Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Finale Recap 05/22/19: Season 1 Episode 10 “Enter the Professor”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Finale Recap 05/22/19: Season 1 Episode 10 "Enter the Professor"

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists returns to Freeform tonight with an all-new Wednesday, May 22, 2019 season 1 episode 10 called “Enter the Professor” and we have your PLL: The Perfectionists recap below. On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 10 as per the Freeform synopsis, “In the aftermath of a shocking event, Ali, Mona, and the Perfectionists try to pick up the pieces of their lives. However, new information is uncovered which makes them question everything they think they know..”

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Pretty Little Liars (PLL): The Perfectionists begins tonight with Dana Booker (Klea Scott) talking to Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson), Dylan Walker (Eli Brown), Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) and Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), confused that Jeremy Beckett (Graeme Thomas King) would even attack Caitlin Lewis (Sydney Park). Mona says Jeremy killed Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason) because Jeremy found out that Caitlin was dating him and Nolan at the same time; he wanted her to go with him after he told her what he did but she called her friends there to try to convince him to turn himself in; but no one expected him to go after Taylor Hotchkiss (Hayley Erin).

Ava gives Booker the evidence Taylor has just as her mother, Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford) joins them. She confirms that Taylor is okay, but is being taken to a retreat and in good care. She can’t thank them enough for exposing who killed her son, hoping they will accept her apology for believing they had anything to do with Nolan’s death; blinded by grief and placing trust in the wrong hands. Caitlin chastises Dana saying what she tried to do only brought them closer together as Ava says it made them stronger. Alison gives her an “A” for effort, as they all want to go home.

At home, Caitlin calls to check on Jeremy at the hospital, but he call is interrupted when her mother Senator Park-Lewis (Cycerli Ash) comes in, asking if she is packed but Caitlin refuses to go to DC with her. She is concerned that Caitlin has a lot to deal with, as she had a secret boyfriend who killed Nolan. She wants to stay with her friends, defending them but her mother has arranged for her to be Senator Hastings’ summer intern and will start at George Brown after the holidays, seeing a therapist twice a week; wanting her to admit she is lost. Caitlin is told if she stays at BHU, she will be completely on her own, with no financial back from them.

Ava sits with Zach Fordson (Garrett Wareing), sharing that the Vogue representative was impressed that she would give up her interview to help a friend. He congratulates her, asking if they are friends but he says they can figure that out this summer in New York. Ava admits that when things go the way they are supposed to do she gets nervous about something bad about to happen. She asks if he can put in a good word for her since she no longer has money and is willing to pay her way. Zach doesn’t need the summer to figure out what they are, promising to see her later.

Dylan is in bed with Andrew Billareal (Evan Bittercourt), wants to put everything behind them and start planning their summer in Seattle. Dylan thanks him for loving him and taking a chance on him; thrilled that the professor thought his song was brilliant.

Ali doesn’t think it is fair that Claire won’t forgive Mona for sleeping with a student. She feels it sucks that she loved this job and will never figure out what the list was; reminding Ali that someone was using her code to make a list of some sort with her name, Caitlin and Ray Hogadorn’s (Duffy Epstein). Alison feels some puzzles are not meant to be solved and this town breaths drama. Alison came there for the right reasons but feels ever since high school she has hit a dead-end; Mona reminds her there was a seat beside her on the plane, but Alison felt this was her fresh start; Mona wants to know if she wants window or aisle seat?

Caitlin tells Dylan and Ava that she has to go as her mother is cutting her off, but Dylan says she can sleep at their place, only on the couch. Caitlin learns Jeremy’s condition has been upgraded but he still refuses to speak to anyone; Ava says all that matters is that he killed Nolan but Caitlin still cares about him, regardless of what he did. They finally reach the front of the line and Dylan comes face to face with Luke (Nick Cassidy), who rushes off. Ava and Caitlin find out that Luke bullied Dylan throughout high school for being gay and now he is there. Ava returns home, looks in the mirror and spots her dad.

Ava rushes into her dad’s arm, surprised that her mom finally let him grow a beard in order for him to see her. She wants them to come home but informs him that Dana Booker is the head of security. He is willing to give back most of the money and that will limit his jail time. He says the courier will drop off a package to her, but it is sealed and it is what he needs to do this. She confesses the money he left her, Booker took it. He says this is Booker’s game and a distraction is what she wants. Ava hugs her father, who calls her his “Beautiful Dreamer” before sneaking out again.

