Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 01/30/19: Season 2 Episode 5 “Stone’s Throw”

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 01/30/19: Season 2 Episode 5 "Stone's Throw"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 30, 2019, season 2 episode 5 and we have your Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back recap below. On tonight’s Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back season 2 episode 5 episode called, “Stone’s Throw,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell On Wheels” travels to Stone’s Throw, a family-owned, fine-dining restaurant located right on the Housatonic River in Seymour, Conn.

After intense investigation and surveillance, Chef Ramsay and his crew find that the two stressed out owners have let their sons and co-workers slack off over the years, which has resulted in poor food quality and lack of cleanliness. Ramsay will try to bring this failing restaurant back from the brink of disaster in just 24 hours.

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Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back begins with Chef Gordon Ramsay going to “Stone’s Throw” in Seymour, Connecticut. Peter is the owner and chef, who bought the restaurant 3 years ago with Tara his wife. He has over 30 years kitchen experience with their sons being servers, they really wanted to work together and culminate their dream. Peter admits that the stress is killing his creative juices. Tara was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and feels she never would have made it without Peter; as he thinks this stress is similar to when she had to cancer as the entire family is depending on him. The boys are worried that this will crush their parents if it fails.

Gordon dresses up as Grandma Jean, escorting several elderly women for lunch. Tara notices a smell in the office and they leave, but Gordon and his guests smell it too. They order some classic fine dining dishes. Erich, 28, Chef de cuisine takes their orders as staff wishes they would die. Gordon loves the view outside but feels the dining room is dingy and the floor is disgusting with the décor being so dated.

The food arrives, and the salmon is overcooked; with Gordon spitting it out and throwing it behind her chair. The duck is cold, old and dry; which he spits it out. He says don’t eat the lobster as it is rancid. Once they all say they can cook better food, Gordon changes his clothes and walks into the kitchen; Gordon tells Tara and Peter to gather the team and meet him immediately in the dining room. He tells all the customers to stop eating, apologizing for interrupting their lunch. He asks everyone to get their coats on as he needs to show them something.

Outside, Gordon brings everyone to his Hell on Wheels, wanting them to pay attention to everything that they are doing when the staff thinks no one is watching. Plastic found in salads as Tara is disrespected by staff when she tells them to “move it” as customers are complaining about slow service. They see someone in the office using the phone instead of working as others whip each other with towels. Peter doesn’t notice something is on fire in the kitchen, as Tara yells it for the whole restaurant to hear. Moldy strawberries. Improper storage of poultry. Uncovered buckets of food in the fridge grosses customers out.

Gordon confronts Peter about what is taking place, but he says he is not aware of these things; he calls Peter stupid, saying he is part of it. Tara has no words, as Ryan, Dylan, and Conner don’t know what to say but one admits if their parents weren’t running the restaurant they wouldn’t work in a kitchen like that. 24 hours start right now, making staff and owners call home that they will not be home for 24 hours.

Chef Ramsay expected better for someone who has been working in the industry for 30 years; there was no passion, service was all over the place and the food was shocking. He doesn’t believe Peter is this delusional. Tara defends Peter saying she looks beat but Peter looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world; Tara insists Gordon is wrong about Peter and can’t say that about him. Chef says, “I just did!” Tara talks about the sleepless nights, the tears and Peter is the one who is holding the restaurant and family up.

Gordon knows he has a room full of petrified to say anything so he asks Peter, Tara and their sons to go to the other room. Kelly says Conner has a tendency to slack, when everyone sees it then everyone feels if they aren’t going to maintain standards no one else should. Tanya another server says the sons sit in the back on their phones when their tables are asking for service. Gordon admits he won’t employ family inside the business, as he only made that mistake once. Tanya cares about everyone she works with and doesn’t know how to save this place. Erich admits although Peter is there a lot the other chef, Luis has his back more than Peter. He reveals he is completely overwhelmed.

Peter complains that Gordon Ramsay is only going to pick on certain stuff but Gordon reveals to staff that he has had his own personal staff come in undercover and all 3 have become ill with severe food poisoning. He says he is there to put the place back on the map; everyone gives their commitment. Gordon takes his job seriously, but Tara is already fighting with Gordon when he goes after Peter who doesn’t seem to care.

Dylan backs his mother up, saying he knows what is going on, telling them they are dreaming, explaining that their parents are over $200,000 in debt with two mortgages and the reputation is dying. Peter finally admits that this is not his best but Gordon says if his wife had to work two jobs for him to have benefits he would feel like an idiot and has no interest in continuing because Peter seems like he doesn’t care about anything. The family says they are committed and Gordon brings them back to the dining room, introducing Brian and Theresa to renovate. He wants to see Peter and his kitchen team inside.

