Grey’s Anatomy Recap 01/24/19: Season 15 Episode 10 “Help, I’m Alive”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 01/24/19: Season 15 Episode 10 "Help, I'm Alive"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Wednesday, January 24, 2018, season 15 episode 10 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 10 called ‘Help, I’m Alive,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Meredith questions Link’s laid-back approach over a patient’s treatment. Maggie worries that Richard, Jackson and Catherine haven’t come to terms with Catherine’s diagnosis. Meanwhile, Deluca steps up in the O.R. when Owen faces a setback.

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Grey’s Anatomy begins with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Tom (Greg Germann) looking at someone’s brain scans, while Miranda (Chandra Wilson) meeting with a therapist about her stress; admitting she is noticing a change. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) talks about how he beat up a bar with a baseball bat, which isn’t sober behavior and his wife, Catherine (Debbie Allen) has been diagnosed with cancer. He is offered a sponsor; which he accepts, after being told to start with prayer and meditation.

Miranda arrives as Teddy (Kim Raver) tracks her down, informing her that she is pregnant with Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) baby, even though he is with Amelia. Her sisters, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) have issues with her, but she needs a job badly. Miranda tells her she needs to say that all again to Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). Meredith finds Alex, saying she needs him to plan the kid’s birthday party as she knows nothing about superheroes; they are interrupted when Teddy wants to talk to him.

Catherine walks by Meredith, who fires her from her team and says if she wants to keep her job at the hospital she better stay out of Catherine’s sight. Jackson (Jesse Williams) sees Maggie return from CeCe’s funeral, learning that he saw his mom and together they are doing surgery this morning.

Meredith runs out to the bay finding Link (Chris Carmack) waiting for the trauma, eating some junk food. She doesn’t like his casual behavior. Jo (Camilla Luddington) rushes out and Link gets prepared, standing up straight, as Meredith just shakes her head.

Teddy finds Owen who is sick. He is surprised to see her in scrubs and upset to find out after the fact that she plans on working in the hospital. She reminds him she upended her life so he could be a part of their baby’s life, but Owen is furious that if she would have said something earlier he might not have went to Amelia. Amelia overhears and is deeply hurt, something Maggie witnesses. Owen chases Amelia as Teddy tells Maggie that Alex told her to come to Maggie for a job.

Meredith, Link, and Jo work on their trauma patient when Casey (Alex Blue Davis) learns she feels from the third story balcony. Her name is Natasha, who suffers from migraines and had her appendix removed. Garrett is told to just let the people do what they have to in this room as he says they are getting married tomorrow.

Owen pleads his case with Amelia when Tom walks in. He tells Owen they are too busy to deal with the losing fight Owen is in; Amelia agrees, saying they are going up against one of the nastiest tumors they have ever seen and need to focus.

Taryn (Jaicy Elliot) reads off the patient’s chart for Catherine, Jackson, and Richard, regarding her pelvic reconstruction, as they are going to preserve the uterus. They explain each of their roles, joking that it isn’t complicated. Catherine asks if she is sure that this long complex surgery, which is extremely personal is okay to be observed; and she agrees.

Owen walks into the ED, and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) brings him up to speed on all the patients who seem to have the flu. Maggie talks to Teddy about the job, but then says she told Owen and Amelia too late. When asked if they will be able to work together, Maggie admits she has heard nothing but good things about her work and can shove aside her personal contempt for professional courtesy.

Owen, Levi (Jake Borelli) along with Owen deal with a patient who swears she only has the flu. They need to do an ultrasound but she feels its simply the flu-like Owen has, now that he is hooked up to an IV pole.

Nico (Alex Landi) walks in to learn that Meredith, Jo and Link’s patient has a wind swapped pelvis; neither of the men wants to put a wrap on her fractured pelvis before they transport her to the OR, which shocks Meredith. Jo reveals why she thought Meredith and Link would be a great match, all she has to do is get to know him; Meredith walks into the OR as Link looks at Jo wondering if there is another Dr. Grey he is supposed to ask out?

Claire (Ashley Platz) is being scanned, complaining about her sister’s kids she inherited; making the doctors all feel they owe their mothers apologies. Meanwhile, Amelia and Tom fail another attempt to fix the tumor, but when she gets nasty he tells her not to take out her baby drama out on their tumor baby! She gets a call for a consult in the OR as Tom tells her to be sure to come back with some positivity.

The observation room is full as Maggie worries that Catherine is in too much pain to do the surgery, but Miranda believes she is still Catherine Fox and has an entire team by her side. The procedure begins in one OR as Meredith reprimands Link, saying there would be a lot less bleeding out has he fixed her fracture before surgery, even wondering how he became a doctor with the “everything will work itself out” attitude. Jo defends him, saying he became a doctor while he had cancer and isn’t an idiot. Link finds the problem, and even though he could have just said it; part of his job was proving he belonged there too.

