Blue Bloods Finale Recap 05/10/19: Season 9 Episode 22 “Something Blue”

Blue Bloods Finale Recap 05/10/19: Season 9 Episode 22 "Something Blue"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, May 10, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 22 “Something Blue” as per the CBS synopsis, “As Jamie and Eddie’s wedding day approaches, Erin interviews a witness whose story leads her to doubt Eddie’s honesty; Danny and Baez unravel the complicated love life of a young man who was murdered; Frank squabbles with the top brass.”

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Tonight’s Blue Bloods begins with Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and Anthony Abetemarco (Steven R. Schirripa) reviewing a witness’ recap of a shooting. Erin reads back what the statement says in her file, but he adamantly denies saying it. Mr. Morris only saw a guy running from the scene and a guy dead on the sidewalk. Erin is confused, asking if the officer just wrote it down wrong, but if there is anything he needs to add he should tell her. Anthony reveals the officer is Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) as Erin orders him to get her down to their office.

Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara), debating the word “piece” in wedding vows. They are surprised to see PC Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) having coffee with Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk). Frank feels the new ideas for the new social media crime stoppers is a great idea, praising them; he suggests they “kick it around” and could do it now, as this is a perfect time. He excuses himself because he needs to write his speech; neither Garrett nor Sid are happy with Abigail.

Erin briefly discusses how Eddie and Jamie Reagan’s (Will Estes) wedding is quickly approaching and she must be getting excited. Eddie admits she is terrified and excited, but Erin tells her that Jamie is a lucky guy. Erin needs her help clearing up the confusion on the Morales murder, revealing that Leo Morris claims he never said what was written in the statement. Eddie says the statement is 100% true, but Erin confronts her saying one of them is mistaken or one of them is lying.

Eddie is upset that Erin is taking the word of a complete stranger over hers; but Erin says when she is in the office, she is only on the side of the truth. She is adamant that what she wrote in the report is exactly what he said at the scene and if he is saying something different, he is the liar! After Eddie excuses herself, Anthony tells Erin she should have let him handle it.

Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) is at a murder scene, asking for the surveillance footage of the building; Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) says they need to see the footage ASAP as he shows her a silk scarf under the bed, saying he definitely had a visitor last night.

Abigail walks into Garrett’s office, saying she can explain; calling Sid to join them in the office. She knows they are pissed at her, but Garrett reminds her that they are all in Frank’s inner circle and this is about policy. Sid shouts “chain of command” at Abigail, saying he is a Lieutenant and she is a Detective, what she wants to run by the boss has to be cleared by him; Sid disagrees saying she has to pass it by him.

Garrett is fed up with them always saying he is not NYPD; but he stands up and suggests they review the patrol guide because as Deputy Commissioner, he holds the rank of a 3-star chef. Chain of command is supposed to be Abigail reporting to Sid and Sid reporting to Garrett; both feel they show things directly to Frank. They feel that they need to report to Frank with one voice, Abigail feels this has nothing to do with the chain of command but it’s about egos and stepped on toes.

Danny and Baez review that Patrick Harris and Rachel Wilson (Sydney Farley) had drinks sometime after 11p. At 12:17a, they take a ride to Patrick’s residence and only two tenants came on through the doors after them, but Danny shows her that Rachel left the building sometime after 5a; the death occurred between 4:30 and 5:30a. He feels there is only one possible person who did this; Baez pretends to be Erin saying that isn’t enough. Patrick Harris’ mother arrives, wanting to speak to them. She reveals Patrick and Rachel broke up a year ago, but she wouldn’t leave him alone. She guesses that Rachel killed him because he told her this was one kind of thing. She confesses Rachel has a history of this, threatening to kill herself then kill him; but when all that failed, she showed her true colors. She shows the detectives emails from Rachel, who says that if she can’t have him in this lifetime; she will have him in the next.

Eddie vents to Jamie about his sister calling her a “liar.” He clarifies that she didn’t actually say the words, but Eddie explains that Erin said someone was lying, and the witness seemed credible. Jamie wants to drop it because he doesn’t want to split hairs right now. Eddie says Erin is extremely intimidating and of course she has a problem with Erin, she is smart, confident, ridiculously beautiful and every woman’s basic nightmare. Jamie feels Eddie just described herself, something she refuses to believe.

