Criminal Minds Recap 01/30/19: Season 14 Episode 14 “Sick and Evil”

Criminal Minds Recap 01/30/19: Season 14 Episode 14 "Sick and Evil"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama Criminal Minds returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 30, 2019, season 14  episode 14, called “Sick and Evil”,” and we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap below. On tonight’s Criminal Minds episode season 14 episode 14 as per the CBS synopsis, “The BAU leads the investigation into a string of murders taking place in supposedly haunted houses in Lewiston, Maine.

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The team was called when two women were murdered in Lewiston, Maine. It was the second largest city in the state and so it wasn’t the fact that the two women were murdered close together that alarmed anyone, but it was how they died. Both women tied to their beds and repeatedly stabbed in their stomachs. It was overkill and it showed a deep-rooted rage. The Unsub had targeted these women when they were alone and the manner in which they died showed he or she was trying to almost carve out their wombs in their frenzy. The team realized their Unsub was most likely a man who was either a misogynist or had mommy issues and they didn’t want to assume the worse. As in what they might face if it was a combination of both?

The team was on a plane when they were alerted to a new crime scene. The Unsub had targeted his victim when her husband was home and so he first had to kill the husband Brad Davis before he could kill Carly Davis. Carly was killed like the other women, but her husband was killed instantly with one stab and then he came back around to stab Brad’s body a further twenty-one times. The team believes that the number twenty-two must mean something to the Unsub if it was so compulsory that he had to go back to Brad. Then again husbands were never part of the Unsub’s original agenda or so the team thought anyway. They believed the Unsub must have felt like he had to move that night and so the Unsub was operating on a schedule. And the team just had to figure out what it was.

The team also talked to one of the victims’ husbands. Kim Reynolds has been trying for a baby for the last three years when she got pregnant and miscarried three weeks later. She was depressed and it didn’t help that her sister recently had her third baby, but she had heard noises in the house with her husband. Her husband thought it was the wind and he ignored Kim when she began to suspect someone was in the house. She tried to tell her husband her suspicions and he dismissed them. It was why he still went to work at night and why Kim was alone at the house when the Unsub came in. The Unsub must have been visiting the house days if not weeks beforehand to sus out the place.

They also noticed at the latest crime scene that there had been deposits of salt around and that could indicate someone warning off ghosts, but they didn’t know why until they came across Courtney Mably. She was young and seemed to a great fan of the lore of the house. Courtney said that the home was haunted since a killing some years ago and so she had wanted details on the case. No one paid much attention to her and they asked her to leave because it was a crime, not a fansite. But they remembered what Courtney said and they looked into the house. The young woman had been right when she said the home was considered haunted and they also learned that the houses of the two other women were haunted as well.

The team finally figured it was about the houses and so they asked Garcia to check out any other house in the city that meet the same requirement. They also asked Garcia to dig into Courtney and it turns out Courtney’s interests were more like an obsession. She had a website and everything where she talked about these death houses. Courtney became a person of interest because of what she does for fun and things became worse for her when the team received a 911 call. They were alerted that a house considered haunted reported someone in the house and so the team raised there, but they were too late to save the victim, but they did find her daughter Michelle and they also found Courtney in the house.

Courtney had been covered in blood. She came that she’s been on the lookout for the killer since she realized they were going after haunted houses and that she had been at the crime scene just by chance. Luckily for her, the daughter who was a kid remembered seeing the Unsub remover her mask and so she identified the Unsub as a woman but not Courtney. Courtney was simply misguided. The team did ask Courtney for her opinion on the houses and so they let her go. Courtney left the police department and went running to her friend/mentor Professor Stephanie Carter. Carter had pinged on Garcia’s alert system when she found out the religious professor was a deep believer in demons and cleansing the spirit.

Meaning the team was onto the real Unsub while Professor Carter was onto her next victim. The professor was informed by her eager student that the FBI was in town and decided that she really did need Courtney’s help after all. She told Courtney that she had to leave her cell behind when they went to go cleanse a new house. The professor managed to trick Courtney into going along with her abduction and the girl didn’t suspect a thing. She was even excited to be going to the house and assisting. Courtney talked the whole way there and she never realized that something was off with her professor. Professor Carter as it turns out had been bullied until she fought back and was expelled.

It began a downward spiral for her and she had needed extensive therapy and drugs to get through it. She then quit all of that when she met her husband Patrick who appeared to be like-minded. Patrick and the professor tried cleansing their latest house when something happened. Patrick’s name disappeared from their work journals and so the team knew that the professor must have taken Courtney to the house. They raced to the scene and came upon the professor trying Courtney to the bed though they were able to kill her and save Courtney’s life.

Courtney had seen how delusional the professor was in the end and she was afraid she had been like her by chasing after ghost stories. She explained that her twin sister died and that by believing it meant she would get to see her sister again, but just as she was about to give it up, Rossi told her that her wanting to see her sister was beautiful and that she shouldn’t let anyone take that away. Courtney thanked him and she offered him some advice. She could see it in his eyes that he was haunted by something and she wanted him to know it was going to be okay. And she was right.

Rossi was still haunted by Everett Lynch!


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