Chicago Fire Fall Finale Recap 11/20/19: Season 8 Episode 9 “Bestfriend Magic”

Chicago Fire Fall Finale Recap 11/20/19: Season 8 Episode 9 "Bestfriend Magic"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 20, 2019, season 8 episode 9 called, “Bestfriend Magic,” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire season 8 episode 9 as per the NBC synopsis, “An unexpected visit throws Casey for a loop. Severide sets out to exonerate a wrongly convicted arsonist. Kidd pays the price for burning the candle at both ends. Cruz goes on a mission to fix one of Otis’s old toys.

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 8 episode 8 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) catching Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) coming out of the shower drinking a coffee; she jokes about tapping an IV of coffee straight to her veins. Stella feels she is turning things around as she just caught her second wind and is ready for the shift. Meanwhile, Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) asks the Truck crew to help him line all the ambulance supplies to the other wall as Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) tells Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) to check the hydraulics on the truck and if they need to add something to the aerial. He stops mid instruction as he spots someone staring at Otis’ memorial; realizing it is Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund).

She arrived in town about an hour ago and this was her first stop, she wanted to see him. A call is ordered and he asks her to rest at the firehouse as everyone will want to see her. Stella is driving the truck as everyone waves at Dawson; Matt admits he had no idea that Gabby was coming. At the scene, they spot a man who is hanging several stories up on a glass office building. Matt tells them to grab their equipment and go to the 30th floor as this man is stunt climbing. He instructs Stella, Mouch and Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) on how to cut the window out. Everyone in the office is watching from behind as they are able to cut the window out. Stella pauses again on the job, looking out. She attempts to grab the climber but Gallo grabs him from the other window, both tackling him down for Chicago PD to arrest him.

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) is greeted by his Captain who isn’t pleased that he opened an old file when they still are behind by two months in arsons. Captain is intrigued as Severide explains they apparently got the culprit, Dustin Cauldwell in 2017. Lt Wendy Seager (Andy Allo) joins the conversation, all realizing there is either another arsonist or the wrong guy is in prison. They are told to go talk to him.

Gabby is entertaining everyone, as Stella hugs her. She is in town until Friday as she introduces herself to Gallo; Stella offers her some alone time with Matt. She says she will try to make her trip longer next time as there is a fundraiser ball in Chicago and she was ordered to go. She confesses that she has a lot of feelings wrapped up at Firehouse 51, sharing that Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) is working with the crisis team in the Bahamas so it is good for him. She invites him to the ball with her, as it would be great to have time with him, but he wants to think about it as he has a lot of feelings wrapped up there too. She gives him the information, just in case she would really like to see him.

Gallo, Ritter (Daniel Kyri) work with the others as they put things inboxes. Ritter finds Otis’ drone, something that stopped working so Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) makes it his mission to make it fly again. In the meantime, Kelly and Wendy go to see Dustin, questioning him about the trial. He tells him that his lawyer told him to let him handle things and he didn’t do a thing. He was never allowed to be in the demolition shed as he was only a day worker. Kelly asks him about old school photography, as they want to know where he got the flammable chemical that is only used as a photography store. He swears he doesn’t know what they are talking about as he never owned a camera. Kelly promises he is going to check this out. Dustin begs him to listen to him as they don’t know what it is like for him there; the CO drags him out of the room.

Sylvie thinks Gabby sounds great and the work she is doing is amazing as well as Antonio being in a good place. He reveals that she asked him to go to the charity ball but he doesn’t think it is a good idea. He feels he doesn’t know but she suggests he should really go because she is in town for only a couple days and he will regret it if he doesn’t see her. Severide calls Matt, interrupting their chat so Casey goes to see them.

Matt looks at the blueprints of two strip malls that burnt to the ground. He explains the codes on the prints, learning both renovations used the same company. When it becomes suspicious he reviews the original blueprints; all realizing it could be the renovation company that did it for an insurance scam. Casey is happy he could help as Kelly reveals that Gabby has been asking about him. Matt says if Stella sees the way Wendy is looking at him, Wendy is going to get her ass kicked.

Back at the firehouse, Joe is determined to fix the drone. Gallo suggests him to just get another one but he doesn’t want to. Ritter suggests contacting the manufacturer which is an idea Joe likes; once again, the ambulance is called out. A woman is freaking out in the backseat of a cab when they get to her, there is a pencil deeply embedded in her eye.

She gives Sylvie her name as Kathleen and she was putting on eyeliner. She begs them to remove it, but Sylvie says they can give her something for the pain but a surgeon will have to remove it. The cab driver is mad that they take his coffee cup to cover her eye so the pencil doesn’t shift when they transport her.

Joe is frustrated at the website but Ritter and Gallo help him. He glares at them until they give him back the laptop; he asks for them to understand that he broke the propeller and he was the one who hid the drone. He lied to Otis but always meant to fix it. He really feels that he needs to fix it for his dead friend and orders the part.