Garrett waits until Abigail leaves before he goes into Frank’s office; where he is frustrated about writing the speech. Garrett says he is only doing a toast, not an actual speech and to open with a joke. He brings up the big crime drop in Crown Heights, and it is time for a victory lap feeling they should get the message out that its the community policing to other neighborhoods hoping they would be receptive to the idea. Frank feels Garrett should speak to Sid, who will have an opinion on which communities need it. Frank also brings up Abigail, as she does Frank’s schedule; Garrett is upset, believing Frank is telling him to get Baker and Gormley to sign off on this before he approves. When asked, he tells Frank it is fine and he is right.

Danny and Baez show Rachel the footage, who confirms that it is her, saying her and Patrick were having some fun then slept a little before she left to work. She swears she had nothing to do with Patrick’s death as Danny asks her to come down so they can rule her out as a suspect; she wants to call her parents and their lawyer, saying she can’t say another word to them.

Jamie meets Erin outside her work. She tells him that Frank is nervous about delivering his speech and she thinks it is sweet that Jamie asked him to do that. He admits that Eddie told him Erin brought her into the office. Erin feels they shouldn’t be talking about this because when Eddie is in her office, Eddie is a cop and when she finds discrepancies she will get to the bottom of that and if Eddie can’t handle that she should find a softer line of work. Erin says she likes Eddie just fine but would like her a lot more when she fights her own battles.

Baez says they can check if her fingerprints are on the knife, but Danny reminds her that Rachel has no priors so there are no fingerprints to compare it to. At Rachel’s office, they need a palm print sensor and they can get a subpoena for it without going to Erin. Meanwhile, Abigail brings in Sid and Garrett to Frank’s office, but he tells her to stay too. Frank questions them on if there is anything he needs to know; when they don’t respond. Frank fires them all, saying if his inner circle cannot collaborate, he will find people who can as personal feuds cannot have a place in this building. He tells them that is his plan b and they all want to hear his plan a. He shows them a flow chart saying Sid needs to report first thing in the morning to Garrett; Baker will take Sid’s office and be the acting special assistant to him. Garrett stops him, knowing he will be taking Abigail’s position. He gives them 24 hours to come to a consensus of Abigail’s program and he isn’t asking!

Eddie works the blender, which wakes up Jamie from the couch, obviously still pissed at him; saying he made her look like a little girl who can’t defend herself. Erin thought she was a liar and now thinks she is a wimp now too. Jamie feels it is his job to look after her, but she doesn’t want to become a Reagan, even though she loves him. He says that doesn’t make sense to him.

Danny and Baez return to Rachel’s office, revealing her fingerprints all over the knife. She stands up crying, saying they had been drinking and she doesn’t remember everything that happened. Baez says Rachel has to come with them, something she protests but Danny informs her that she is under arrest. She swears she didn’t do anything to hurt him as Baez picks her off the floor, she keeps saying she loved him.

Eddie is working surveillance at the Blue Bar when she spots Anthony parked behind her. She confronts him but he reveals he is staking out Leo Morris too. She really wants to get the guy, saying she didn’t fudge the report; Anthony says he believes her but Erin doesn’t. He says that isn’t necessarily true but Erin loves her job and would grill her dead grandmother the same way she did it to Eddie if it helps the case. Anthony tells her that all the Reagans are like that. He says their entire life is the job, but it comes at a cost. He isn’t saying anything bad nor talks her out of anything but she needs to open her eyes a little and know what she is getting into.

Sid leaves Garrett’s office, calling Sid for help with a reporter named Brent from the New York Times. He wants to quote Sid but Garrett tells him “absolutely not”, but when he asks for Garrett to come to talk to the guy, Garrett reminds him of what he said to him the night before. He told Garrett that he spent his whole life chasing bad guys and wasn’t afraid of a reporter. He hangs up on Sid just as Abigail finds him in the hallway, asking how she is supposed to use the concept files to build a case? She had told him he was a ginormous head with half a brain, so he refuses to help her. Garrett calls Abigail saying Frank is asking for his schedule and he might have accidentally deleted it. She refuses to help him because her job is quite a bit more than answering phones.

Erin is pleased that Danny and Baez are able to bring her a case on a silver platter. She tells Baez this was really great work as she thought of the fingerprint idea. Baez reveals that Danny is having doubts, making Erin ask what is different with this suspect professing her innocence and Danny says he believes her.

