Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/07/19: Season 15 Episode 16 “Blood and Water”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/07/19: Season 15 Episode 16 "Blood and Water"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, March 7, 2019, season 15 episode 16 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 16 called ‘Blood and Water,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Meredith finds herself having to side with either Alex or DeLuca during a difficult situation, but she doesn’t want to betray either of them. Meanwhile, Maggie reveals details about her personal life that cause a public stir, and Levi struggles with whether or not to tell his family about Nico.”

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Grey’s Anatomy begins with Maggie (Kelly McCreary) talking to Zola about Ellis (Kate Burton) and how she was raised by different people like her niece. She suddenly envisions Ellis talking to her about her presentation, and the corrections she must make. Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) walks in feeling like she recognizes her too, she tells Maggie and Amelia to take their vitamins when suddenly Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) jumps out of her sleep, quickly writing about genetic traits are annoying unavoidable; thanking her mom for the words.

Levi (Jake Borelli) and Nico Kim (Alex Landi) are enjoying their intimate time together, when Levi’s mom called him; Nico demands to know why he shushed him. Levi reveals that his mother has a lot of opinions and frankly he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say about Nico. Nico gets offended and pushes Levi away, leaving him alone.

DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) finds Meredith in the lab, saying she is there checking out an idea that came to her in a dream. DeLuca says his dad is there for a medical miracle that came to him in a dream as well, but this comes often as his mind tends to go in and out. He admits there is no medical diagnosis for what is happening to his father; although he was diagnosed as bipolar but he refuses treatment, saying he simply feels the world deeply; their kiss is also interrupted by a page.

Jackson (Jesse Williams) watches a podcast, which Richard (James Pickens Jr.) walks in on, wondering why they call it a podcast; Jackson tells him it has nothing to do with “pod” at all. Maggie lets it slip that begin surgeon is in her blood making people wonder if there is a genetic component. The hosts immediately jump on the idea when she says both her biological parents are surgeons. They change the conversation now knowing that Ellis Grey is her biological mother; something they are dying to talk about, but Maggie wishes to sweep under the rug.

Helen Kararev (Lindsey Wagner) is still staying at Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo Karev’s (Camilla Luddington) place when they spot all the things she has crocheted, including baby stuff. Helen says these are for her future grandchildren – from Jo and Alex. At work, admits that he did tell his mother they wanted kids because they do. Jo takes off for an imaginary surgery as Alex asks for a personal day from Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). Bailey learns she only has 22 more days to take orders from him.

Link (Chris Carmack) walks in with Jackson, Nico and Levi, where they meet with Hunter (Johnathan Nieves) who is in need of surgery and a prosthetic leg. His mother had no idea that he had been doing chemo for 3 months already and has an argument with him. She says they will talk about this later and needs to know what else is planned.

Carina (Stefanie Spampinato) and DeLuca bring in their dad who is showing his invention “A Bag in a Bag”, explaining how 1 in 10 babies cannot survive inside their mother for whatever reason. They could carry the baby out until full term in the bag and deliver a full term healthy baby. He confirms to Alex that he has already created an external gestational sac and is in the animal trials. He asks Alex to fund this, as both his children look on concerned.

The attorney sits with Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia, saying the good news is that the paperwork is in order, but she wants to know what Leo’s address will be; leaving Owen and Amelia at a standstill since they are living separately. They continue to affirm they will do what is best for is best for their little boy. Amelia finds Link and tells him she needs to be in surgery, as she told Alex she was; after explaining what they are doing, Link tells Schmitt he is out and Jo is in. He bitches that it’s special treatment but Jo tells him to look at himself and how he got there.

Maggie finds Meredith working on a formula Ellis gave her in a dream as Maggie lets it slip how she revealed Ellis and Richard were her parents during the podcast. Together they quickly solve the puzzle by Ellis assures her that Richard will be fine from the fallout.

Hunter is being wheeled off to surgery, where Jo promises they will update her every few hours and there is no reason to be afraid. She is told that she is outraged that the child she has poured her blood, sweat and tears into didn’t tell her anything because he didn’t want her to freak out and now they are rearranging his body and she simply needs a punching bag to vent on.

Levi returns to the ER, where Bailey directs him to a patient, Mr. Nelson with his daughter. His husband arrives and Levi asks to take him for a CT scan. The husband barges over Miranda, saying if his husband needs CT, then he also requires a grown-ass doctor. Levi gets Frank to lean forward as his breathing gets more difficult and he coughs up something very odd.

In the OR, the music is cranked as the dissection; the doctors disagree on how Hunter told his mother, some agreeing but others shocked. Link and Jackson talk about how Jo is handling Alex’s mother being in the house. She insists she is happy there that Helen is there, but she is too busy knitting baby hats, big ones that are gender neutral.. Nico smirks, saying they figure out what she is avoiding.

Meredith reveals to Alex about the tip her mother gave her, but won’t reveal any more. He feels the pitch Vincenzo DeLuca (Lorenzo Caccialanza) gave him was a “baby in a bag”; it was awesome as an eternal uterus. He gave Vincenzo a day or two, but he really loves the idea. Meredith pushes him to dig deeper, but Alex doesn’t seem to get the hint.

The lawyer wants to know how Owen and Amelia are going to work out custody arrangements for baby Leo; both admitting they haven’t had time to discuss it. Owen says there is an argument to be made, but the child welfare worker and the lawyer says “figuring it out” is not something they can present the judge. She says if they want Leo in their life, they need to get on the same page – fast!