Dylan shares his fears with Andrew, knowing being gay in high school was dramatic. Dylan feels he needs to confront Luke and he won’t take his crap anymore; Andrew promises to be by his side. Booker comes to see Ava, saying an unidentified man came in, asking if the description was familiar. Dana wants back into the FBI, saying Ava can fix both their problems, help her turn in her dad and Booker will give her the money back. Ava pretends to have no idea what money she is talking about, but Booker reminds her it is a felony for spending the stolen money. She wants to know why her dad would take the risk to see her, but before she can answer; her phone goes off; it is Zach talking about the job at the cafe. Booker teases Ava saying the money she had in the bag was only a drop in the bucket compared to everything her father stole. She thinks he is back to get the rest of the money he stole if she doesn’t help Dana she will turn the bag over to the authorities who will have a lot of questions for her.

Mason Gregory (Noah Gray-Cabey) arrives at Mona’s house, as Alison makes a quick escape. Mona tells him they are not an “us” as she got fired after Claire found out about them. He tells her to stop packing because she isn’t going anywhere. Alison, in the meantime, finds a red envelope on her desk at home. She looks around before opening it; it is an invitation from the Crimson Society, to meet at 3 am in the Watchgrove Hall on the old campus.

Caitlin finds out that she has already been cut off from finances so Ava agrees to pay for it. Ava wants to know what the crimson envelope is about as Caitlin explains it is a secret society like “Skull & Bones”; BHU gives it only to the best and brightest students as an open door to power and influence. Ava receives the text her father told her was coming and bolts.

Caitlin meets with Alison who thinks she should apply but her family doesn’t fall under the income bracket. Caitlin wants to stay because she has friends who are like family and doesn’t want to leave. Ali looks at her family photo and admits sometimes she is wrong as Caitlin caught her in a reflective life moment. Caitlin says her methods are unconventional but because of her, they are all still there. Caitlin explains about the boxing matches her mother took her to, who fought unconventionally and always won because his opponent never knew what was coming; Alison reminds her of that fighter.

Mona comes to see Claire who feels she should be back in Rosewood, but Mona informs her that she is not leaving and is keeping her job. She knows she fired her because she is jealous of her sleeping with Mason. Mason confessed how they comforted each other in grief after Nolan’s death. Claire walks towards Mona, places a call, saying she has decided not to terminate Mona. Mona promises it won’t happen again and Claire tells her to see herself out.

Ava returns to her place with the envelope and finds her dad in her sewing room. She demands that he doesn’t call her his “little girl” anymore; confronting him on not only being a thief but a liar too. She knows he was using her to simply get to the rest of the money he stole. She gives him the envelope, saying he needed the bank account numbers to access it. He finds the notebook is gone from the envelope, asking why would she give it to Booker. He believes she plans on keeping the money, but she feels they took enough to live comfortably. She refuses to go with him, saying she likes it at BHU and her friends have become like family to her; but unlike her family, they wouldn’t abandon her and leave her to clean up the mess. She reminds him that she won’t get caught because she learned everything from him. She swears she is nothing like him, but when he tries to hug her, she refuses.

In the middle of the night, Alison walks down the sidewalk as the clock strikes 3. She enters the room and finds Caitlin, Mona, Ava, and Dylan there; they all confirm they got an envelope, both Mona and Ali telling each other they could have told them. They sit down and there are two empty chairs, as a video begins to play of them at the waterfront the day Jeremy confesses and he is shot by Taylor. The audio is very clear, even recording how Alison and Mona were making up her alibi.

Suddenly, the camera is showing them in the room, welcoming them to phase two. Mona reveals that Beacon Guard is always buying more property all the time so who knows if they were on school property. The voice tells them they have been very intriguing but now that they have given proof that they are guilty of attempted murder and conspiring to cover up the crime, they are planning to take the experiment to its next level. They are to follow instructions if they want to stay free; when asked, the voice says they are the one who killed Nolan; Jeremy was guilty of many things but he didn’t kill Nolan. Jeremy was only part of phase one of the experiment; served his purpose and has been removed. He says “The professor will be watching!”

