90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Recap 07/21/19: Season 4 Episode 13 “Colt and Larissa: Judgement Day + Tell All Part 1”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, July 21, 2019 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 4 episode 13 “Change of Heart”, as per the TLC synopsis, “Colt and Larissa’s journey continues as they prepare for the trial of her third arrest. The couples take a deep dive into the details of their most intense moments this season.

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The marriage is over between Colt and Larissa. Things were over the moment the cops got called for the third time out to their house and they’ve since moved on. It’s been a few months now that they’ve been living separately. Colt got himself a new car and he even turns on the air conditioning because that’s the only way he can troll his ex-wife. As for Larissa, she has her friend Carmen to thank for bailing her out of jail and she’s been staying with this friend because she doesn’t have a support system in the U.S. Its why Larissa is filing for alimony. She doesn’t have her permanent papers and she still couldn’t work because of them. Larissa was going to need a way to support herself in the meantime and so why shouldn’t she get alimony.

Colt has to remember that he was the one that brought Larissa to the U.S. He convinced her to leave her children and her father behind because he told her that they would have a future together. Colt also filed paperwork that clearly states he’d be willing to support her for the next ten years. He was legally on the line for Larissa and so, again, why shouldn’t he pay alimony. It’s not like Colt wasn’t texting. He was still texting her about how much he misses her and how much he still loves her. Colt, therefore, wasn’t hiding the fact that he would take her back in a heartbeat. The only thing stopping him from saying so out loud is Debbie and his mom doesn’t want to scare him anymore. Debbie claims she tried to with Larissa when she really she never gave that marriage a chance.

If Debbie truly wanted the marriage to work, she would have moved out and stopped sharing a bank account with her son. The last part was what really got to Larissa. Larissa wanted to be the one that Colt shared everything with and each time she was beaten to the punch by Debbie. Debbie was far too involved in her adult son’s life. She even took Larissa wedding dress shopping just to tell the girl that she couldn’t afford to get a two thousand dollar dress and that’s was practically cheap for wedding dresses. Debbie also told Larissa that Colt couldn’t afford a new car and look how that was a lie. Colt was once driving a broken-down vehicle that didn’t have A/C because his mom didn’t want him looking at new cars. And then Larissa left, so now he’s driving around a car that he could in fact afford.

Colt never listened to Larissa. She was a major upgrade for him and surprisingly Colt never acted like she was. He was actually pretty smug for someone with man-boobs. He made his marriage proposal all about him by ignoring how much Larissa was afraid of heights and he never once romanced her. Colt didn’t give her flowers or letters or even told her she looked nice. He seems to believe he was the prize and the cops were immediately whenever she forgot it. It was one thing to call the cops if you’re genuinely afraid for your life, but Colt and his family started to use the police as well as Larissa’s immigration status as a way to control her. It was like “don’t raise your voice at me or I’m calling the cops”.

The sad part was that there was nothing Larissa could do about it. She was the one that reached out for help that second time and she got the cops involved when she told them what Colt did by hiding her phone. The fact he was able to say a few things in order to be released, just wasn’t fair. He even turned the tables because he then made a complaint about her and that’s how she got arrested for the second time. Larissa was pretty sure that Colt told them about the previous domestic violence case against her and so he used a case that was dismissed to turn the cops against her. Then Colt later got upset with Larissa when she didn’t want to talk about the court case. Like why would want to discuss the hearing with you after everything you did!

Only things were different this third time because they were broken up. Larissa had moved on with someone she’s met on a dating app and she was finally being romanced. She was going out on dates and she was given a flower no less. Larissa had tried to get Colt to give her flowers and he basically laughed in her face. So, yeah, things were different with this new guy. Larissa was happy with him and she had been afraid to ruin things by telling him about her court case. She eventually had to what with her case being so serious. Larissa was told by her lawyer that ICE could detain her right after the hearing and so she hadn’t wanted to catch Eric by surprise if she was sent back to Brazil. And luckily, the conversation went just fine.

