SEAL Team Recap 01/09/19: Season 2 Episode 12 “Things Not Seen”

SEAL Team Recap 01/09/19: Season 2 Episode 12 "Things Not Seen"

Tonight on CBS their new military drama Seal Team airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 9, 2019, episode and we have your Seal Team recap below. On tonight’s Seal Team season 2 episode 12, “Things Not Seen” as per the CBS synopsis, “Bravo Team travels to Turkey to rescue a young American who voluntarily married an ISIS leader.”

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Mandy is briefed about a US teenager who disappeared 2 years ago and is now being held by a Turkish sex trafficker. Her husband appears to be paying for her release and Mandy’s boss wants to intercept to get her. She has plenty of intel for them. Mandy is angry and cannot believe they are doing this. He tells her to prep her team.

Clay wakes from a dream about Stella. There is a knock at the door. It’s his father. He asks about Stella. Clay tells him they split up. He tells Clay that he wants to get a beer later and work it out. Clay is irritated. After all this time he wants to be a dad.

Jason talks to Victoria, the mother of Emma’s friend Hannah. Victoria tells him about a support group she has been going to. Maybe he should swing by. Jason tells her it isn’t his style.

Ray gets a call from his pastor about dates for the baby’s baptism. Ray tells him he doesn’t know yet. When he gets off the phone he gets snappy with his wife. He apologizes. He just isn’t sure about the whole thing yet.

Sonny wakes to make a cup of coffee. Davis comes out of nowhere and jumps on his back. She asks him what he is making her for breakfast. She steals his hat. He tells her no woman has ever worked it before. She heads off to the shower. He finds her paperwork for OCS.

Mandy and the team talk about the US hostage who they see as a traitor. The guys don’t want to go after her, but Mandy tells them they don’t have a choice. On the flight there they all talk. What if Jenna the hostage has been radicalized. Mandy doesn’t like this because the intel isn’t complete. Jason tries to get her to relax. They will be fine.

They arrive at their site and parachute down in the dark. They regroup and head in with their guns ready, radioing to Blackburn and Davis. They launch a drone. Davis takes control of it to look around. They are clear. They move in towards their target building where heat is being picked up. They make their way in. They find their target. She is bound and gagged and wired to bombs.

The team assesses Jenna and radios to Blackburn who in turn is irritated with Mandy for sending them in. The team tries to figure out why the bomb didn’t detonate when they moved her around. They ask her where Rakim her Turkish husband is who they think may have radicalized her. She tells them she doesn’t know and that she isn’t a part of this.

 Clay heads outside and takes out one man. He doesn’t see the others radioed to him. He moves position. Blackburn radios to them that several men are moving their way. Outside of a vehicle approaches. It is covered with metal shielding. Clay cannot take it out. Meanwhile, inside Kairos needs more time to dismantle the bombs. Outside they use a rocket to blow up the vehicle. Jason heads out of the room and ends up being attacked. He takes the guy out. The hostiles are coming in.

Inside the room, Ray tries to keep Jenna calm so she doesn’t blow them up. Sonny is disgusted by her. Jason meets with the others to help fight. Ray continues to try and keep Jenna quiet and still. She asks him to pray for her. Kairo dismantles the bomb. They all head out. Jenna gets shrapnel in her leg and starts screaming. Blackburn radios that more vehicles have come in outside. Inside, they load up and head out. The team takes them all out.

On the flight home, Mandy calls her super and rips him a new one. Kairos tells Ray that they really lucked out on the device, it was wired with a trap on a trap. Ray still seems to push his faith away, calling it all dumb luck.

In the locker room, Sonny is angry with Davis and tells her they need to keep it professional. She is leaving after all. Clay meets with his dad for a beer. He takes a call from his publisher while Clay sees an interview his dad is doing that just happens to come on TV. Clay watches as his dad references a recent mission the seals did, telling the interviewer that he has a first-hand account.


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