Blue Bloods Recap 04/12/19: Season 9 Episode 19 “Common Enemies”

Blue Bloods Recap 04/12/19: Season 9 Episode 19 "Common Enemies"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, April 12, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 19 “Common Enemies” as per the CBS synopsis, “After someone breaks into Luis Delgado’s home and kills his wife, Luis and Danny team up to take down the vicious murderer who may also be responsible for Linda’s death; Frank finally meets Eddie’s mother; Jamie and Erin are at odds.”

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Blue Bloods begins with NYPD rushing into a bar to break up a fight when Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) finds a man on the ground, calling out for an ambulance. A man grabs Brianna Cabello (Laura Dooling) saying they need to get out of there but Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) stops them as Jamie says no one leaves without getting ID’d first. Meanwhile, alarms sound at Luis Delgado’s (Lou Diamond Philips) house as someone breaks in; his wife hides the children while she calls 911.

As Jamie is removing Mark Stanzo (Ryan Cooper) from the bar, he calmly tells Jamie that he saw what happened to the last guy that got into it with him; admitting he stabbed him but he deserved it. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) receives a call from Isabel Delgado, believing someone is there to kill her and she has called 911. Danny asks where the boys are, but she starts screaming as the intruder takes her down and snaps her neck.

Danny and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) arrive at the scene, learning Isabel’s body is in the living room, but no one has any idea about the boys. Danny says he is going to look around as Baez tells them to get CSU and the ME’s office to the scene right away. Danny finds Carlos (Jeter Rivera) and Mateo Delgado (Victor Ruben Rivera) hiding in the basement, promising them it is safe; they call out for their mom but Luis arrives outside. They ask their father where their mom is so Maria takes the two boys and Danny tries to stop Luis from going inside but he finds her body and breaks down. He keeps apologizing to Isabel as Danny looks on.

In Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) office, Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) review his schedule as Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) walks in, bringing in last minute details but when Frank asks if his detail is ready, everyone remains mum. Sid informs him that there is some division between the members of the community and Precinct 16; with one woman in particular tossing Frank’s name around. He wants them to take care of it until Sid reveals the woman is Lena Janko (Christine Ebersole), Eddie’s mother. Frank admits he has never met her as Sid pushes for him to appease her; Garrett agreeing with him.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) meets Jamie at the precinct, talking to him about having Mark Stanzo in custody for attempted murder. Jamie tells him that it is not attempted now because the victim died in the OR. Jamie knows he confessed, but doesn’t have a sworn statement and can’t find the murder weapon. Ashley Durke (Lauren Hodges) arrives, learning Mark is being charged with second degree murder as her client confessed to a police officer. She flat out calls Jamie a liar and he tells her she can see her client at the arraignment. Ashley learns that they don’t have a murder weapon and wants a blood alcohol test done while she works on having his statement dismissed.

Frank stands in his office as Lena is escorted in by Abigail. She immediately praises Frank for Jamie’s good manners and looks. She kisses both his cheeks, excited to be in the Police Commissioner’s office. She finds it ironic that Eddie is marrying into a cop family but Frank says she is a terrific cop. She corrects him on Eddie’s real name; immediately feeling she will never have to pay a parking ticket again. He doesn’t think she understands how they try not to use the job nor the family name to influence outcomes. She is disappointed but he asks if there is anything she needs advice on, he is her guy. Lena doesn’t want Eddie to know she was there as she is sensitive and doesn’t want to upset her; Frank agrees but there is a very concerned look on his face when she leaves.

DEA Agent John Wise (Dale Pavinski) confronts Danny about Luis Delgado running up to his murder scene after being on the lam for the past 6 months. Danny has no idea who Wise is but Baez knows him as her brother’s handler when he was a CI. They bicker about who has custody and jurisdiction of Luis as Danny says they got the collar and Baez reminding Wise that they were the ones who lost him in the first place. John Wise tells Danny that Luis Delgado may be able to help them rope in a bigger fish, Jose Roja. Danny learns that they may have targeted Delgado’s wife for the same reason they targeted and killed Danny’s wife, Linda. Danny is warned that he needs to be extra careful with this case because the people he is going after are incredibly dangerous; he reminds her it is an occupational hazard.

