American Idol Recap 3/06/19: Season 17 Episode 2 “Auditions” – Alejandro Aranda Surprises

American Idol Recap 3/06/19: Season 17 Episode 2 "Auditions" - Alejandro Aranda Surprises

It’s Another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Wednesday, March 6, 2019,  season 17 episode 2 called “Auditions” and we have your weekly Ameri/Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 17 episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “”American Idol” heads to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Louisville, Kentucky; and Los Angeles, California, as the search for America’s next superstar continues on The ABC Television Network, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), streaming and on demand.

This audition episode features two of the most powerful auditions in Idol history, one bringing the judges to tears and the other leaving them speechless.

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This time the cast was in Idaho where they ran into many fans who loved the judges and surprisingly were die-hards for Ryan Seacrest. He even ran into Courtney Penry again and she was known as the crazy chicken girl in love with him. Ryan didn’t expect to run into her again, but despite her engagement, she still sought out physical contact with him. She sort of hugged him from behind and frightened him a little so he had been glad to meet her fiancée Seth. Seth and Courtney were super cute together and they were all lovey-dovey right up until her audition. She tried to sing the first time and her song selection had been a letdown because it had made it seem like she didn’t learn anything from her first go-around. And so she was given another chance with another song and that time the judges gave her the golden ticket.

Logan Johnson had was up next. He’s dreamed of auditioning since he was a kid and so what made the moment bittersweet was the fact his big brother wasn’t there. He and his brother were especially close and they didn’t have a falling out until drugs came between them. His brother fell into that lifestyle and as the younger brother, Logan had wanted to do everything he saw his brother do. He too fell victim to drugs and it was a while before he realized that he couldn’t keep using. Logan reached his rock bottom before his brother could and so he had to choose between his sobriety and his brother, but he chose his sobriety. He’s been clean for almost a year now and he was ready to tell his story. He auditioned with the song “Sober” and it had been a hit with the judges. They invited his family into the room because they wanted them to see Logan get that golden ticket.

American Idol then went to Los Angeles. The city had been teaming with talent and the first one that got auditioned in the city of angels was Eddie Island. He came up with that last name by saying we’re each an island and he’s since turned it into a catchphrase in which he says “welcome to the island”, but regardless of the theatrics, he was talented. He auditioned with an original song he wrote and his voice along with just hearing him talk about essential oils as well as how he moved to Nashville because he went there for a concert and just decided to stay. Eddie was out there living his best life and it didn’t hurt that the googly eyes on his guitar also happened to match Katy Perry’s new nails. She became a fan of his right after she saw their matching styles and so she didn’t even need to hear him sing.

The next city they hit was Louisville. It was where they ran into Kason Lester of Lester Farms. He was a farmer and one day he got the idea of widening his field until he somehow he ended up sitting on thirty thousand strawberries. He now loves the fruit so much that he’s constantly eating them and he loves nothing more than a chocolate covered strawberry. Its wonder he’s so skinny because he thought he would have gotten fat from eating so many strawberries, but farming wasn’t something he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He entrusted the farm to his brother and came to American Idol to pursue a singing career. Kason auditioned as the good ole southern boy that he was and while he needed some fine tuning it had still been a good audition. And so the judges gave him the golden tickets.

The judges went on to hand out golden ticket several more times to people like Jake Durkin, Cory Young, and Betsy Jo whose hat fell off during her audition because she been that into her song. Karli Ryan had her audition next and she mentioned how big it would be for her if she ever won American Idol. She loves music and knows that the show could launch her career but winning meant something to her mother especially. Her mother has been a huge fan of the show for over fifteen years and had actually tried out herself. Sadly, mommy didn’t make it as far as the judges and so Karli was hoping that if she won then it could be a win for her and her mother. And so it was unfortunate that Karli didn’t make it – some of the judges hadn’t thought she was ready just yet and they gave her critiques on what she could improve by next season of the show.