Kelly eats with Wendy at a diner, as they continue to review the case. Jimmy Conrad was the contractor for both places but has a record and a sister who works at a photography place. They agree this is enough to bring in CPD. Wendy suggests they grab a real drink after they call it in but Severide says he is running out of gas and would like to just relax after; he does agree for them to celebrate when they catch this guy.

Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) and Sylvie give updates to the next shift coming in as Stella walks slowly behind them. Stella is exhausted but needs to go to the Academy; Brett says they are taking her home and will call the Academy to get her a sub. Stella calls them the best as she leaves to go home to bed.

Mouch wants to know how much longer before Severide will be back at 51. Matt reveals that he looked awfully comfortable at his new position. Sylvie calls the Captain as Stella leaves but drops the call when Stella crashes into a vehicle with a family inside. Sylvie rushes to help the young girl in the back seat; Emily demands to check Stella out but she just wants to help the little girl. Brett gets mom and daughter into the rig as Stella readily admits she ran the stop sign.

At Chicago Med, Severide finds Stella who insists she is okay and doesn’t know what happened. She was just so used to driving the truck and with lights and sirens, she was just used to going through the stop sign. Sylvie and Emily inform her there are only minor injuries on the girl, but Boden doesn’t look impressed.

At home, Severide puts Stella to bed when Wendy calls. He meets her with the lead Detective who says they have had Conrad on their radar for years and couldn’t move on him. SWAT was given the warrant this morning and doesn’t want to wait; they are there to identify anything arson-related at the scene. Seager stares at Severide as they are given the all-clear; but there was no sign of Jimmy Conrad, feeling someone might have tipped him off. The office is a disaster as Kelly pries open an old locker that is filled with the evidence they need, with flares and flammable things. They go to check out the basement that has tubs of PAC-20; Severide says Casey was right as Conrad was making the walls into the flash paper. Wendy smiles and says Severide really needs to buy her that drink now.

Matt arrives at the ball, watching as Gabby is talking away about her work. She walks over to Casey, grateful that he is there, but he feels she was doing great. The two exchange sweet compliments as Matt asks if she misses Chicago but Gabby is called away to speak to a few benefactors. While she was gone, Matt learns that Gabby is the one who insisted on coming to Chicago as there is someone she really needed to see. Matt suddenly has a new view of Gabby, offering her a glass of wine; she asks him to dance with her and he agrees; dancing to Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye”. The two get closer and closer through the dance, eventually ending up in bed together. She feels it is a mistake as she is leaving in the morning, but he doesn’t care as he knows he is staying; the two make love. Gabby is still sleeping when Matt leaves the hotel room quietly.

Emily feels there is no reason she and Sylvie need to be presentable to do the job, wondering if Brett learned anything from the girl in the cab. Brett spots Casey, who says everything went great with Dawson; he thanks her for talking him into seeing her. She tells Emily that hearing Matt happy makes her happy too. Gabby sends Matt a message which he listens to, saying it was great being with him as it brought back so many good memories and her only regret was that they didn’t have more time to spend together, so if he wants to spend his next furlough where she is, there is always room in her tent for Matt Casey!

Stella comes to see Chief Boden, saying she is fully rested after being in bed for the last 48 hours. She promises she will never let him down like that again, but he stands up saying they owe her an apology as her accident was a wake-up call for him. He realized that they were all grieving about Otis’ death, and for him, he dealt with it by making her his project and piled things on her too much. It wasn’t fair and he is genuinely sorry for it. Stella hugs him, saying she likes being his project as he showed her she can be a leader in the CFD and gave her real confidence. She appreciates it more than he knows, but he feels he needs to find a better way to mentor her from now on. She just doesn’t want him to regret choosing her, and he doesn’t. She tells Boden he means the world to her, both nodding before she walks out.

Joe opens the box of the new propellers and they fit. He turns on the drone with Gallo and Ritter encouraging him, hoping for the best. It still won’t fly, making Joe very discouraged. Gallo reveals they got him a diagnostic kit that will plug the drone into the computer and show him what the problem is. Joe spots a video of him and Otis as they were about to send the drone off on her maiden voyage. Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) saying they shouldn’t be anywhere near flying objects. Otis calls them “Crotis” as this will work on best friend magic. Joe begins to sob and smile as he shouts in the video “Crotis forever!!”

Dustin learns the judge is vacating his sentence and there will be no appeal. He will be out within a month, thanking them both for helping him. He wishes they were on the arson team when he got arrested because he wouldn’t be in jail. Wendy tells Severide that he needs to stay with the investigation team because that is what the little voice in his head is telling him. She receives a call, saying her and Severide will be there within the hour; it is the SWAT leader who wants them to oversee the evidence techs at Conrad’s place.

Once there they learn that Conrad is on his way to Canada but doesn’t have him yet. Kelly goes to the basement when he notices something is moving. He looks at the barrels and turns around to see Conrad lighting a road flare. Severide raises his hands.