Big Brother 21 Recap 08/22/19: Season 21 Episode 26 “Live Eviction & HoH”

Big Brother 21 Recap 08/22/19: Season 21 Episode 26 "Live Eviction & HoH"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 21 airs with an all-new Thursday, August 22, 2019, episode and we have your Big Brother 21 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 21 episode 26 as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on BB21 on houseguest will be sent home either Sis or Christie.  Following the live eviction we will have a Head of Household competion.”

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Nobody knows that there is a brand new twist and it is called Prank Week, and it will affect tonight’s competition.

Tommy knows that the odds are against Christie, but if there is anyone that can pull of a miracle, he thinks it is her. Meanwhile, Jackson feels like he has done everything he can to get rid of Christie, the rest is up to the house. Christie knows she doesn’t have much of a chance to stay in the house, but she plans on exposing Nick before she does. She goes to see Jackson, tells him that she doesn’t have a campaign against Analyse, only against Nick. She sees longevity and sees Nick going to the end. Jackson is thrilled if Christie can paint a target on Nick’s back, it is good for his game.

Christie plans on taking advantage of Taco Tuesday, and laying it all on the line in front of the house and exposing Nick. Meanwhile, little does she know that Nick was outside the trailer listening in on everything.

Time for Taco Tuesday. Nick leaves the diary room and calls out for Christie, she comes out of the HOH room and he tells her to shut her mouth about him. The two get into a yelling match, nobody is saying anything. She goes on to say that he throws every HOH, and when he says he doesn’t, she calls him a liar. She basically tells everyone that Nick is her target and if they keep her, she will get rid of him. The rest of the houseguests look so uncomfortable.

Holly is with Jackson and she tells him that she needs Nick out, he is a mental threat and a great game player. It is clear that Holly is thinking of keeping Christie. Jackson says that he has strong reasons why he wants to get rid of Christie, but she makes valid points.

Time for the live vote. Analyse says some nice things about her family and then pitches to the houseguests to keep her. Christie shouts out to her family and then tells the houseguests that it has been a wonderful experience and she wouldn’t change a thing. Jessica is up first, she votes to evict Analyse, Nick for Christie, Tommy for Analyse, Holly for Analyse, Nicole for Analyse, Cliff for Analyse. It’s official, Analyse will be leaving the Big Brother house.

Analyse is sitting in the hot seat with Julie, she tells her that the blow up on Taco Tuesday caused her to go home. Julie asks who Analyse feels most betrayed by, she says Jackson. Analyse says that she is just confused by everything.

Last night the houseguests had the chance to study for what they believed was the HOH competition this evening. Little did they know Prank Week had already started.

Its time for the HOH competition. Last night they were kept awake all night by the BB Bird Watching Audio Tour. They saw all of them studying relentlessly for the competition, but unfortunately, it was for nothing, because it is Prank Week. Tonight’s competition has nothing to do with birds, it is a skill competition. Julie tells the houseguests that America will prank whoever becomes HOH, although they will be safe this week.

The competition is called “Prank Shot.” One at a time they will roll a ball down numbered slots. The longer the roll, the higher their shot. The houseguest with the highest number will win. The two houseguests with the lowest scores will receive a punishment.

Holly goes first and gets the highest score possible, a 50. Cliff gets an 18, Nick a 34, Nicole an 18, Christie a 21, Jessica a 3, Tommy 41. Holly is the new HOH.

Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff will be getting punishments this week as all three of them had the lowest scores.

America has the chance to vote for one houseguest to be the prankster and be given half the HOH power.