Animal Kingdom Recap 08/06/19: Season 4 Episode 11 “Julia”

Animal Kingdom Recap 08/06/19: Season 4 Episode 10 "Julia"

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom returns with an all-new Tuesday, July 23, 2019 episode and we have your Animal Kingdom recap below. On tonight’s Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 10 as per the TNT synopsis, “Pope grows suspicious of J when Angela reveals the circumstances of her disappearance; as the threats against Adrian loom larger, Deran scrambles to find a way out; Craig navigates new complications in his relationship with Renn.”

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Animal Kingdom begins tonight with a very pregnant Smurf (Leila George) walking into a local diner, ordering food; Colin (Grant Harvey) walks in behind her, pretending she is his hostage as they rob the place. As they drive off, he congratulates the baby, calling him “Andrew” even though Janine feels it will be a girl. He promises this is the last one as she suggests another robbery. She doesn’t think the money is enough, but he assures her he will figure things out.

Pope (Shawn Hatosy) sits guard outside the bathroom, as Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole) learns that Angela (Emily Deschanel) is still locked in there; Pope admits he hasn’t gotten any sleep but confronts J about not telling him about meeting Angela for lunch the day before. He knows Pope cares about her but this is what Angela does, as he has seen it a thousand times; just like his mom, Julia. He tells Pope this only ends one way before he leaves to clean the house.

Pope opens the bathroom door to find Angela passed out on the floor. He shakes her awake, ordering her to get up. She angrily confronts him as he feels he is doing her a favor. He orders her to get dressed as he is taking her away, willingly or not.

Craig Cody (Ben Robson) swaddles the baby, concerned about Renn Randall’s (Christina Ochoa)lack of attention to the baby. She is busy with her coke addicted clients, impressed with Craig’s parenting skills. She admits she hasn’t heard from her mother, as she is sure her mom is waiting for them to screw up to call DCFS on them; he is sure that won’t happen.

Deran Cody (Jake Weary) sits with Adrian Dolan (Spencer Treat Clark), who feels it was nice that Smurf (Ellen Barkin) can still throw a party and it was nice for them to be able to check out for a while. He realizes Deran is very solemn, wanting to know what is going on. Deran retreats to the house but Adrian follows. Adrian finds out that Smurf knows about him talking to the cops. Deran reveals that Smurf wants him to kill Adrian and nothing else matters; Deran tells him he needs to get out of there or he will be killed.

Angela searches the kitchen for coffee, as J eats his breakfast. Pope stands guard around her, learning that Smurf left the previous night with some people. Pope tells J that he needs to clean up the pig sty and leaves with Angela.

A younger Janine breaks into a house with Colin, certain the people are not coming back any time soon. She asks him what he thinks of the place, saying they are not there for a job; wanting to know what he thinks of the house for the three of them to live in. She wanted to surprise him, saying all the things she would change about the house; causing Colin to question how she found this place. She says she was driving around and this place was calling her. He wonders if she wants to settle down like they are “normal” but she assures him nothing is going to change as they will do what they do but “She” will have a yard to play in, a bed to sleep in and enough to eat. He agrees with her dream.

Deran quietly walks into Craig’s house, where he is introduced to baby Nick, both saying he is cute. Renn welcomes him with a kiss as he offers a congratulations, but refusing to hold the baby. Craig gives Renn the baby so she can feed him; Deran asking his brother to come outside to talk to him. Craig berates him for not acknowledging the “kid”. Deran is sorry that it takes him a few minutes to accept this but Craig says the kid is his son and that makes him family. Deran sits down, reluctantly telling Craig that he needs passports for him and Adrian, as he needs to get Adrian out of the country as soon as possible. He explains that Adrian was working for Jack and that is why he wanted to hit the cop. Craig is concerned that Adrian knows too much and wonders if they have anything to worry about. Deran begs him to just do this for him; Craig nods.

A pregnant Janine is forced to eat the food Colin makes for her, as he reminds her that she needs to take care of herself. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and it is Manny (Rigo Sanchez) revealing she told him about the armored truck job and Colin is going with them. Janine says she knows all about what happened between them and they should call it even. The job is a solid and they really need the money; she will stay home and wait for her cut. Colin isn’t so sure but agrees to go.