Baez and Wise come out telling Danny that Luis will only talk to him. Danny reveals that Isabel was scared but knew it was coming; Luis calls her collateral damage just like Linda was. He says they both have something in common – Jose Roja who is responsible for the death of both their wives. He’s willing to be the first to talk about Roja but is only willing to work with Danny because they really aren’t that different.

Erin asks Anthony Abetemarco (Steven R. Schirripa) if he can track down a security video but they are interrupted when Jaime walks in, demanding to know why Mark Stanzo was released. Erin reveals the confession was thrown out as he was legally drunk and couldn’t have knowingly waived his miranda rights. Jamie is frustrated with Erin for allowing the blood alcohol level into evidence but she reminds him that her job as a Prosecutor is to find out the truth. Jamie is taking it personally because the guy told him right to his face that he killed Steven Campbell. He says if they can’t put a guy away who admits he killed someone, their system isn’t working at all. He wants to know why Erin isn’t taking this personally?

Luis makes a call, agreeing to meet at the club about a DEA takedown. Baez doesn’t want to take a chance on Luis and John Wise is leery of him, threatening him but Danny chooses to believe him and escorts him out of the room.

During family dinner, Jamie is asked to say grace from Henry “Pops” Reagan (Len Cariou); but Jamie reveals he isn’t feeling very grateful as he had to explain to a young woman that her fiancee was murdered but the guy who confessed to it is walking around. Danny learns that it is because of Erin that the guy was let go; Danny questions when a confession ever mattered to Erin. Frank tells him to stop, but he wants to know how many times he has watched Erin let a perp walk and Jamie “Harvard” had taken her side every time. Erin shouts that this isn’t about taking Jamie’s word, this is about facts. Pops reminds them that the dinner table is meant to be demilitarized zone.

Jamie assumes his family would have his back but Eddie says sometimes they don’t, referring to her own family. Nicky (Sami Gayle) and Sean (Andrew Terraciano) both get in on the argument talking about family embarrassing them. Pops asks them to have the argument after they say grace and proceeds to pray with the family members; but the dirty looks don’t stop.

Sid and Garrett go to a condo where they learn the only tenant who has issues is Lena Janko; the doorman explains that when people found out she was married to a conman someone spray painted “Poor Bitch” her door. Ana Goodman is on the board and asks what Lena has done this time, including using her maiden name to get into the building. When Sid says they are not there to investigate Lena, Ana tells them she lost $250,000 because of Lena’s financial fraud and as far as she is concerned Lena Janko should be in a cell next to her husband.

Anthony finds Jamie at the precinct, reprimanding him for his treatment of Erin. Jamie is angry, telling him not to come into his precinct and school him on how to deal with his sister; Anthony tells Jamie to get his head out of his ass. He wants copies of Jamie’s memo book pages asking if there is anyone they should focus on and Jamie tells him Brianna Cabello. Jamie agrees to help Anthony find another way to get Stanzo.

Lena is back in Frank’s office, where she admits to feel special for seeing him twice in one week. Frank questions her about the assault in the building on a woman who also had graffiti sprayed on her door. She hoped the problem would go away on its own but Frank feels that maybe she didn’t want friends and family to know. She hopes he understands the need for privacy but he reveals he knows she has moved 4 times in the past 5 years.

She reveals that her husband made life hell for a lot of people and they wouldn’t mind seeing her suffer for it. She doesn’t think Frank will understand why she hasn’t told Eddie. She admits they were both blindsided by what her husband did but when it went public she couldn’t protect Eddie and doesn’t want to shame Eddie any more. Frank says fighting back isn’t shaming anyone; she feels he can say that because he is a Reagan. She says it isn’t easy competing with his family as he feels her mistake is thinking she has to. He orders her to file a complaint against the person who did this, but she worries the whole building would turn against her; he says in his experience the whole building will gain respect for her. He insists she has the entire NYPD behind her.