The kitchen stinks and he immediately wants to go to the walk-in; saying the smell is leading into the dining room. All the oysters are dead, making Ami and everyone else smell it, saying they are lethal if they serve them. He brings out marinated chicken breasts, gagging at the smell. Peter thinks they probably put the old chicken on top of the new ones. Gordon gets Tara to smell the chicken and she says she can’t be beaten up anymore. He pulls out the shrimp that is covered in slime, Ami won’t smell it because she has a weak stomach.

Gordon shouts at Peter, saying this is beyond giving up; ordering everyone out as he needs to have a word with Peter. He thoroughly raises his voice at Peter saying he doesn’t care at all. 20:31 hours left until launch.

Gordon orders him to pull his crap together, wondering what it’s going to take for him to care – a death? He throws food at him, calling Peter a disgrace and he admits he is ashamed as this was not what he was about years ago. The kitchen staff returns and Gordon tells them to throw everything in the trash.

Brian explains how they are going to do more stonework as Gordon helps him tear up the carpet, revealing a beautiful floor underneath.

Gordon sits with Tara, saying he can’t deal with someone who is in denial. She knows Peter is better than this, but he is beaten down and tired. Tara knows that she was sick for a long time and Peter is the one who literally off the floor. She explains that she had breast and thyroid cancer at the same time. He says if they don’t get through the winter, it is game over and they have no choice. She nods when he says she needs to trust him. He holds her hand as she tells him she believes him.

19 hours to go and Tara understands the urgency; knowing it was a draining day, but all issues they needed to address. Chef Ramsay takes Peter into Hell on Wheels, saying he is there to help and Peter is the issue as he needs to stand out as the leader. They are going to start fresh and cook to order; Ramsay introduces him to their new menu and together they are going to cook one of everything. Once they are done, Peter is the head chef and needs to run the kitchen with proper authority.

Peter likes the menu giving Gordon the opportunity for Peter to watch a video of Tara, who wishes it wasn’t this hard as it is tearing her apart, but she feels she needs to do this for her kids and her husband. Peter finally tears up. 17:55 hours left.

Peter thought for sure when Tara got sick, he wanted the restaurant to succeed for her, but when she started to get better the only thing that was important to him was Tara. Peter feels they can recover and save the restaurant from going under. Gordon worries about Peter having the ability to see the magnitude of the situation and taking the burden off Tara.

Mary, Gordon’s Head Chef shows Ami how to make the new dishes. Brian feels there is so much to do; and without any breaks and 7:42 hours to go, the team has too much to do. Gordon checks on them, saying he loves how Brian is putting everything together. Mary and Peter continue to work in the kitchen with all the sons finally pitching in with the décor. 3:37 minutes left, and the dining room is set. Gordon shows the family how they will use TouchBistro which will be easier for them to run the restaurant.

Gordon calls the staff into the kitchen, revealing he has replaced everything brand new. In 16 minutes from now, Stone’s Throw will relaunch as Gordon asks them to fire one of everything; telling Peter to take control and make sure everyone is communicating. The dishes don’t look like they were taught, everything is done wrong and Gordon is frustrated telling them to team needs to come together with 4:42 minutes to go.

Gordon pulls Peter aside, telling him this is his brigade and he should be the one motivating his team. Peter knows exactly what they need to do as Gordon tells him to rally around them. Luis is doing steak and shrimp. Erich is cooking duck and salmon with Ami doing the crab cakes. Tara is in the dining room, showing wait staff which tables are which with Peter giving a last minute pep talk. Gordon reminds them how important this launch is with the countdown done, the doors open.

Customers begin their orders as Gordon tells his fellow diners which dishes are amazing and tickets begin to come into the kitchen. Gordon tells Peter to push his appetizers, saying the Golden Girls from earlier are waiting for their food. He confronts Peter on only giving him bits from each table; he needs them to be cohesive. Gordon tells them to talk to each other and work as a team.

The wait staff is forced to tell the diners they need more time. Gordon wants Peter to take control of his kitchen and see how he works the floor. He reminds Peter he is in the driver’s seat and needs to hustle. He says the chef has definitely stepped up and they need to raise their game. Peter catches that Erich served salmon with torn skin and makes him refire another one. Customers love the food and service compared t the night before.

Gordon is proud that Peter has it in control, as it should be; praising him for a good job. Gordon checks on the Golden Girls, thanking them for making him feel welcome. He wants to talk to Peter and Tara, asking if they can hear the atmosphere. Its the sound of a happy restaurant and a chef running it well. He compliments them on their amazing family, saying “goodbye”; thrilled with the strong finish. Peter is glad he isn’t in denial and will truly miss Gordon.

3 months later
Peter says the biggest change was bringing the standards back and they did it.


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