Blue Bloods Recap 04/26/19: Season 9 Episode 20 “Strange Bedfellows”

Blue Bloods Recap 04/26/19: Season 9 Episode 20 "Strange Bedfellows"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, April 26, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 20 “Strange Bedfellows” as per the CBS synopsis, “Erin must convince Frank to back a new state police bill as part of a bargain she made with Governor Mendez. Also, Danny and Baez pursue the same perp twice after the DA’s office is unconvinced by their initial lineup, and Frank faces a challenge when a cop killer comes up for parole.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) sitting in his office with Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara); both informing Frank that this isn’t their decision and the parole board meeting is set for Monday. Frank is furious that he killed a cop, but it was in 1978. Frank feels that the parole board could do the right thing and honor their fallen officer and deny his parole. Garrett reminds him that the parole board has shifted and are granting more violent offenders parole.

He is concerned that the fallen officer has a son in the NYPD – Detective Scott Fuller (Mark McKinnon). Sid knows him pretty well as Frank asks him to bring him in because he should hear it from Frank. Sid suggests he hear it from him as they have history but Frank feels it doesn’t matter who the messenger when it comes to this kind of news.

Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) walks with her partner, Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten). Rachel tells her about a police mentoring program surprised she finds the time to do this suggesting she should try it. Eddie declines but their chat are interrupted when a man shouts for help. He is holding his baby girl who is not breathing. Eddie turns the baby over after finding out she just ate some grapes; Eddie is able to dislodge the grape, then gives her chest compressions to get her breathing again. Rachel and Eddie can’t find the baby’s father, leaving them with the baby.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) has lunch with Governor Martin Mendez (David Zayas) to discuss the new state police bill that she promised to make happen. Mendez wants to know what her old man would think, but she tells him it blurs the lines of authority between state police and NYPD. He reminds her it is a dangerous world and adding his guys would only make the city safer. He reminds her that he got her the new sex trafficking law for her and in return, she promised him the PC’s support for his bill. He insists that it was her promise, so it is her problem.

Maria Baez (Marissa Ramirez) and Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) are on the hunt for a wanted suspect but don’t have very much to go on. She feels they are spinning their wheels as this is the fifth tip they got. They spot a man walking on the sidewalk, but when they try to confront him, he takes off; Danny chases him on foot while Baez follows in the squad car. Damon Rivers (Christina A. Guerrero) is apprehended and taken to the precinct.

Eddie and Rachel bring the baby to the hospital where an ER Doctor (Pun Bandhu) who give them an update on the baby, saying she is waiting for a pediatric urologist to look at her, but he believes she will be just fine. Rachel sings Eddie’s praise as they reveal there has been no sign of the parents and they will contact child services. Eddie declines to see the baby, but Rachel insists they go. A Pediatric Nurse (Erinn Anova) is holding her but she won’t stop crying so Eddie gives it a try, quickly soothing her; reassuring her everything will be okay.

Danny brings Mr. Martinez to the precinct, telling him it wasn’t his fault what happened. Danny is about to show him the line up when Baez informs him they are sending a Detective from the 2-7; Danny knows who he is, feeling he is a hard ass with a big mouth and their victim has been through enough. He tells her that he has this as she protests. He brings in Mr. Martinez, assuring him that none of them can see him. He immediately says it is #3, from the other night at the ATM.

Scott arrives at the bar, fondly greeting Sid wondering why he got a call from 1PP. Sid gives him the unfortunate news that it looks like Terrence Dean (Thomas Kopache) is going to get parole next week. Scott learns the Commissioner is not happy about this and wanted him to know that. Scott doesn’t know how it is possible because Dean handed his family a life sentence when he killed his father. Sid reminds him the parole board calls the shots. Sid advises him not to go there when he says this is not about the NYPD, this is personal. Sid tells him he doesn’t want to throw his life and family away to settle an old score. Scott says his mother just turned 76, spending the past 40 years alone and if Dean walks out of prison, it is only right he is greeted by a welcoming committee. He thanks Sid for the heads up and to not worry as he is only talking. Scott says, “Let justice prevail!”

Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa) brings in Baez and Danny to let them know that the ADA is assigned to the Damon Rivers case and the guy is a world class scumbag but tells them they don’t want to blow the case on a tainted lineup. He reminds them that the lineup is supposed to be done with a detective who is unfamiliar with the case. Danny says they tried to get an outside detective but no one was available. Anthony says he knows that Detective Kelso was coming and now the ADA is worried about proceeding, based on this ID. Rivers and his attorney feel Danny put him in position three because it is the one chosen more often than any other. Danny confirms they don’t have anyone else who can ID him and they stand by the ID calling it good.

