Animal Kingdom Recap 08/13/19: Season 4 Episode 12 “Ghosts”

Animal Kingdom Recap 08/13/19: Season 4 Episode 12 "Ghosts"

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom returns with an all-new Tuesday, July 23, 2019 episode and we have your Animal Kingdom recap below. On tonight’s Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 12 as per the TNT synopsis, “When 17-year-old Joshua “J” Cody moves in with his wild, free-wheeling relatives in their Southern California beach town, he is pulled into their life of indulgence and excess. But after “J” discovers it’s all being funded by criminal activities.”

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Animal Kingdom begins tonight with a very pregnant Janine (Leila George) sitting where they buried Colin (Grant Harvey) and the car he died in. She is encouraged to return to Jed’s (Joseph Morgan) house and eat but she declines. She admits she hasn’t seen a doctor since she has been in denial. She is again told to come inside as the coyotes would be out soon.

In the present day, Smurf (Ellen Barkin) wakes up from the bathroom floor, vomiting before she cleans up and walks up the stairs to the top of the yacht. Andrew ‘Pope” Cody (Shawn Hatosy) sits on the bed, preparing his gun, walking into Smurf’s room and finding that she didn’t come home and all her medications are on the dresser. Renn Randall (Christina Ochoa) wakes up, finding Craig Cody (Ben Robson) in the bathroom, saying he needs to get back to work and can’t sleep any longer. She asks him to be careful today and he promises he always is.

Meanwhile, Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole) wrings his hands as Angela (Emily Deschanel) offers to make Pope a coffee, saying she is hungry; Pope tries to reassure everyone that Smurf will be there since she promised to be there. Pope reminds Angela that they really have to go. Adrian Dolan (Spencer Treat Clark) asks Deran Cody (Jake Weary) what the plan is, offering which places they can escape to. Deran says they will talk more when he comes back from this “thing”; not sure how its going to turn out.

Janine tells Jed that she needs a car after he buried hers. He thought she’d stick around with the baby coming and being racked with guilt over his brother’s death. She offers him money for the car, but Jed feels whatever they stole he should get Colin’s share; she feels Colin would want the money to go to his unborn child. Jed tells her the car needs some work and wants ten grand, she offers $500 as it is her best and last offer. After Janine suggests any redneck would pick up a pregnant girl from the road, he agrees to say the car should be ready tomorrow, as he will be an uncle soon. She sarcastically tells him for five hundred bucks he better make sure it has a full tank of gas.

Deran and Craig arrive at the house, learning from Pope that Smurf is back and the job is still on. Pope insists that she still looks like Smurf, who is in her room preparing for the job, even packing a gun in her purse. She dumps all her pills down the toilet, puts on her sunglasses and wanders through the house, spotting the cake Angela left on the counter and chooses to clean the kitchen before overlooking the backyard. She looks back at Angela once and tells Pope she is ready! Smurf orders J to drive the truck and she will follow the boys; Pope orders Deran to let him drive and they all take off.

Back at the house, Angela is furious that Smurf threw out the cake in the garbage. Smurf talks to J about what it was like growing up without a dad. She learns Craig’s baby’s name is Nick as Smurf feels the name was Renn’s idea. She reveals that Adrian has been talking to the police about them for a while and doesn’t think Deran is strong enough to handle this, wondering if J feels the same.

Smurf learns from Craig that it will take them about an hour to break through the tunnels; everyone confirming they are clear on the plan. She informs them she will see them on the other side.

Back when Janine is pregnant, Jed watches her while she sleeps; his wife encouraging him to come to bed. He takes a swig of his beer, as Janine opens her eyes, holding a gun tightly.

The Cody boys work hard to get the tunnel finished as Pope drives Smurf, learning the people they are robbing are old friends of hers. He wants to know why they didn’t just tunnel in to get the gold, but she reminds him they have security cameras inside and what they have to do is keep them occupied and away from the bunker. He feels they should start a fire in the field but she says the first thing they would do is make sure their bunker is safe. Pope wants to know how they are supposed to tell the people they are there, but Smurf says they already know and the massive gates open for their arrival. Smurf gets a text from J confirming they have reached the bunker and Pope parks the truck under a tree.

Smurf exits the truck, standing under the tree with Pope slowly approaching. He wants to know what this place is, startling Smurf who reveals his father is buried there, right in front of the tree. A small tractor arrives with his uncle Jed and cousin Odin (Matt Bushell).

The brothers use saws to cut into the metal bunker and once it is confirmed to be clear; they begin to unload the gold. Pope demands to know why they are there and what Smurf is up to. Jed shows them some photos, Jed explaining to Pope about his grandfather. Smurf admits that she didn’t have any photos of Colin to show Pope as she had to escape the farm pretty quick. She wants to see David and Jeremy, but they are working to rebuild some fences and should be back soon. Pope is shown a photo of his dad when he was leaving for Vietnam and told he is a hero.

