Grand Hotel Finale Recap 09/09/19: Season 1 Episode 13 “A Perfect Storm”

Grand Hotel Finale Recap 09/09/19: Season 1 Episode 13 "A Perfect Storm"

Tonight on ABC, Grand Hotel airs with an all-new episode Monday, September 9, 2019 episode and we have your Grand Hotel recap below. On tonight’s Grand Hotel season 1 episode 13 finale called, “A Perfect Storm,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Alicia and Javi continue their mission to figure out what really happened to their mother.

Santiago still finds himself bound to Mateo, as startling secrets from his past come to light.

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Grand Hotel begins tonight with Santiago Mendoza (Demian Bichir) attempting to get into his suite on the boat but is unable to get to Gigi Mendoza (Roselyn Sanchez) who is telling him that she needs help because he has a knife. Santiago breaks down the door and finds Danny Garibaldi (Lincoln Younes) holding a butcher knife towards Gigi. She shouts for Santiago to stop as he yells that he knows who Danny is and refuses to let him take down his wife.

EARLIER THAT DAY – Danny sits with Alicia Mendoza (Denyse Tontz), not wanting her to be alone after reading that letter from her mother; she had hoped it was a bad dream. Danny tries to reason with her that maybe her father doesn’t know that Jason Parker (Chris Warren) is his son and her brother. She wonders if that is what Sky Garibaldi (Arielle Kebbel) found out; both knowing they cannot talk to Santiago nor Gigi. Danny suggests they speak to Yoli Renna (Justina Adorno) as she used to date Santiago. Alicia prepares herself for the most awkward family breakfast.

Jason talks to Gigi, who encourages him to take all the time he needs to be with his family. Javi Mendoza (Bryan Craig) smirks as his step-sisters make fun of each other and they counting calories. Alicia asks to speak to Yoli but Santiago tells her to sit as he and Gigi have an announcement. Everyone sits down as Santiago tells them the hotel has turned a corner and it is time for them to put their differences aside and be a united family. Santiago reveals he has decided to change his will and now Gigi’s daughters will also be heirs for the hotel.

Gigi leaves with her daughter, Yoli and Carolina Renna (Feliz Ramirez) to get champagne as Santiago tells Javi and Alicia he wants them to still run the hotel. Javi confesses that he was on the phone with his sponsor half the night trying to process their mother’s death; Alicia is having a hard time coping too. Alicia denies there is anything else to tell him, only that she is proud of him for staying sober.

At the hospital, Malcolm Parker (John Marshall Jones) praises his wife Helen Parker (Wendy Raquel Robinson) for getting him to the hospital so promptly or his condition would have been much more grave. When asked about being discharged, the doctor (Jonathan Ohye) is more concerned about why this happened and need to run more tests to see what they are dealing with. Helen stops the doctor, saying she just wants to bring him home, but she is told that he may never come home and they are doing the best they cane for him.

Mateo (Shalim Ortiz) gives Santiago paperwork that he wants him to sign but he refuses until his attorney can review them. Outside the office, Santiago informs Gigi that they have a problem as Mateo has footage from the night of the hurricane; and using that he wants s stake in the hotel. He promises Gigi he will take care of it as she recalls the night she can out covered in blood, spotting the camera. Santiago comes home and finds her white gown covered in blood, but she insists it was an accident. She reveals there was a security camera and it won’t look good for her. He comforts her as she is persistent that it was an accident. He promises to take care of it and they will never speak of it again.

Javi walks past a courtesy cart, where he is told by Ingrid (Anne Winters) those tiny bottles could get him into trouble. She admits she has been around alcoholics before and tries to get out of his hair so she doesn’t make anything worse for him, but he denies she is doing that.

Meanwhile, Santiago sits with Jimmy (Carlos E. Campos) who says he will try to see if the images were truly scrubbed from the data or if it is still out there somewhere. Santiago wants to know why Danny is speaking to Detective Ayala (Christian Vidal); Jimmy confirming he sees them with their heads together a lot.

