Empire Recap 04/17/19: Season 5 Episode 15 “A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child”

Empire Recap 04/17/19: Season 5 Episode 15 "A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child"

Tonight on FOX their blockbuster drama Empire airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 17, 2019, episode and we have your Empire recap below. On tonight’s Empire season 5 episode 15 called, “A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child,” as per the FOX synopsis, “As law enforcement closes in on Empire, Jeff Kingsley seeks the truth about what really happened between Lucious and Tracy Kingsley; Teri and the Lyons pray for Andre’s health; Cookie faces the truth about her relationship with Damon Cross.”

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Andre has been battling for lymphoma for weeks. The treatment was treating him worse than the condition, but it was worth it and his sickness has even brought his family together. Cookie and Lucious chose to put aside all of their grievousness to focus on their son. They dealt with Andre’s doctors together and they went to church to pray for their son together. It didn’t mean that everything was all suddenly good between them because they still didn’t know what to say to each other when they weren’t talking about their son and so Lucious took the first step to rectifying it. He talked to Cookie about going to church regularly and making things right. Lucious wanted to reach out to Kingsley and he thought Cookie would support him. And she couldn’t.

Cookie was more worried about her son. She wanted to be able to talk to Lucious about her fears and how she was afraid of losing Andre, but he called that defeatism. He didn’t even want to consider what might happen if they lost their son and so she wasn’t in the generous mood to care about his son. Kingsley was Lucious’s problem. Cookie said as much and she didn’t want to ever talk about him again. She walked after that because she told herself that she needed to talk to someone who would listen and the truth was she left because she didn’t think Lucious would be there for her as to say, Damon. Damon wasn’t even surprised when she came to his door because whether they admitted it or not they were carrying an emotional affair.

Damon understood Cookie. He knew where she was coming from when she wanted to discuss Andre and he let her vent when she unwittingly let out some of her frustration with Lucious, but a part of the reason why neither Cookie nor Lucious was at Andre’s bedside was that he didn’t want them to see him like that. He preferred to rely on his girlfriend Teri. Teri got to hear him question his faith and she was the one that tried to convince him that his cancer wasn’t a punishment from God because it sure didn’t seem that way to Andre. Andre said God took his wife and his son. His cancer was just part of a list of things that have gone wrong in his life and he had no one else to blame other than God.

Andre felt like he could talk to Teri because he didn’t want anyone else to see him at his lowest, but without him, his family remained fractured. Cookie had told Lucious that she was going to go see her sister when she left the house and so Lucious called Carol. Carol was luckily able to cover for her sister and Cookie had nothing to worry about from that. Only she still needs to answer a few questions. Carol thought the whole thing was a one and done situation with Damon and so finding out that their “relationship” wasn’t over had her concern. She told Cookie she needed to be more careful and Cookie thought she was careful enough as it is. Cookie admitted that she wasn’t in a sexual relationship with Damon and that she only turns to him to talk.

Cookie said she couldn’t do that with Lucious, but did she really try? Lucious had tried to open up to her about Kingsley because he wanted to talk about his son and how he had never been given the chance to be a father to Kingsley. He didn’t know that Tracey was pregnant and she was out telling lies on him because she didn’t want to admit to her own son that she had been too caught up in drugs. Lucious went to go see Tracey to confront her and she revealed why she lied. She had had a thing for him and wanted to be his wife. Tracey thought that it was going to be two of them and when that didn’t work out she wanted to hurt him. Lucious tried to convince her to be honest with their son so that Kingsley didn’t hold onto his anger and she didn’t want to help him.

Tracey grew up to be a bitter and poisonous woman. She turned Kingsley against his own father because it was the only thing she could control and she wasn’t going to help Lucious fix the problem she created because she didn’t want to lose her grasp on Kingsley. As long as Kingsley believed her, he remained her son and only her son. Tracey told Lucious she wasn’t going to help him and so he had no idea how he was going to get through to though surprisingly Kingsley came to him. He claimed he wanted to make things up to Lucious and right as they were beginning to talk that’s when Kingsley showed his hand. He tried asking his dad about the financing behind the Trust Tour and he kept pushing until Lucious could see that there was something wrong.

Lucious came up with an excuse for why he couldn’t talk to Kingsley anymore, but the second his son was gone he revealed to Thirsty that he believes Kingsley is working with the feds. It would explain the questioning and why Kingsley was suddenly apologetic. The two men did their best to hash out a way to deal with Kingsley and Lucious was wise not to bring it up to Cookie when they later met for Andre’s appointment with his doctor. Dr. Swaine said Andre’s vitals were improving and he believed that after another week of treatment that the odds of the cancer being gone were really high. He gave the family such great news that they couldn’t help thanking God for helping Andre and it even got Cookie thinking.

Cookie went over to see Damon after the doctor’s visit and she told Damon that she couldn’t see him anymore. She felt like she misled him by continuing to see him on the side and so she was done with all of that. Cookie went back home and she brought the family together for a family dinner, but she was caught unaware when Lucious showed up with Kingsley. Kingsley had gone to see Lucious again to ask him about Tracey and Lucious told him the truth. He said Tracey was a crackhead who do anything for drugs and that no way would he have allowed such a woman to raise his son if he knew about Kingsley. And this got to Kingsley because he secretly always wanted a dad that would rescue him from his toxic mother.

Kingsley even went to see the feds afterward because he told them that it didn’t matter if he was a Lyon or not because he didn’t want to be a rat. He chose his father and he got to be properly introduced to the family. They meanwhile all followed Cookie’s lead and Cookie she was feeling charitable thanks to the good news about Andre.

So Cookie accepted Kingsley at her table and that allowed to be properly welcomed into the family, but while they were busy being one big happy family, the feds were going through all the equipment for the tour.


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