Eddie and Anthony are able to trap Leo. She shows him his bank statement but he says he can explain as Anthony tells him he better; nodding to Eddie. Jamie arrives at 1PP to see his father but spots Garrett contemplating all his bad decisions that led him to this. He tells Jamie his dad is expecting him and Jamie walks in. Frank admits it is too soon to tell what Jamie just saw. Frank reads his speech to Jamie, saying everyone starts with a joke and Jamie missed the funny part. Frank rips it up and asks Jamie what is going on. Jamie talks about the jitters as Frank knows this is about Eddie because he has never seen Jamie waver once he’s decided on something.

Jamie admits Eddie is a little spooked, admitting that Eddie says she doesn’t want to lose herself. Frank explains how it makes sense, as Jamie figures out that it feels Eddie is joining more of his family that he is hers. Frank says not just any family but the Reagans who are part ancient tribe, part wolfpack. Frank advises him to make sure that Eddie doesn’t do all the work adjusting to them and find opportunities to lead them into adjusting to her.

Danny reviews the case with Baez, saying Patrick looked utterly surprised to see Rachel at the bar. If he didn’t know he was meeting up with Rachel, what did he plan for the night? Danny reveals that Patrick had a date two hours earlier, and there is footage of the two of them arguing.

Garrett says they are out of time, but Sid says they chimed in with some notes as Abigail says they were more than helpful. She admits she lied because she didn’t think to share her idea with them was a big deal. She believed in this idea and wanted Frank to know it was her idea. Garrett understands why she would want that. He admits to feeling threatened because he knows she could do his job and he wouldn’t have one. Abigail denies that, making Sid confess that he has been barely keeping his head above water. Abigail says he is the beating heart of this place and all 3 of them hug, an exchange Frank witnesses. Frank walks in and they reveal they made the revisions he needed but he tells them that was never his point!

They brought in the woman, Sarah Fisher (Julie Blanchard) they find from the video, as Danny says her phone pinged from the building 4 hours after their date ended and then they have video of her in very bloody clothing. Her lawyer looks at her frustrated. Eddie comes to see Erin, who praises her for the good work, spotting $10Gs deposited into Leo’s account. Erin says it was hard to explain, but they found out Leo’s brother and a fellow gang member paid him for his silence and all three of them will be charged with bribery and witness tampering.

She is glad they saw it through as Erin gives her an apology but Eddie says she only questioned her and she got insulted, overreacted and then whined to Jamie about it; the worst part if Eddie got mad at him for going to Erin even though part of her wanted him to do this. She didn’t want anyone to fight her battles and decided that Erin wasn’t picking on her, she was treating her as an equal and coming from Erin that is a really big honor. Erin tells Eddie that she continues to surprise but Eddie assures her she is only getting started.

The rehearsal dinner has started and Lena Janko (Christine Ebersole) does a speech, praising the Reagan family, admiring their sincerity and honesty. She assures them that Eddie and she greatly appreciate it, thanking Jamie for loving her daughter as much as she does. Erin says, “to Jamko”, explaining that is Jamie and Janko put together. Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano) wants to know why she calls Eddie “Edit” and Danny calls him “numbnuts”, which causes Erin to remind him that Lena just complimented their family, but everyone laughs.

Frank stands up, complimenting Eddie on committing the bravest act any cop has attempted in the morning and he isn’t just talking about marrying Jamie. He says before the I Dos she is walking down the aisle by herself, explaining the tradition of it as Eddie isn’t anyone’s to give away; her own woman and her own life force and he have seen it in action on the job and all have seen it in action at their dinner table. He looks forward to seeing her in action as Jamie’s life partner and hopefully as a mother and a hurricane of fresh air, and canter for their family. He tells Eddie they are glad and privileged to have her join them.

The following morning, the church is full as Jamie wonders where Frank is, Henry Reagan (Len Cariou) says he had to take a call. The Archbishop confirms that Jamie if he is truly sure he wants to do this. He reveals in over 2000 weddings he has only lost 3 to divorce and doesn’t want anymore; Jamie says he couldn’t be surer. Jamie walks out with his grandfather and brother by his side. Jamie worries about his dad, no one knowing where he is but he is at the back of the church with Eddie. She loves what he said last night as he asks if she is really sure about this. She reveals having the same nightmare for the past month, tripping over her gown and face-planting in front of everyone. Frank reassures her that he will always have her at 6 o’clock.

The wedding march begins, everyone stands up as Frank escorts Eddie down the aisle, full of pride. Jamie smiles when he sees her approaching. END