Carolina is busy showing off all her purchases to her sister, Yoli when she is reminded that Santiago has to die in order for them to inherit everything. Caroline smiles as she asks if she saw how much bacon he was eating earlier? Alicia and Danny come to see Yoli, Carolina quickly excusing herself. Yoli acts shocked when Alicia brings up Sky, but Danny says he cares so much because Sky is his sister; shocking Yoli. Alicia tells her that she is helping him look for her, causing Yoli to sit down and tell him about how Sky would talk about him. None of them believe she just skipped town, as Yoli explains that Sky probably stole something valuable, not found!

Yoli was making dinner while Sky kisses her and they enjoy some nice private time. They spend time in her mother’s closet trying on the clothes until Yoli opens the jewelry box, where Sky finds a secret compartment. Yoli doesn’t even look, just telling her to put everything back so her mother doesn’t find out. Later, Gigi demands answers from Yoli, who says the kitchen sent up one of the chefs, someone she believed was Sky. Santiago walks in and Gigi tells him that Sky stole some jewelry from her closet but she will handle it. Yoli angrily confronts Sky, who swears what they have is real. She wants Yoli to go with her, but Yoli refuses to go with her because she feels Sky is probably living on an island living off the money from the stolen items. Danny insists his sister wouldn’t have left without telling him.

Outside the room, he doesn’t believe Sky stole the jewels and had hoped Yoli would have the answers. Just then, his phone shows 3 missed calls from his sister, Sky’s phone.

Danny calls Sky’s phone back, a woman named Andrea (Andrea Lareo) informs him that one of their patrons found the phone under the boardwalk. He tells Andrea that it is Danny and he knows whose phone that is and he will be by to get it. Alicia encourages him not to lose hope and maybe there is something on the phone that will help. He is grateful she is with him, as is she!

Mateo tells Adam (Rhett Williams) they are having an impromptu meeting at 4 and there is no need to inform Mrs. P. Roxanne (Jessalyn Gilsig) introduces herself to Javi at the bar, breaking the ice talking about her 10 year sobriety; making it easier for him to say he is an addict to drugs and booze. She touches his shoulder, saying there is a silver lining to rehab; reminding him that the “no sex” rule after rehab is not a rule, it is merely a suggestion. Shortly thereafter, the two find themselves in bed together, Roxanne suggesting he find himself a new sponsor over telling them that they were having sex. Javi goes to the bathroom and Roxanne sneaks a drink from her purse.

Ingrid arrives at the hospital, bringing in food and drinks in for Jason and his family, but she is interrupted when Vanessa (Cassandra Scerbo) walks in with a huge basket of food and goodwill. Jason introduces Vanessa to Ingrid, who scurries out of the room after Helen offers for her to stay for some food. Helen chases after Ingrid, thanking her for coming. Ingrid wonders what she would have been like had her mom been perfect like Helen.

Danny barges in, finding a voice recording of Gigi ordering Sky to reveal what she has done as she didn’t call her over in the middle of a hurricane to play games. Sky feels she has the upper hand, attempting to blackmail Gigi by saying she will tell the whole world what her husband, Santiago did. Gigi was going to turn to Santiago but he doesn’t know about the note nor that Jason is his son; Sky advises her to find another way to get the money or she will tell him the truth. Gigi threatens her.

Alicia and Danny quickly change the subject when they hear Santiago coming down the hall; Danny hides while Santiago asks her for all their personnel files, specifically Danny’s. Alicia tries to defend him, assuring her dad that there is nothing she isn’t telling him. Once Santiago leaves, Alicia insists Danny find out what happened to Sky immediately.

Danny arrives with dinner to the Mendoza penthouse, but he leaves the food in the hallway. Danny shows Gigi the note, demanding to know what happened to his sister. Santiago rushes to the basement where the employees’ lockers are. He orders Ingrid to get out as he breaks into Danny’s locker and finds the police file on Sky Garibaldi.

Meanwhile, Danny tells Gigi that Sky told him everything, Gigi tries to stab him with her butcher knife to no avail. He disarms her, telling her to sit down and start talking. Gigi tells him that Sky was blackmailing her, so she told Santiago that she has a problem, telling him to go on with the party without her. Helen tells Gigi Malcolm will be devastated when he learns Jason is not his son; both women want to work together to keep the secret.