Angela wanders into Smurf’s bedroom and puts on her signature red leather jacket. She turns on the bathwater and notices that Smurf left her oxycodone on the counter. Angela calls her a “bitch” and flushes them in the toilet, able to save a few before they go all the way down. Deran begins opening the crates and finally finds the gold, the boys cheering.

Janine walks out into the yard as Jed tells her the car is in better shape than he remembered and it’s worth more than five hundred, but she tells him a deal is a deal. She asks if he put gas in it but he offers that the two of them have some fun and maybe he will give her the car for free. She scoffs that she is 8 months pregnant but he reminds her that she still has a mouth; before she is able to grab her gun he takes it out of her purse and tosses it far away. She agrees as long as she gets to leave after, with the car. She kisses him and unbuckles his pants, but squeezes really hard before being able to smash him with a shovel. Once in the car, she realizes there are no keys and runs to the road calling him an “asshole.” Jed’s wife puts both the children on the porch as she watches Jed chasing Janine. She runs after them, seeing Jed jump on Janine, choking her. He starts to beat his wife as Janine screams in pain, realizing she is in labor.

Angela rests comfortably in Smurf’s bathtub, high on the drugs Smurf left behind. She falls asleep, slowly slipping under the water, but jumps up as she begins to choke on the water.

Jed tells Pope that he and his sister, Julia were both born there as well as his cousins. He inquires about Julia, admitting that Smurf doesn’t tell him anything, causing Pope to reveal Julia died and Smurf pipes in saying it was drugs. Smurf gets a text from J, saying they are done; telling Jed that it was the pool guy revealing he fixed the heater. She wants to purchase some guns from Jed, asking if they should go look at the merchandise; Pope tries to hold her back but is unable to stop them from going to the bunker.

Craig is checking out all the guns as Deran begs him to get out of there. Jed gets his keys out as his other two sons arrive. Smurf reaches into her purse as Jed greets his sons. Jed is unable to open the door and Smurf shoots him, saying “a deal is a deal!” and climbs on top of him, shooting him in the forehead. She shouts for the boys to get out and let’s do this. Pope grabs two guns and joins in the firefight. J, Deran, and Craig realize it is gunfire, finish loading up and take off. Smu4rf is shot in the leg, forcing Pope to take over the fight. His cousins hide as Pope shoves her into the truck, she demands to know where he is taking her; shouting that he is a “son of a bitch!”

Craig attempts to call Smurf and Pope but there is no answer; suddenly the truck drives up, they are armed but realize it is Pope. He doesn’t speak to them, only pulling Smurf out, who is livid that he took her. They know she is bleeding, but she shouts that she is supposed to be dead. Pope says she is in shock. She yells them to not touch her and keep their hands off her. She tells Deran to give her his gun; but when he refuses she yanks it out of his pants and points it at them. She orders Craig to give Pope his gun and after some arguing, Pope takes it. She demands that Pope shoot her, as she points her gun at him. He refuses as she tells him she is already dead as this is over; she refuses to die in some hospital bed, weak and helpless. She begs him to do it.

Janine is back at the farmhouse in full fledged labor with Pope and Julia. Smurf tells Pope if he loves her he will do it. He denies it again. She points her gun again, telling Pope that none of them can survive without her. Janine delivers Pope, not realizing she is about to deliver a second baby. Smurf shouts that she has to be strong for all of them, demanding Pope to shoot her again. Janine is handed Pope, who was born with teeth and told that he will be strong and a warrior.

Smurf aims her gun, and shoots Pope in the ear after he refuses; calling him a “pussy!” When Pope refuses and she raises her gun and J shoots her right in the head; killing her. J tells everyone to get out of there before the cops come as someone may have heard the gunshots. J crosses Smurf’s arms and her three shell shocked sons help lift her into the backseat.

The boys return home, Angela surprised to see Smurf dead. J tells them to call they need to call the doctor they use as they cannot take her to the mortuary like this. She needs to have died in her own bed from cancer and they need a death certificate that says so. Deran leaves to call him; then asks Pope where the truck is. He left it at the farm, saying he was in a gunfight that he barely got out of alive.

Craig returns home to Renn and Nick. Renn spots him sitting on the stairs, wanting to know what he is doing out there and joins him on the stoop. He tearfully stands up, looking over the ocean. She comforts him without a word. Angela finds J sitting at the pool, who reveals the doctor hasn’t gotten there yet. She tells J he is smart about the doctor and the truck. The brothers know they need J now but he knows they will come for them, truck or no truck. Angela asks if it was bad and if they are going to be okay. J assures her that he will be fine. Deran stands in his living room as Adrian walks into the room, asking if he is okay. Deran tells him they are getting the hell out of there and are not coming back!

Janine holds the babies, saying she knew she was having a girl and they named her Julia as for her baby boy, she didn’t have a name picked out. Colin liked Andrew, after some hockey player; she is told it is a nice name, calling him Andrew and he smiles. She leans back and stares at her baby boy. Pope, in the meantime, leans down and kisses his dead mother’s forehead, trying to hold back tears.