Miranda reveals what their patient coughed up was a blood clot in the shape of a tree, but they can’t figure out how it became some congealed inside him is a mystery. He suddenly stops breathing as his daughter pulls the husband away. Miranda feels this could be a massive embolism and calls for a crash cart.

Alex sits with his mother in the park, who talks about things she got angry over not being able to invent on her own. She shares his own childhood stories as he admits he isn’t really a thinker, but a fixer. She says she has always been in awe of his brain. He finally tells her she freaked out Jo with the baby hats. He giggles along with his mother.

Maggie is forced to apologize that Richard had to hear from Meredith about her Ellis Grey’s comments from the podcast. He is furious that she told the entire medical community that Ellis and Richard has an affair; he storms off upset that she didn’t even think of the consequences of her words.

Surgery is proceeding nicely, as Jackson says having kids is not all bad; but Jo wants to know if the terror outweighs the bad things. She hopes that Jackson doesn’t take offense. Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia are able to make a plan for Leo. Owen reminds Amelia that he wants her in his life as well as Leo. She pushes him to stop, saying it is messy and painful but it stopped the second things happened with Teddy. It hurts but it hurts a lot less than the alternative. He insists she cannot love him, but there is just a fundamental part of her that cannot be loved nor love. The attorney returns, asking if they have reached a plan.

DeLuca stands outside, talking to his father about how his research is incredible. He brings up Carina, but his dad says she is like her mother and controlling. Deluca tells him this has nothing to do with their mother and his father knows he did this to create some distance between them but he needs to know that his father was the one who put him on the map. He is a good man all on his own, but this woman is his is beyond him. Meredith is beauty and brains and he feels that with this invention he can put Andrea DeLuca on the map without Meredith.

Bailey joins the operation, saying they need to figure out why their patient had 2 major blood clots in 24 hours. Maggie finds Richard in the observation room, who says she has the right to tell her story, but he sounds angry. Richard says Catherine (Debbie Allen) has cancer and she doesn’t need adding to her plate that her husband is an adulterer; something Maggie just made public. It’s part of his life that he isn’t particularly proud of; which hurts Maggie because it was that affair that created her existence.

Meredith finds Dr. Luca and Carina fighting over their father. Carina is concerned about their father’s mental illness, but DeLuca downplays it saying they are only episodes and since she worked in the field she could help him. She was with him for the last 3 months and doesn’t know how bad things can get, but Andrew is determined. Meredith suggests Carina talk to the chief about the situation.

Alex confronts Meredith regarding her knowledge about DeLuca’s dad, the mania and the four patients. She said she couldn’t tell him the details, but told him to do more research; she refused to break DeLuca’s trust as Alex says if he didn’t know the background, he wouldn’t even think twice as it is a medical miracle. DeLuca catches the end of the conversation, forcing Meredith to tell him that Carina explained everything to Alex, but admits she told his sister to tell him. He needs Meredith to trust him on this, even after she said when it came to her own parents her judgment was very clouded.

Levi and Miranda tell Frank’s husband and daughter that they are moving him to ICU but he has a blood clotting disorder, which is genetic; Levi says it was his cough that actually saved his life. He immediately wants their daughter tested who is confused because she thought they didn’t know which one was her biological dad. He pushes, saying they need to know if she has the same genetic disorder.

Jo apologizes to Jackson, who shows her how kids can ruin your life, but they also give you a reason to live when life is a mess all around you. The paperwork is signed but suddenly Amelia decides she shouldn’t on the papers. She will see Leo as much as Owen will let her and help out when needed; she will be his friend but she will be Auntie Lia, and this is best for him. Owen tries to talk her out of it, but it is very clear that Owen is only his son. She apologizes and leaves the room.

Hunter wakes up to a tumor-free leg, Jackson won’t make any promises but he has seen plenty of athletes who have turned back to their sport after this procedure. Nico says after physiotherapy they will fit him with his prosthetic. His mom feels if she has 3 months to process this, she might be crying less; they all laugh, knowing that isn’t true.

Jo finds Alex in his office, saying his head turned out perfect. He confronts her about worrying that her genes will be passed on to their kids. She admits that it is her own genetics that she fears, so Alex suggests hiring someone to track down her family. She doesn’t want to meet them, showing him the DNA test she is going to do. Alex announces he is going to grow a baby in a bag.

Levi brings in Frank’s daughter after her testing, showing her medic alert bracelet, joking she will need one in gold too. She also tells them it never mattered which one was her dad as they both are… PERIOD!

Maggie scrolls through her messages when Richard admits he was ashamed of what he did back there but he is only grateful for her existence. He says he is the scandal but she is a miracle; the best of everyone. He is proud to be any part of her and if the press asks that is the only answer he will give. Maggie worries about her dad hearing the podcast and how she is giving all credit to Richard and Ellis; making him even more heartbroken than Richard is.

Levi tells Nico that he loves him and hasn’t come out to his mom because she would spin out. She will flip out because that is what she does; literally about everything, including purchasing his backpack. He wants to lock him in his eyes before his mom tries to throw him through all the deathtraps from her eyes. Nico smiles, recalling that Levi said he loved him. Nico promises he will say it back, he just loves to see Levi sweat it out.

Carina tells DeLuca that she hopes he is right about their dad this time; he hopes too. Owen signs the paperwork with Leo by his side as Meredith sits with Amelia, Maggie and Jackson; Amelia says she doesn’t want to talk about it as Amelia works on her new project with her sisters by her side.