Claire learns how sick she is, telling Owen that she cannot die as those kids need her. Her bowel perforated and suddenly Owen realizes he was injected with the propofol meant for Claire that he has about 30 seconds until he is paralyzed. He needs someone to page the chief and would appreciate someone breaking his fall; something no one does.

DeLuca works on Claire while Levi is able to intubate Owen. He is told to not stop bagging him and get him upstairs. Meanwhile, Garrett is told that Natasha lost a lot of blood and her body went under severe stress so they don’t know 100% sure if she will wake up; but they will do everything they will. He begins to talk about their wedding, and her blue dress, saying how they waited forever for each other. He doesn’t want to do life without her, now that he knows what life is like with her, he pleads with her to wake up and marry him.

Jo finds Alex, who says she is glad they are both alive. He has surgery as she thanks him for marrying her. Alex hears Amelia and Tom screaming from the lab and reveals what they are looking for exists and grabs the computer to show them; Tom says she looks like she just walked out of a fairytale and is a mermaid.

Levi wants Owen on fluids and vitals checked every 15 minutes; Teddy notices him in the bed as she is walking by and rushes in. She learns he was injected with a paralytic by accident and Levi promises to stay with him. Meredith tells Link about the situation with the kids birthday party. He says he can help with 5-year-old party, and she accepts.

Catherine is having problems with the surgery, saying the tissue is too frail, refusing help from Jackson nor Richard. Miranda calls her incredible as Maggie says she is incredibly stubborn. Maggie says all she can think of his how her mother hid her cancer from her and all she wants is them to hug it out, wasting a lot of time, waiting for the right moment to come. Maggie wonders how she can accept that but Miranda says she is learning how to accept things she cannot change. Jackson wants to help his tired mother, but she says no one can save the uterus and has it completely removed. She orders them to close her up and barges out of the OR.

Alex learns from DeLuca what happened in the OR, and when he seems at a loss; Alex tells him that there is nothing left to do, he completed it all and congratulates him. Owen wakes up as the tubing is removed. Teddy didn’t leave his side as Levi thanks him for not dying; he is also pleased that Teddy called him “Dr. Schmidt”. Teddy sits down beside him, saying she didn’t set out to hurt anyone and he needs to stop making everything her fault.

She has the opportunity to go back to Germany and has a very hard time staying here, suggesting Owen can come to Germany with her. He wants her to be head of trauma and run the departments, as she is more than qualified. He agrees that she has sacrificed a lot to get there and he is willing to give her his job as she is giving him a lot more.

Levi finds Nico, and the two of them find an empty on-call room, where he shares that he saved Dr. Hunt’s life today. He feels like a different person, believing Nico is rubbing off on him, but Nico believes it was always him but he just didn’t know it.

Link is happy to help decorate Meredith’s place, saying he thinks she is overly stressed, talking about his childhood and being so sick. Meredith admits she was an ass to him all day and doesn’t deserve this, but Link says he likes the chase; before they can talk anymore the kids arrive. One of the kids asks if Link is Thor and he says he is, demanding to know which one stole his hammer. Meredith laughs.

Jackson and Richard come to Catherine’s office, revealing their patient is stable. She is livid that Jackson questioned her ability as both Richard and Jackson argue that she told Maggie, Tom, and Meredith – people who could help. Richard is offended. Miranda is about to walk in, but Maggie stops her, saying there is a big, big storm in there. Catherine feels she wasn’t wrong in not telling them; they tell her they are family and surgeons and can handle bad news. She finally says talking to them about her having damn cancer makes it true as she finally breaks down on the couch.

Claire wakes up as the boys apologize. She tells them today was a scary day and she is going to need their help for a little while, telling them to get some money out of her wallet and get some pizza. She thanks DeLuca for saving her life and thanks to Owen for making her stay.

Garrett cries as he prays for Natasha to wake up; outside the room, Jo and Alex watch as well. Catherine holds her patient’s hands as she gives her the devastating news. Amelia is leaving the hospital as Owen tells her that he gave Teddy his job. He wants her and the baby to stay. The truth is he is having a baby with Teddy and has a very real family with Amelia, but he doesn’t want to do any of it without Amelia. He misses her and misses them; he doesn’t need time, he only needs her. She touches his chest and asks him what took him so long and he says he was paralyzed. They walk together as he explains what happened.

Tom sits with Teddy, offering her fires, even though her hands are all over her feet. He ends up feeding her and they joke around. In the locker room, Levi is attempting to put in contact lenses because he wants to look as different as he feels, Taryn helps him.

Link takes it back, seeing how this can all cause Meredith stress – raising kids, running a department and winning awards. She says as she is having a glass of wine with Thor, all she is thinking about is work tomorrow. She admits that she doesn’t dislike him, which is an improvement from this morning. She figured out that he runs because he eats so much junk food. He says one perk of being a cancer kid is being able to eat whatever he wants and no one can tell him no. Meredith ignores her phone as she laughs with Link, it’s from DeLuca saying he flew solo today and is on a high, wanting her to celebrate with him.


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