Mona reminds them that they can’t win the game if they don’t know the rules. Dylan feels they are lab rats as Mona says this room didn’t get set up on its own, Ava says they need to get to Taylor but Mona tells her to be quiet. Alison says they need to get out of there. Caitlin calls the hospital but is denied talking to Jeremy even though she feels he is entitled to a call. Ava says that Taylor revealed before she disappeared that someone hired Beacon Guard to spy on people. Ali reveals Taylor created Beacon Guard after her father was murdered. She knew people were being watched but never figured out why.

There were 7 chairs, but only 5 of them; Ava wonders if this wasn’t Dana poking them until they cracked. Ali wants to think it is Dana over this professor creep. They notice the light is on in the RV, but when they approach it thinking Taylor may be back, it explodes; if someone was in there they are certainly dead. All of their phones ring at the same time, looking like they are calling themselves; they answer and it is the Professor saying participation in the experiment is mandatory and failure to follow instructions will result in their immediate incarceration.

Alison says they have to play along as they try to figure out who they are; Dylan wants to go to the police and let them sort it out, but Mona says there is evidence of what they did and each is looking at a minimum of 5 years. She feels that if Jeremy was only part of the experiment, maybe Caitlin can find out what his role was. All of them agree they worked far too hard to give up now.

Mona goes to see Claire, saying the fewer people who know secrets, the better. Claire stops her, saying she is watching her. Ava works on the computer transferring all the money her father stole. Andrew wonders if Dylan is up to do this as he appears to be “off” but Dylan feels he needs to stand up for himself. Dylan tells Luke if he messes with him again, he will regret it; he then returns to Andrew, walking away holding his hand, causing Luke to smile.

After working on the computer, Mona tells them of safe zones where they can talk, but cannot use any technology, as it keeps them safe but also makes them vulnerable. Caitlin feels this is their fault that Jeremy is lying in a hospital bed, assumed guilty of a murder he didn’t commit. Alison reminds her to stay at BHU to clear his name. Caitlin gets a message from her mother, saying she won’t leave until Caitlin comes home. Again, all their phones ring, everyone, putting their phone down except Dylan who is asked to reveal what keeps him up at night, afraid to think about. He wants to know their worst fears. Alison says they need to figure out what makes them tick as the action is a character; study them while they are studying the five of them.

Alison meets with Dr. Fielder (Dana Millican), who feels there is nothing wrong with finding out what makes her tick and welcomes her to the department of psychology. Alison looks up and knows she is being recorded. She looks up at the red light, saying she is afraid she is too broken to be fixed.

Caitlin sits with her mother, knowing that staying there proves to herself that she can excel at BHU, asking for one more chance. Her mother says if she doesn’t go into law, it would be one hell of waste as she is one convincing woman. She promises not to screw it up. Caitlin goes on video, revealing she is afraid to fail at life.

Ava smiles as she sees Zach, but Dana walks in sneezing as her allergies bother her. She was planning on leaving until Ava decided to play Robin Hood. Ava says her lips are moving, but she has no idea what she is talking about. Dana says Zach is happy because the funds have been returned to the rightful accounts, but Dana doesn’t think it was her dad that had the change of heart; saying she was wrong about Ava. She hasn’t decided on the money but would like to buy a pair of shoes. Ava looks at the camera and says she is afraid she will become like her father. She returns to hug Zach.

Mona tells Mason she made a promise that she plans to honor and won’t see him anymore. He feels they are two consenting adults and this wasn’t about sex, but they could be something. Mona apologizes for him missing the signals but it was just about the sex. He doesn’t believe her, but she makes him leave. Once gone, Mona cries at the door before opening her laptop and saying her greatest fear is dying before she finds out who the bitch is!

Dylan walks down the stairs before looking back at the camera, saying he is afraid he would have to go back home. He continues his walk as he sees a man standing down the sidewalk when he turns back the man is gone. Dylan turns around again and it was Luke who is apologizing for the way he treated him in high school and his family would have disowned him if they knew what he really was. He resented Dylan for having the balls to come out; admitting he was always gay but could never admit it to anyone. He promises Dylan he has changed and he isn’t leaving Beacon Heights until he can show him who he really is.

The professor that met with Alison earlier says she just hired Alison, and she doesn’t know it yet, but she is in. Someone reviews all their confessions while sitting in the cafe, Zach approaches asking the professor if they want s refill.