Blue Bloods Winter Premiere Recap 01/04/19: Season 9 Episode 11 “Disrupted”

Blue Bloods Winter Premiere Recap 01/04/19: Season 9 Episode 11 "Disrupted"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, January 4, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 11 Winter Premiere “Disrupted” as per the CBS synopsis, “Frank questions whether a run-in with community activists was an accident or a setup.

Also, Jamie strives to rely less on Frank’s input to makes decisions, Erin helps Anthony protect his daughter and ex-wife from a dangerous psychiatric patient, and Danny and his neighbor size each other up when they learn their kids are dating.”

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Blue Bloods begins with Frank (Tom Selleck) having lunch with Abigail (Abigail Hawk). He reveals that he is presenting her husband, Brian with a purple shield and wonders if she wants to tell him or let it come up through channels. They are interrupted by protesters who want justice for profiling; Frank is ordered to leave, as one protester Corey Vallejo (Juan Feliz) tells another that they remain hands off, even if NYPD doesn’t.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) returns home to hearing Ron Stewart banging on the neighbor’s door, screaming that his daughter skipped school with Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano); Danny informs him that Sean is his son and he has the wrong house. Both dads walk in, ordering them to turn the music off. Danny knew about the day off but no idea Jennifer was coming over as Danny orders Sean to zip it.

Anthony (Steve Schirripa) goes to see Alice Doman, MD Psychiatrist and gets physically assaulted by a man who says no one will stop him and runs out of the building with a file as he shouts he will kill all of them. Anthony finds two women badly wounded and calls in for help.

Jamie (Will Estes) is with a rookie, who spots a cab in trouble. This woman is beating the driver, shouting that she hates his music. As they remove her from the vehicle, the driver has a gun but Jamie is able to disarm him.

Inside Frank’s office, an officer is confronted about allegedly running over a young male’s foot; but he swears if he thought he hit someone, he would have stopped and rendered aid. Frank dismisses him and demands to know from Sid (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett (Gregory Jbara) how someone knew where he was eating. He asks Abigail to make sure the restaurant received his tip and if someone there tipped the protesters off, especially this Corey Vallejo. He chastises Garrett about not having his back at all times; he tells them to investigate what happened, just like the NYPD is supposed to do.

Both the cab driver and his passenger are brought into the precinct, as Jamie doesn’t believe the driver at all about having a permit for the firearm.

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) finds a frazzled Anthony, who reveals the Dr is in surgery but her assistant is in the morgue. Anthony reveals he was there because the other day he learned his ex-wife, Vivian (Kate Miller) is seeing the shrink, as she is done with Anthony and plans to move away with their daughter, Sofia. He went there to talk to the doctor, but Erin reminds him no doctor will break the confidentiality; he says he will do whatever it takes to stop someone from taking his daughter.

Jamie and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) release the driver, who reveals times are getting tough out there and Taxi companies are ending up in the grave because of all these white dime companies. He admits he had a few too many last night, and forgot his wallet this morning. Jamie lets him off, as long as he is going to get his license up to date immediately. He spots Frank’s photo and says Frank was his Sgt back in 85; Jamie suggests he call him. Eddie is worried about Jamie not revealing TLC about the driver illegally carrying, but he doesn’t want to cause him any more issues.

Danny orders pizza and talks to Sean, saying his dad ruined his life as Jennifer unfollowed him on everything. Danny isn’t impressed that Jennifer’s dad feels Sean is the bad influence because of his dad and that is why he can’t see her. He wants his dad just to stay out of it.

At the hospital, Anthony reveals to Alice that Madeline is dead, and she was the one afraid of Graham Baxter from the day he arrived. Anthony gets angry until Alice tells him that Graham has schizophrenia and he took files because he fixated on other patients. Anthony worries about who else Graham is going after, but Erin stops him from questioning saying NYPD is on the list. Anthony is scared that his wife is at risk, so is his daughter; but when Anthony demands clearance ranks from the officers, Erin orders him to leave!

Anthony returns to the psychiatrist’s office, as Detective Fleming only wants his statement and tells him to have trust in his work, like his boss, Erin. Anthony finds out Vivian’s file was also taken and he desperately tries to call her.

Frank learns it was one of the grill guys who called the protesters when they were there; he was immediately terminated. The owner didn’t step in because he said it happened too fast; Frank tells him that he needs a liquor license to serve alcohol and suggests he be a pro customer before dismissing him. Corey arrives and sits with Frank as he says that he has read up on her.

Frank wants to know how it feels to be the next big face. He says before he was PC, he was a detective and interviewed many witnesses. He wants to know if she saw Malik go under his wheel, but she admits she didn’t. Frank wants things to change and they should speak directly to each other, to prevent people from getting hurt. He thought he saw a sense of civility that day, advising her to be sure she is right about this because if she didn’t the NYPD will come after her like junkyard dogs. She scoffs.

Danny stops Ron admitting they may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but Ron disagrees. Ron says the kids don’t run the family where he comes from. He tells Danny to have a good day and leaves with his daughter.

