Billions Premiere Recap 3/17/19: Season 4 Episode 1 “Chucky Rhoades’s Greatest Game”

Billions Premiere Recap 3/17/19: Season 4 Episode 1 "Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game"

Tonight on Showtime the show Billions airs with an all-new Sunday, March 17, 2019, season 4 episode 1 called “Chucky Rhoades’s Greatest Game” and we have your weekly Billions recap below. On tonight’s Billions season 4 episode 1 premiere as per the Showtime synopsis, “Season 4 begins with Axe closing ranks, determined to destroy Taylor. No longer U.S. Attorney, Chuck struggles to regain power. Taylor does what it takes to keep their new company afloat. Season premiere.”

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Mike is partying at a club with girls and cocaine. He is with a guy and tells him that they need to be sure that no money is going to ex-employees of X Capital, Ms. Mason specifically if they want him to keep jacking up their returns. The guy tells Mike that the conversation should continue with Shade at the embassy, he is having his own after party.

They head to the embassy and a lady spikes Mike’s drink. All of a sudden two men grab Mike and threw him onto a bed in a room and close the door.

27 hours earlier, Bobby has been up early and refuses breakfast in bed. Orrin tells him that the beef up non-competes is ironclad. Meanwhile, Chuck is enjoying some music by Al Green, Mr. Brogan is in the office with him and wants him to grant a gun permit to him because he is high-profile. Chuck offers him a park anywhere permit instead.

Bobby fires Rudy for fraternizing with Tayler Mason Capitol at a picnic. Bobby tells everyone that if they are not on his side, then they can leave.

Bobby tells Mike to set the terms, the Harper money has already pledged to them.

Brian James Connor is being sworn in as the US Attorney.

Chuck’s dad goes to see him and calls him pathetic for not getting Borgan a gun permit, he says he sent him there because he was important. Chuck is told that most of his major cases are being put under review by STNY for any kind of wrongdoing. They are digging for misconduct, his name will be ruined. Chuck says all he wants is vengeance and it will be had. His father tells him to get off his ass and rebuild his position, start by getting that gun permit.

Taylor and Sara try to convince Mick Danzig to join their new company.

Bobby wants Mick Danzig, he will be doing anything to destroy Taylor.

Mike is with Faroud negotiating, when he comes out of the room he sees Taylor, he tells Bobby and Wendy. Bobby is worried she might get to the Sheik. Mike tells Bobby they haven’t closed yet, but they are going clubbing that evening.

Chuck goes to see the Commissioner, asks him for the permit, he says no and sends Chuck away. He continues going from person to person but gets deeper and deeper in trying to get what everyone wants in return for a favor.

Bobby is with Farhan, he wants to know where Mike is. He says he is not sure, perhaps he overindulged. Bobby says he wants to search the building, Farhan says no. Bobby thinks they are doing this for leverage on the deal.

Farhad calls Bobby, he got his meeting. Bobby leads him to a door and walks away. Bobby goes inside and Grigor is there.

Grigor tells him that Mike will be in his car with a huge headache and stop messing with Taylor because when he messes with her, he messes with him. Bobby is in his car and as promised, Mike is there and looks really hungover.

After a lot of favors and running around, Chuck gets his permit.

Taylor is face timing Laura and tells her that Bobby hired Danzig.

Mike is enjoying a meal, Bobby is there and says he can just walk away, just forget about Taylor and be mature. Mike says to heck with being mature, he is not walking away, he will not relent, and Taylor must pay. Bobby says they have to entice Grigor to put his money elsewhere.


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