps him clean up. She asks if he wants to go on a drive to Los Angeles and he says, “Yes!”

The End!