The series of people that came afterwards were all a bit dull. The judges started to fall asleep during some of the auditions and so a lot people went home because they were boring, but Juan Pablo was far from boring. He was basically a telenovela all by himself and so it didn’t matter that he sang in Spanish. The judges hadn’t understood one word of what he said and he had to explain how the song was a sad love song about kissing someone the last time with a mere dash lovemaking thrown in. It had woken up the judges and they had loved his voice as well as his entire persona. Juan Pablo was a romantic lothario and there had only been one judge that hadn’t been feeling it. And so Juano Pablo said he could concoct a Spanglish song for a certain country musician and that eventually won him a golden ticket.

A teenage girl has also been a highlight for the judges. Her name was Shayy and she was a special case. She had noticed one day that she couldn’t see the whiteboard at school and had thought that maybe she needed glasses, but the doctor had taken one look at her and demanded she go to a hospital. Shayy had excess fluid on the brain and it was building pressure behind her eyes. So she had to be rushed into surgery or risked being completely blind. She never regained full eyesight and had needed a walking stick to help guide her. Only it wouldn’t have been so bad if the kids hadn’t been cruel at school. They made of Shayy when they next saw her and she had been a victim of their taunts until one day she tried out for American Idol. She auditioned with the song “I Rise Up” and it had been so moving that the judges didn’t waste any time hesitating.

They gave Shayy the golden ticket and the seventeen-year-old went home to show it off at school where now she’s applauded. The judges saw other kids like Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja who sang the national anthem and they enjoyed seeing someone so cute hit those high notes, but her golden ticket was most likely going to be handed off to her to GI Jane while others were out here singing for their lives. The next guy had been a military man. Landen Knowlton was a sergeant in the army and he said auditioning was scarier than what he saw in combat. He had been so scared that he had needed a moment to remember his name when he was introducing himself to the judges and so they had asked him about himself to get him to relax. Landen mentioned how he was in the army and the judges had wanted to know what’s that like.

They asked him to treat them like they were in the army and so he ran them through some drills. They had to pushups and Katy struggled with that because she was used to girl pushups, but Lionel didn’t even try. He knew that once he got down that it would be too hard to get back up and so he assisted his fellow judges. It was a while before they got serious again and finally let the man audition. Landen has a soulful voice and was a lover of the classics. He was also well-liked and so the judges couldn’t help giving him the golden ticket. He was just so happy to get through his audition and over his nerves that it would have been cruel denying him a ticket to Hollywood.

Ethan Payne was another kid. He was fifteen and was a baby compared to everyone else, but it wasn’t an age he ever thought he would reach. Ethan was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was eighteen-months-old and sadly there was no cure for the disease. He will always have problems breathing and so he turned to music as his own cure. It meant so much to him to meet Luke Bryan one day that the Make-A-Wish foundation granted him the chance. They introduced Ethan to Luke and the two sang together before Luke gave the kid his guitar. That guitar had been a good luck token and Ethan brought it with him to the audition. Luke had remembered him from before and he wanted the chance to sing with Ethan again. And so Ethan got to audition with Luke Bryan and not only that but he also received the golden ticket for such a wonderful performance.

The show was soon back on the road and so their next stop was Disney World. There the judges met a couple that were still in their newly wed stage. Kimberly and Bernie have been married for a month and its been a fairytale since the wedding. As in, literally! The couple had a Cinderella themed wedding and sang a song from its soundtrack as their audition song. It was all so nauseating that its good that met each other and got married, but damn does no one wants to see them singing Disney songs to each other much less act it out. They made sure to walk towards each other and hold each other’s hand while they then sang to the judges. And that’s why the judges were nice about it as they let the couple down.

But there was one guy that stole the show. Alejandro Aranda was a homeschooled young man that came to find music much later and he was a shy one. He played guitar and throughout the entire time he spoke with anyone from the show he used the guitar as a shield almost. It was always in front of him, but at the same time he could do incredible things with it. He auditioned with a song that was so professional that Lionel asked him to play the piano and Alejandro was even incredible on that. He was amazing on instruments and he has a beautiful voice. It was just his confidence that he lacked. He didn’t know special his talent his was and this humbleness endeared him to the judges who just loved him. They didn’t want to see anyone else and so of course they gave him the golden ticket.

Alejandro didn’t think he had a good enough voice to make it far in this competition, but boy is he in for a surprise.


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