Sky is unable to open a door but she is spooked and runs, finding every door locked as the lights begin to flicker. She is able to get outside, blinded by the rain. A knock at the door causes Danny to panic and Gigi to call out for Santiago who is on the other side of the door with an ax. Danny tells Gigi not to move as he is determined to hear the rest of it, but Santiago gets the upper hand and they physically fight. Gigi begs him to stop, saying Danny is Sky’s brother. She reveals that she didn’t kill Sky, he only assumed she did. Danny gives him the note, showing Gigi’s motives behind her lies. Danny learns that Sky is truly dead, still asking who did it. He is told by someone who wanted to protect the secret more than she ever would. Helen pampers Malcolm, saying there is nothing she won’t do for her family.

Santiago is infuriated but Gigi promises she kept the letter because she always intended for him to know. She says she was trying to protect him, but he is mad that she is always accusing him of having secrets but look at what she has done.

Danny and Alicia come to the hospital to see Helen. Alicia tells her to cut the crap as Danny goes to visit Malcolm. Danny turns off the TV, revealing that Sky was his sister and he knows that Malcolm killed her and he better not deny it as Gigi Mendoza told him everything. Malcolm doesn’t blame her, but is just glad she kept it for as long as she could. He confesses that he always had a feeling Jason was not his son. It is revealed that he overheard Helen and Gigi talk about Jason being Santiago’s son and it was Malcolm who hit Sky over the head as Gigi had her gun pointed at her.

Malcolm swears he only did it because he thought Sky was going to hurt Gigi, but Danny feels it was because Malcolm only wanted to keep his secret hidden. Malcolm thoroughly apologizes as Danny says he is not going to the police nor is he going to tell Malcolm’s family. Malcolm thanks him but Danny says it is because Jason is a good friend to him and this truth would destroy him. He feels the universe will find a better way to punish him.

Alicia learns the truth from Helen, feeling offended that Helen was like a mother to her after her mom died. She had spent all this time blaming Gigi when it was actually Helen. She wants forgiveness but Danny prevents Alicia from saying anything else and escorts her out of the hospital. Helen returns to Malcolm’s room, but she doesn’t need to say anything because he always knew and it didn’t matter to him because Jason is his son and nothing will change how much he loves him. Helen apologizes as Malcolm says they both made terrible mistakes. Jason walks in, joining in the group hug.

Malcolm dies and Jason is giving the eulogy, saying Malcolm Parer was the best dad he could ever ask for and he is the man today because of him. Santiago gives Helen some odd looks but after the ceremony he approaches Jason, saying he is there for him; suggesting they have lunch Jason feels he is just being phony. Ingrid finds Javi at the bar, who says he found a distraction, just then Andrea walks up and calls Roxanne “mom.”

Mateo walks into Santiago’s office, who promptly fires him despite the blackmail. Santiago shows him a flash drive of Mateo helping out Theresa, saying if they are going down, he is talking Mateo with him. Yoli chastises her sister for buying even more clothes and is upset that Carolina told their dad about being in Santiago’s will. She is concerned but Flatout worried what their dad will do.

Mateo apologizes to Ingrid. Santiago is busy changing his will when Gigi suggests they sit down and figure out what is the best thing for their family. He tells Gigi he loves her more than life itself, but he doesn’t know how they are going to get past this.

Alicia and Danny stand at the beach surf, talking about Sky and how she was family. He lights Sky’s zippo before snapping it shut and throwing it into the ocean. He thinks he is going back to Illinois as there is nothing keeping him there; she takes his hand and the two finally kiss on the beach. Meanwhile, Mateo seeks solace in bed with Ingrid. He tells her that he is going to make one last mistake. Santiago calls Helen, saying they need to talk; but she doesn’t want Jason to know. She refuses and Santiago says they will talk about it in person.

Santiago leaves his office and the power is out, he calls out for Helen when a shot is fired and he is shot directly in the chest. Javi falls to the ground, clenching his chest, struggling to breathe before his arms flop and he is gone.