Eddie wonders if Jamie talked to his dad about the cab driver, Art Buckner (Kevin Chapman). He feels offended about the pattern Eddie is implying, she calls him a rookie Sgt, but he says he is a veteran cop. She says as Reagans they share everything but promises to check on Art later to see how he is doing; walking away from Eddie.

Erin confronts Anthony for interfering with a police investigation. Erin wants Anthony to let Fleming protect his family, but she wants him to rely on NYPD. He throws it in her face that she has all her family that is NYPD to back her up and he went to Vivian’s place before police could arrive and moved them to his place. He tells Erin he knows that he can’t lead this investigation ordering her to mind her own business.

Danny finds Ron, who looks like he has been badly beaten after complaining about the noise from a party up the street. He tells Danny that where he comes from you don’t call the cops, you just go to one if you know them; Danny reminds him that Ron doesn’t even like him but Ron says his daughter is so afraid she doesn’t want to live there anymore. Ron pleads for Danny’s help.

Jamie walks in and catches Henry “Pops” (Len Cariou) sneaking some leftovers from family dinner. Jamie wants to know how Pops felt when his dad, Frank stopped asking him for help. Pops remember the actual date, explaining how Frank had done something on his own without mentioning it to him; admitting it stung a little bit. Jamie explains that he handled a situation but Eddie was right and he was only being defensive. Pops reminds him that the further he climbs the ladder the more you second guess yourself, and marriage is even guessing yourself more. He tells Jamie to leave so he can finish eating the pie.

Anthony tells Erin that Baxter attacked again, but he didn’t go to the scene because he learned Vivian used him as an emergency contact and now has his address too; so unless Erin has something for him, he needs to make some calls.

Sid takes photos of Malik and the guys playing basketball; he reveals he works for the NYPD flop squad and confronts him about being hit by the car. Sid demands to know who put him up to it and doesn’t believe his story. Sid says he doesn’t need a lawyer but he will need some acting skills if he wants to proceed.

Anthony carries his daughter Sofia to bed instead of watching the rest of the game; they are all staying at Erin’s house. Erin reveals that despite of the circumstances, it looks like Anthony is thoroughly enjoying spending time with the two of them. Vivian learns that Anthony is worried about them moving out of state; she says she is a Jersey girl and never leaving. She was seeing the Dr because of Sofia and her attitude; Anthony doesn’t want to hear how his princess can be so outrageous. Erin reminds her that she should be grateful because she’d love to have a man like Anthony standing between her and a madman.

Eddie and Officer Thomas (Yasha Jackson) walk down the street until they hear gunfire and order everyone to stay back; Eddie is shocked to see it is Art who is shooting. She tells him to put the gun down as Thomas kicks the gun away; its clear that Art killed someone as Eddie asks, “What the hell did you do, Art?” Eddie tells Jamie they are going to do this the right way after she processes Art; Jamie is shocked.

Erin talks to Vivian and Sofia, who welcome Anthony home. He reveals Fleming caught Baxter, and on the way home Anthony wants to take them out for dinner. He promises to keep his elbows off the table as they have a chat about how open and honest they are going to be; especially him.

Eddie explains to Jamie what happened with Art and he puts his head in his hands, feeling he should have known how close to the end Art was and it’s different if the PC checks on you because it means something. Eddie tries to comfort Jamie saying it was way past him just being “checked in” on. Eddie says she made a call, and maybe this time it was right but who knows about next time. Jamie feels no matter what, this one is on him; he isn’t ready for advice as he is too busy beating himself up over it.

Danny arrests the guys who attacked Ron. Danny tells him now that he has gotten into a fight, he is officially a New Yorker, but the next time he gets into an altercation like this; he tells him to call 911 and not him. Ron explains that Jennifer told him how respectful Sean has been to her and made friends with her when no one else could. Ron has a couple of NY Ranger tickets and wonders if Sean can get Jennifer into the city and back before curfew? Danny vouches for his son and says, “Y’all have a good day now!”

Back in the PC office, Sid reveals to Garrett and Frank about Malik, and the whole thing was bogus. Sid wants them all arrested but Frank tells them Corey is on her way up and they need to be certain she is behind this scam. They contradict each other when Abigail walks in; Frank says he has this one as Corey walks into the office. She reveals there seems to be a misunderstanding and he feels it is a scam. She admits some of her people got overly ambitious and thought they were doing the cause a favor.

She came up there in good faith, but he says she came up to get ahead of it. He tells her to do her homework and should know that he engages with his opposition and when the accusations have some truth to them he does listen. He tells her to quit while she is ahead as he is charging Malik but giving her a mulligan in hopes going forward she will use her smarts and talents to engage on issues honestly and leave the ambush tactics to thugs. He tells her this is police headquarters and if she attacks it, she better have facts and truth on her side and if she pulls an act like this again, she won’t know what hit her! She says she hears him, but he tells her it would be better if she believed him.

Family dinner, they discuss Nicky’s graduation. Jamie thinks she should take a break after 18 years of schooling. Frank suggests she takes holidays in internments but also makes Nicky promise that she will take the knowledge with her but leave the tactics behind. They discuss the ambush and how the promise for campus life pushes the boundaries of life and if they put that in the real work like Corey did, the disruption drowns out any valid point on either side. He dismisses the class and asks for the meat.


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