Eric was thrown at first. Then he came around to the idea and he told Larissa that he supports her. This, in turn, helped validate telling him. Larissa knows now that she doesn’t have to hold anything back from him and that they could really building something together. Perhaps it was because of this new relationship that Larissa reached out to Colt. She told him she still cares about him and she asked him not to testify against her. And it was enough to give Colt pause. He wasn’t sure afterward if he still wanted to and so it had been his mother who helped him come to a decision. Debbie said there was nothing that Larissa could tell her that would stop her from testifying and so soon she got Colt worked up again.

Both of them wanted Larissa to be deported. They didn’t just want to settle with a divorce because Debbie said Colt will never move on if she’s still around and so they were sent on deporting her. Luckily, the trial itself was postponed for a few more months. The judge wanted to give Larissa’s lawyers amply time to make her case and her criminal lawyer was working alongside her immigration lawyer to stop ICE from arresting her. Not that this new delay hadn’t infuriated Debbie. Debbie was showing her true colors in this post-split phase and she did a lot of stuff just out of pure spite. This included buying a new sofa after telling Larissa they couldn’t afford one when, again, it turns out they can.

Yet, despite all of this, Colt went to the Tell-All believing that there was still a chance for him and Larissa. He didn’t even like goofing around with Pedro about being happy now. He wasn’t happy with going through a divorce and dealing with all the stress. He told Pedro as much. Pedro replied that the only way to be happy is to get a divorce and so naturally that upset his wife. Chantel and Pedro got into a little spat over what makes a person happy and she said that love is enough. That’s when Colt said that love isn’t enough. He got involved with a married couple’s argument and that was his first mistake. His second mistake was telling Chantel to “shut the f*uck up” when she implied that the only one he can be happy with is his mother.

Colt and Chantel then got into a fight and Chantel stormed out. She hadn’t liked the way Colt talked to her and for once her husband had even backed her up. Pedro tried to tell Colt to be respectful, but Colt could be childish and he kept going until no one could stand him. The whole audience came out onstage and there was a tension in the air. Ashley was asked about it and she accused Colt of starting crap. He was apparently badmouthing everyone and this was repeated by Chantel who also brought up what happened backstage. There was also other news. Larissa couldn’t come because she awaiting her new trial and so she was at the studio via video feed. And Azan also couldn’t come because he was still in Morocco.

Larissa went first because there were some questions about her relationship with Colt. There were some like Andrei that thought the relationship was a scam and Larissa said it hadn’t been because she truly loved Colt in the beginning. The same could be said of Ashley and Jay. They were in love once and they’ve broken up again because Jay cheated again. Jay tried to blame Ashley for it by saying she was texting her ex and that seems like a surprise to her. There was also the whole cheating again for the third time that even Paola found disgusting and so no one there believed he deserved his green card. Then there was the drama with Chantel and Pedro this past season when Pedro went to the Dominican Republic.

Pedro acted like he wasn’t married when he was over there. He even took of his ring as part of his celebration and threw it in his drink. Pedro’s friends told him to pour all his problems into his drink and he must have felt all his problems stem from his wedding ring. Pedro was also shown dancing with a woman that was clearly into him. The woman was interviewed after she gave Pedro a lap dance and she said that Pedro deserves to be with a woman like him. Someone that was Dominican. It hurt Chantel to see this new footage that she had never seen before and Pedro couldn’t deal with his guilt. He kept trying to tell her that she’s seen some of it before. Pedro also became upset when Chantel’s parents were video in.

Pedro got up when he saw his in-laws. He didn’t want to talk them and so until he returned the in-laws got their chance to talk. They hadn’t liked the footage of Pedro with his family and they don’t like his family at all. Pedro came back out and he tried to accuse Chantel’s family of never liking him, only they never told him they didn’t like him. They admitted they don’t trust him and a part of them was because of the fight. No one in either family has ever forgotten or forgiven anything from that fight. Pedro had wanted his wife to apologize to his family and she never did. Not when he hasn’t apologized to her own. Her family was attacked at their house and Pedro hasn’t apologized or talked to them since.

This Tell-All was the first time that Pedro even proves willing to acknowledge their existence and it came down to a fight. Pedro got into an argument with them. He didn’t want to admit his own mistakes and yet he wants his wife to support no matter what. And so there can be no resolution in this family until both sides stop interfering in Pedro and Chantel’s marriage.