Erin meets with Frank, saying the Governor’s office sent it over to test the waters. Frank says this is the first time he is seeing this, reminding her that Mendez pays as much attention to who he leaves out and who he invites. Erin is on Mendez’ side but Frank tells her that he is not an expert of counter-terrorism. She knows he is concerned about adding the State police to the emergency protocol as he feels this is a recipe for disaster when both police are under different command centers. Erin asks if there is any chance two heads are better than one as Frank wants to know when she is siding/lobbying with the governor?

Erin confesses that a few months ago she convinced him to pass the sex trafficking law; Frank wants to know if it was convincing or traded. He is surprised she made a deal with the Governor as she attempts to explain, saying she didn’t have a choice. He figures out that she suggested she could lean on him to pass this bill and knows that Mendez believes Erin made a promise; making Frank wonder why she didn’t just come to him? Erin says she knew he would say no because of Mendez and she knows that border security with Albany is important to him. She had hoped he would listen, which he did; but the answer is “no.”

Erin greets Mendez after his meeting with the Mayor. He jokes about her being able to track him down coming from a family of cops. Erin informs him that it is a “hard no” on the crime bill. He says she is just going to have to try harder to convince him; as she gave him her word. She feels she should have never promised her father’s endorsement and if PC doesn’t back his bill he is going to make sure the entire legal community knows her word isn’t worth the lipstick on her lips. Mendez tells her this isn’t horseshoes and close doesn’t cut it but there is one way out of this – Frank is a powerful guy, but he still has a boss. He says she clearly knows her father and that is how they got there!

Garret stops Sid, who reveals how it went with Detective Fuller, who is beyond pissed off, suggesting he will go after Dean if he gets out of prison. He told Frank about it but Sid understands the anger; Frank wants to pay Dean a visit and warn him about what is waiting on the outside; Garrett worries that it will interfere with the parole process. Sid is the one going to see him, but Garrett knows he is going there to intimidate him to withdraw his chance at parole. Sid says what Dean did was wrong, reminding Garrett that he never wore the uniform, but he works in this house and will want to be on the right side.

Eddie returns to the hospital, learning the baby was medically cleared for discharge and yet child services is nowhere to be found. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) finds her, asking what is up. Eddie is worried that the kid has no one watching out for her, it wasn’t her assignment but it is on her conscience. Jamie informs her that they picked up the father who had an outstanding warrant, panicking when they showed up and it looks like the DA is going to charge him. Her mother is on her third round of court-ordered rehab. Eddie looks in on the baby, Jamie telling her to let this one go; but she refuses to leave until CPS shows up, saying she’s got her back.

Erin sits with Henry “Pops” Reagan (Len Cariou) at a diner, where he tells her that Frank and the Governor are old pros and this will just take time. She is feeling sorry for herself as the most powerful man in NYC is threatening to ruin her career. Pops reminds her that she chose to play ball and politics is a contact sport. She did something good, but sometimes she has to pay the price; the question is whether it was worth it. She feels it was, so he tells her to stop bitching but she worries that the cost is going to be her reputation. Pops encourages her to stake her reputation on saving victims from sex trafficking.

Danny invites Baez to come for dinner since Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano) is making it, but she has been warned. They are stopped from leaving when Mr. Martinez comes in, bringing them dinner his wife made, being very grateful for them arresting Damon Rivers. Baez gets a call from Anthony, causing Danny to learn that the Judge threw out the case since the ID was duly suggestive. Danny feels Anthony sold them out; they exchange heated words as Danny calls him a “square badge” and not a real cop. They argue as Danny feels Anthony is the one who put Rivers back on the street and it is only a matter of time before he kills again and that will be on him!

Family dinner takes place, discussing the parole board. Pops feels Terrence Dean belongs in prison, that is all they are asking the board to ensure. Erin calls it jury tampering, but Pops doesn’t care because Terrence killed a cop and should automatically have life in prison. Danny agrees while Jamie informs them of the article, saying Fuller never had a chance when he was ambushed. Danny thinks everyone should automatically get life in prison for killing a cop.

Nicky Reagan (Sami Gayle) reminds them that isn’t the law in NYC, questioning if they all believe that someone who commits a crime when they are young can’t be reformed. Everyone is in agreement but Sean wants to know why the law should be any different if the victim is a cop? Frank says it is a fair question a cop’s name isn’t worth anyone else’s on paper but it is not about the individual but the uniform. Erin explains how the police symbolize the laws and attacking a cop is an attack on everyone. Frank’s opinion is if you kill a police officer, you forfeit the right to live in a civilized society, EVER! Nicky doesn’t agree but Frank feels that is the way it ought to be.

Sid visits Dean in prison, who says he can help Sid by dropping dead. He informs Dean he is there for his upcoming parole hearing, he knows there is nothing he can do to ease the pain he has caused the Fuller family as Sid suggests he could withdraw his parole application and spend the rest of his life in prison as he deserves. Dean reveals he has lung cancer and his son has a 7-year-old daughter he has never met and wants to spend the time he has left with them. Sid says if he walks out of here after executing a cop, his life is in danger; it isn’t a threat but a fact. Dean understands, saying if they sign off he is leaving this place and die a free man.

