Magnum P.I. Recap 01/28/19: Season 1 Episode 14 “I, The Deceased”

Magnum P.I. Recap 01/28/19: Season 1 Episode 14 "I, The Deceased"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. premieres with an all-new Monday, January 28, 2019, episode and we have your Magnum P.I.recap below.  On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 1 episode 14, “I, The Deceased,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Magnum investigates the murder of a man who, pre-death, hired Thomas to find his killer. Also, Kumu reconnects with an old friend.

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Magnum is passed out cold. He wakes to the dogs growling at him. Higgins calls them off. She starts vacuuming around him. He is sleeping in the common area because his guest house has termites. Higgins tells him he has a package that just arrived. There is 10k inside and a zip drive. He goes to use Higgins laptop she tries to charge him. He needs to get his own. Magnum watches a video of a man who says someone is after him to hurt him. He tells Magnum if he is watching this video he is dead.

Rick is helping Higgins out. He has hired some guys to help with the termites. Kamu gets upset. She doesn’t know if the chemicals are safe. The man in charge shows up. Kamu knows him from high school. He sweet talks her, they flirt and everything is all right.

Magnum learns his dead client Larry died in a car accident. Magnum thinks this is suspicious. Higgins doesn’t. They have Larry’s sister over to talk. She shares her brother was schizophrenic. Magnum still wants to work the case.

Higgins and Magnum head to the scene of the accident. Magnum thinks he was forced off the road or maybe someone tampered with the car. He asks the guys to head to the junkyard.

Kamu and her high school friend talk. He invites her to spend some time alone. She tells him she will think about it.

The guys call Magnum and report no tampering. TC hits him up for all the gas money he has used for the helicopter not that he knows Magnum has $10k.

Magnum and Higgins head to the medical examiner’s office. He has questions about Larry. He tries to bribe the examiner but she isn’t having it this time. He offers to donate to a charity listed in her office. Higgins says he can give $1k. Magnum is reluctant to this but agrees. The examiner will call when she finds something. They head to Larry’s apartment and look around. The examiner calls. It looks like Larry was poisoned.

They meet with his sister and tells her the news. Katsumoto arrives. He is mad. He heard about the case from the ME. He tells Magnum and Higgins to back off. He has the case now.

Magnum develops a theory- maybe Larry was poisoned by someone who delivered food. He certainly didn’t leave his house much.

Rick and Kamu talk. She tells him she was asked out by her high school friend Dennis. He talks her into going.

Magnum and Higgins head back to Larry’s to get the food to have it tested. They run into an intruder. They both chase him, jumping a number of roofs. The man gets away.

They head back to the apartment and find a hole in the wall near the fridge. Before they can look around further, the detective arrives and kicks them out. They head to talk to Larry’s neighbor.

Kamu arrives at Dennis’ to surprise him and is surprised herself when his wife answers the door. She was supposed to be dead.

Higgins and Magnum look into a man who was seen around Larry’s apartment. He is connected to a con in jail who is supposed to get out in 2 months. They head to the jail to talk to him but he plays dumb. They call Katsumotoe to give him a heads up. They also share that the man who lives in Larry’s apartment complex is trying to get off the island and they know where he is. They track him down before Katsumoto arrives. As they question him, three armed men arrive. They offer to help the man get out safely with them. Magnum sends Katsumoto an SOS. They end up in a gunfight. TC drops Rick off. Katsumoto shows up next. They both take the men down.

Katsumoto, Higgins, and Magnum head back to the apartment and find a gun in the wall. It was the cons. He committed other murders and hid the weapon. They head to see Larry’s sister to tell her the truth.

Katsumoto, Magnum, Higgins, Kamu, and the guys get together for some beers and yard games. They all bust on Magnum for donating his money and not paying them back.


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