Anthony and Jamie find Brianna, who says she has nothing more to see. Jamie wants her to sign a piece of paper saying she didn’t see anything as Anthony lies, saying there was a camera in the bar. Brianna tells them Mark would never intentionally kill anyone and he gave the knife to the bartender, Mike before the police arrived. Brianna realizes there is no video, trembling that she has been duped.

Danny reminds Luis that Roja may know he is cooperating with the police, but Luis doesn’t feel it would matter. They talk about the drink Ponche as it was his wife’s favorite drink that she discovered on their honeymoon; he never figured out if she loved it for the taste or for the memories. Luis tells Danny to put a good face to the bad times as Danny wishes him good luck.

In the surveillance van, John tries to convince Baez that her brother came willing to work for the DEA. She sarcastically tells him that everyone loves a hero. Luis enters the club where he is patted down and sits across from Jose Roja (Danny Trejo), who offers his condolences on Isabel’s death. They talk about the DEA raid but Jose immediately calls Luis out on working for the police, asking why there is a cop sitting outside his club. He dumps his phone in a drink as Jose says the unmarked car won’t be unmarked for long. Shots are fired outside as Danny orders Luis to wait for backup and chases Jose through the club into the basement kitchen.

A gunfight ensues, with it getting physical between Danny and Jose’s bodyguard. Jose Roja continues to run but Luis catches him and they begin a bitter fight. Luis makes sure he fires all the bullets into the ceiling as Danny approaches. He orders Jose to let Luis go or he will blow his head off. Danny says he is under arrest but Luis begs for him to shoot the man who ordered his wife to be killed. Baez arrives with other NYPD and they arrest Jose Roja. A bloody faced Danny and Luis Delgado stare each other down.

Anthony brings Erin into his office where they reveal that they found the murder weapon. Anthony says both of them need to change the playbook, meaning she always digs in her heels, insisting she is right and doesn’t want to see the other side. He knows Jaime came in guns blazing but he has no respect for the DA’s office nor Erin’s position in it; the bottom line is neither side is listening to the other. He pours and drinks a couple shots, ordering them to talk it out and realize both of them were wrong. Erin offers to buy Jamie a real drink.

Danny comes to see Luis who is in lockup, learning Luis warned him because he didn’t want Roja to win. Danny didn’t shot him because Rja’s didn’t win; because if he did shoot him it would have been murder. Luis reminds him that Roja murdered both their wives and he would have killed him. Danny has a lot of faith in the system as Luis says his boys will be men when he gets out, hoping they turn out like Danny but hopes they look like him because he is better looking. Both men laugh as Danny says he will check on his kids every now and then to make sure they stay on the straight and narrow; Luis says he will be grateful for that. Before Danny leaves, Luis apologizes about Linda as Danny is sorry about Isabel.

Frank sits with Jamie, saying he has been butting heads with Erin as this is her new job and this will happen. Jamie assures him that they talked things out. Eddie arrives with her mother, Lena, apologizing for being late but Lena reveals there was an incident at her building as the President of the Board was arrested. Eddie introduces Lena to Frank and he pretends this is the first time they are meeting in front of an anxious Eddie. She smiles at Jamie as Frank asks Eddie if it is all good, she nods and says yes.

Danny goes to see Maggie Gibson (Callie Thorne), revealing that he captured Linda’s killer. She likes to tell people that when they lose someone extremely close to them they won’t ever get over it, but they will get through it by focusing on what they do have rather than what they don’t have. She notices he wears his wedding ring, reminding him that Linda knows he kept that promise while she was alive but he needs to let her go. She hands him a black velvet bag in which he places his wedding band, as she tells him it is okay. She closes the bag and hands it to him as tears stream down his face.


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