Eddie looks over the outcomes of Child Services and the outcome for a child like Annie, and they are pretty lousy. She worries that wherever she ends up it is pretty much a crap shoot. Jamie wants her to know that his answer is “yes”; and if she is looking into adopting this baby, he is okay with it. Eddie informs him that he misread the situation as Eddie admits she isn’t sure about having kids at all; which surprised Jamie. She says her family isn’t the reason, it is more like his family; two casualties in one generation because of the job. She doesn’t think it is a curse but as cops, they carry a risk of not coming home one day. She isn’t saying, but she isn’t much of a gambler but when she considers the odds of bringing home a beautiful baby like Annie, she could see her being abandoned there. Jamie says he sees the Rabbit Hole too but he isn’t going in.

Baez and Danny are frustrated that the case fell apart but Danny wants to confront Damon Rivers telling him the next time he decides to take someone down he will have to answer to Danny. Baez warns him that could be considered harassment but Danny doesn’t care. Baez spots him walking and Danny exits the car, following him into a dark alley; Baez is right behind him. Rivers enters a building but before they can go in, Anthony flashes his lights telling them he has been tailing Rivers all day.

He believes Rivers is casing his next ATM and when he does it, Anthony will be there to arrest him. Anthony and Danny begin to bicker about whose case this is but before they can fight anymore, Baez tells them to put it back in their pants as this is about nailing Rivers. She makes a compromise, saying Anthony is going to need backup and since Anthony made Rivers’ next target he is going to be in charge of this.

Danny pretends to take money from the ATM, learning they have eyes on Rivers as Danny is heading right for him. Rivers jumps Danny from behind and begins punching him, but Danny asks him if he remembers him and punches him back. Anthony runs up and throws him to the ground, arresting him. Danny is covered in the garbage as Anthony asks if he is okay and smells like yesterday’s fish. Danny blames Anthony for picking this place so Danny would end up like this, but Anthony reminds him that he is a dumb square badge who could never be that clever. Danny feels he deserved it as Anthony reminds him that he screwed up the line-up but he respects that he stuck by the case.

Garrett tells Sid that if there is any possible fall out from his visit with Terrence Dean he needs to put it in the memo. Sid apologizes for what he said earlier, but Garrett is used to it as Sid is always the first person to remind him he isn’t a cop when he voices his opinion on police matters. They begin to bicker about how they dismiss each other on the other’s job. Garrett asks if he ever makes him feel like he doesn’t belong in the room, Sid says he doesn’t. Garrett tells him there is a reason he is in the PC’s office as Frank wants an outside opinion, someone who isn’t afraid to speak up even if it crosses the sacred blue line. He knows that Sid seeing Dean was wrong, but when he told Frank, he agreed with Sid but at least Frank listened which is all Garrett is asking for.

Mendez comes to Erin’s office, closing the door he learns that Erin has decided not to go to the Mayor. She doesn’t want to go behind her father’s back nor play politics. She is quick to tell him that she never intended to play him and she got in over her head. Mendez says this is just between her, him and her father. Mendez reveals he met with Frank this morning, went over some key points but Frank will be standing next to him when he rolls out his new crime bill next week. He tells Erin she is a better salesman than she thought. He shakes her hand saying until next time, but she assures him there will never be the next time. He tells her to never say never!

Jamie finds Eddie at a rescue shelter, saying he was tracking down Annie’s grandmother, her next legal guardian. She is on her way to pick up the little girl; Eddie thanks him. Jamie wants to know if they are the couple who gets a dog as a dry run to see if they can be parents. Eddie never understood that mentality, saying if you become parents there is no going back. She lets him in on a little secret, saying she comes there once a month for some unconditional love. They are not taking the dog home as she isn’t ready for a full-time dog; Jamie wants to think on it only if she is on board. She agrees they need to be sure the other is 100% on board and there will be no limit to the life they can build.

Erin barges into Frank’s office before Detective Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) can inform him of his guest. Erin is mad that he left her out to dry. Frank giggles, saying she isn’t listening but only reloading. He doesn’t owe her an explanation but Mendez pulled back on granting powers to the State Police because he needs Frank’s support. He tells Erin he didn’t give her support because he is not going to use the NYPD to bail his children out of trouble. He won’t reveal anything about how the bill will advance the NYPD. He ends up telling her that Dean will no longer be meeting with the parole board on Monday. She reminds him that the parole board is supposed to be independent, but he is adamant that cop killers are supposed to die in jail! They argue over the judgment. She is happy to be done with Mendez, not owing him any favors; Frank says she owes him one before she leaves his office.