Angela learns that Pope brought her to a NA meeting, she initially refuses to go but he shoves her in and he comes in with her. As the meeting begins, Angela stands up saying they are there to be honest so they can get better. She looks at Pope saying he wants honesty so she will give it. She talks about going to Julia’s house, already knowing she was dead. She was really looking for Smurf and her money; hoping Smurf would give her money to stay away just like she did with her daughter, Julia. She mocks Pope about living at home with his mom when he is almost 40. She admits she slept with him, because she felt he would let her stay. She says it was all a con and he fell for it. She sits down, thanking everyone for letting her share.

Janine hears about the robbery and how much money the guys made off with it. She celebrates holding her belly.

J is busy cleaning the house when Frankie (Dichen Lachman) shows up, saying she has something worth J’s time; he lets her in. He gets straight to the point where she tells him she has another job but needs a crew. He suggests her putting in the work to make her own crew but she says they are similar as they are survivors. She reminds him that everything will fall apart once Smurf is gone, unless he plans on taking over. She knows he clearly wants to be the leader as he demands to know what the job was.

The guys celebrate with Janine, not having too many details, other than them getting over $26,000. She gives Manny a drink as Colin says she did great; she toasts that they get what they want but never what they deserve.

Pope chases Angela, who insists she isn’t Julia; even though he denies it. Angela confronts him about abandoning Julia because either Smurf lied about her or because Julia loved Baz (Scott Speedman). She tells him that Julia always needed him, and he chose mommy over her and then Julia died. She reminds him there are no do-overs! He rushes off to the truck with Angela coming a short time later. She asks him to drive her home to get her shit and go. He looks at her, shaking his head, that he doesn’t hate her, but no one tells him the truth. Angela says this wasn’t all about the money, but he tells her she is done with this if she is going to stay at the house. She promises to try, never wanting this to happen as she was clean for 3 years and now back to nothing. She doesn’t know what happened; but he becomes infuriated when he learns J was the one who took her there for lunch, but she says he can’t blame J for her slipping.

Colin and Janine walk hand in hand into a diner with Manny behind them. The guys go to get some beer as Janine grabs some Twinkies, saying all the baby wants is some sugar; they two bicker jokingly about the sex of the baby. Neither one of them notice the squad car that just drove up, Janine ends up talking to the officer at the counter. He offers her a nice day, after he suspiciously looked at the guys with her. Colin sees that he is looking up the profiles for the diner stickups, Janine is outside when the officer returns to speak to her. Colin intercepts them, saying they don’t want any trouble. He grabs his gun, forcing Colin to shoot the officer. A shootout ensues with Jake and Manny helping out, all four getting in the car. Janine defends Colin, saying he had to do it, but no one realizes Colin was shot. Janine screams for them to get Colin to a hospital, but Manny informs her that he is dead; she becomes hysterical.

Deran walks into his bar, saying he needs them to handle the bar for the rest of the week. He is handed some posters for the fundraiser for Tim. He feels everyone is going to come, as Deran gives him specific instructions about the bar and band. Deran sits back and looks around the bar, taking in the scene.

Angela walks back into the house, where she confronts J about knowing addicts. She says he knew she would want to score, hating how close she is getting to Pope and that is why he did it. J says all he did was buy her a taco, as she says that is not going to work as her and Pope have history and all he did was bring them closer together. J smirks, telling her she will see.

Craig makes the call about the passports, trying to make sure they are the best for his brother. He checks on baby Nick.

Meanwhile, Manny drives the car to an abandoned area. He tells Janine to get out, catch the bus and disappear; causing confusion, but Manny feels the cops are looking for 3 guys and a pregnant chick. Janine pulls a gun on Manny, ordering them to get out; Jake says she is serious and they both exit the car. She gets in the car with Colin’s body and rushes off, crying as she looks at his lifeless body, wanting to know what she is supposed to do.

Janine pulls the car into the driveway at his brother’s place; Jed (Joseph Morgan) emerges, looks at his dead brother, as Janine tells him this is the result of a shoot out with the cops. Jed takes the car, with Janine in the back seat and takes off.

Pope is loading the truck with J’s help for the next job, when Craig returns, realizing Smurf still hasn’t returned. Pope confronts J about lying about Angela; he reminds him what he told him would happen if he lied again. When Smurf is gone, so is J. Pope walks off as Craig gives Deran a beer, informing him that the passports will be ready for tomorrow. Deran wants him to check on the bar and running it. He plans on staying away until Adrian gets on his feet. Pope interrupts them, saying they have work to do.

The car, along with Colin’s body is buried on the farm as a devastated Janine watches it disappear beneath the dirt.