Blue Bloods Recap 02/01/19: Season 9 Episode 13 “Ripple Effect”

Blue Bloods Recap 02/01/19: Season 9 Episode 13 "Ripple Effect"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, January 11, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 13 “Ripple Effect” as per the CBS synopsis, “A medium approaches Danny and Baez claiming to know what happened to a woman who was found dead of an apparent suicide.

Also, Jamie and Eddie help a woman who bought cheap insulin online that nearly killed her son; Frank goes against the wishes of the archbishop to take down a man he believes is laundering money from a charity; and Erin’s ex-husband asks her for help with an assault and robbery case.

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Eddie is trying on a wedding dress, Erin loves it and thinks she should get it.

Frank is at a luncheon when Archbishop Kevin shows up and says he is short a few volunteers to be pen pals with incarcerated people or help with the soup kitchen. Frank notices a guy who is shaking hands with everyone and Kevin tells him he won the St. Theresa award that he endorsed him for, Frank doesn’t know what he is talking about and asks him to introduce him.

Kevin introduces Frank to Liam, he says he knows Frank and Frank says he doesn’t know him.

Anthony asks Erin how the dress shopping went, she says expensive just as Jack walks in. Jack wants Erin to look into a friends complaint, she was robbed two weeks ago, her name is Collette, she is getting the runaround. Jack leaves and Anthony is not happy that he came around, he tells Erin that he always has an angle.

Jamie and Eddie are on patrol together when a woman jumps right in front of their car, she has a boy in her arms and he has passed out. She called an ambulance and it hasn’t come, she is begging them for help. Jamie puts the kid in the back seat and tries to revive him while Eddie drives them to the nearest hospital.

Danny and Baez are on the scene of a woman found dead of an apparent suicide, she is hanging from a rope. The mother arrives and she is hysterical, Danny gets her escorted out. There is a woman outside the building, he name is Maggie and she claims to know what happened, Danny goes to speak to her; she says she didn’t die from suicide, she died from murder, the victim told her. The woman is a medium and claims she spoke to the woman after she was murdered. She tells Frank that the locket is important, the one she was wearing when she died, find that locket and find the killer.

Meanwhile, Frank calls Kevin to his office. Liam is a thief, he stole money from the church, Kevin thought he was helping people and he got that award for what he thought was good deeds. Frank says Liam has a previous record and he will try to keep this out of the papers.

The boy that Jamie and Eddie brought to the hospital is going to be ok but it was a close call, he was in diabetic shock. The mother says she gave him his insulin that morning. The doctor tells Jamie and Eddie that the mother is lying.

The mother of the suicide girl, Meredith, tells Danny that her daughter’s locket is missing. Baez tells Danny that they don’t have a suicide note so how can they really be sure it is one. It turns out that Meredith and a blunt force trauma to her head that was caused before the suicide.

Frank meets Liam, he brings him a gift. Frank tells him that he is not happy that he used his name without his approval. Frank asks for his financial records, gives his 24 hours.

Jack is back to see Erin, he tells him that he could have told her that the woman was his girlfriend. He says that she isn’t his girlfriend, he just dated her a few times.

Danny and Baez go to see the boy’s mother, they want to know where she got the insulin because it wasn’t real, it was water. She injected her son with water. The women claim to have bought the insulin off the street because she couldn’t afford the real stuff. She gives them the phone number of who she bought it from.

At Meredith’s apartment. the find a show print of a man on her toilet seat. Baez calls in the medium, Maggie. She goes with them to the apartment, she says there was a struggle with Meredith and a man in a uniform and he has her locket. The medium asks Danny who is Linda. He tells her to go.

At the station, Erin is mad at Jack, she is upset that he didn’t tell her that the woman was his ex-girlfriend. Jack tells her off, he says that she raises the bar so high that nobody can live up to her expectations.

At dinner, Danny tells the family that he thinks the medium is fake. After dinner, Frank and Erin talk about Jack, she asks him if she maybe handled him wrong. She goes on to say that Jack accused her of having expectations that were not realistic.

Jamie was able to confirm Mrs. Rodriguez’ story about the insulin.

Baez apologizes to Danny for bringing the medium into the file. Danny got some more information on the case. There was a food delivery service that delivered to Meredith’s neighbor the day she died, the driver’s name is Steven and he is a registered sex offender.

Danny and Baez go to visit Steven, he worked on the day that Meredith died, he left early though because a branch fell on him and he had a gash on his cheek. Steven arrives for work, Danny tries to talk to him and speeds away.

Danny and Baez chase after Steven, they quickly catch up to him. Baez calls him on his cell phone and they talk to him, he says he is sorry, he didn’t mean for it to happen, then he drives his car and smashes it into an abandoned trailer. Danny and Baez rush to the car, he is dead and Meredith’s locket is in his hand.

Frank goes to see Liam and finds some good in him when he finds out he did something for some old guys, gave them their last hurrah. Frank tells him that he will return all the money except for a modest salary and there will be no jail time.

Erin meets with Jack over a case and she apologizes to him. But, she does ask him to tell her the truth next time if he wants a favor.

Frank gives Kevin an update on Liam.

Danny goes to see the medium and tells her what happened to the case. He says that what she told him was helpful but he prefers to stick to facts. She says she is story for bringing up his wife’s name, but she didn’t die, she was murdered. Danny says he has no interest in communicating with the dead, Maggie says she loves him more.


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