Shameless Recap 01/27/19: Season 9 Episode 9 “BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!”

Shameless Recap 01/27/19: Season 9 Episode 9 "BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, January 27, season 9 episode 9 called, “BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!,” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank searches for ways to finance Ingrid’s vision for their future together; Fiona’s anger issues cause problems at Patsy’s; Lip is forced to confront his real feelings for Tami; Kelly’s father attempts to get in the middle of her relationship with Carl; Kev and V realize they are in over their heads with their latest fostering endeavor.

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Shameless begins tonight with Fiona (Emmy Rossum) using a tool to scratch under her arm cast as she fills empty water bottles with Vodka to take a shower. Debbie (Emma Kenney) turns off the water while she just put shampoo in her hair, demanding that she give back the money they have been paying her for the bills and didn’t. Debbie says the utilities are in her name now and doesn’t feel like letting Fiona use them until she pays her back the money from the last 3 months; Fiona tells her she will pay her back after Debbie gives her all the money she spent on the bills and her in the last 18 years; so she will use all the water she wants until at least 2048!

Liam (Christian Isaiah) thinks Lip (Jeremy Allen White) looks ridiculous in his tank top and running shorts that they are for a cancer charity event. Debbie shuts the main valve off from the water and Fiona screams; Lip reminds her that Fiona has carried them all for years and she should give her a break. They are in a shouting match when Ford (Richard Flood) knocks at the door, simply asking for his tools back. Debbie holds a huge knife as Ford leaves; but still won’t allow Fiona to come back in to shower, forcing her to go to Veronica’s (Shanola Hampton).

Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) throws rocks at Kelly’s (Jess Gabor) window, complaining that he had to jerk off by himself. Kelly warns him that her dad knows she has been skipping softball camp to hang out with him, but Carl says he isn’t afraid of a man with one limb. Suddenly Major Keefe (Brent Huff) puts a gun to his temple and says he only needs one and demands that Carl come inside.

Lip is with Brad (Scott Michael Campbell) and his family as they prepare for the 5K run. Tami (Kate Miner) and Cory bicker about Lip as Cory hits on her; Cory strips off her shirt with no bra on underneath. Meanwhile, Fiona gives Eliza (Rebecca Field) money for the register. She comments that Fiona smells like a barroom floor as Fiona defends herself, saying it is mouthwash. She orders Eliza to count the money as she is the assistant manager and to get off her ass.

Brad asks Lip if Fiona is okay when she can’t even walk straight. Everyone starts chanting “Boone” when he walks in with his military gear on. He quickly kisses Tami just as Lip asks Brad who he is; Tami just looks at Lip.

Ingrid (Katey Sagal) and Frank (William H. Macy) learn at their ultrasound that Ingrid is pregnant. The doctor feels they need to terminate some of the embryos, as she is pregnant with 6 right now. Ingrid and Frank have a discussion as she wants to keep 5, but the doctor tells her she can safely keep 3. Ingrid agrees after she learns the doctor will lose her medical license if she doesn’t.

In a board meeting for a drink that is undrinkable, including the “American Hobo”; Frank is in one of the photos. They want to use these people as victims of society and influencers; they are self-proclaim hobos and are offering them the chance to prove it. They name it “Hobo Loco” and want to find the Hobo Loco Man for their campaign.

George (PJ Marino) is at the bar where Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica learn of the contest and free promo drink. Santiago (Anthony Gonzalez) is a huge help around the bar. Veronica feels the right thing to do is to reunite Santiago and his uncle in Gary, Indiana. Veronica shows a photo she found in Santiago’s, admitting she wants to keep him but both agree to go to Gary. They take a shot of the Hobo Loco and both gag.

Cory introduces Boone as Tami’s boyfriend, but she says they are over from a long time ago. Lip wants to know what Brad knows about him, but he is staying out of it.

Kevin and Veronica are waiting for Hazel (Kyoko Dole), making different drinks with Hobo Loco before they leave for Indiana. Frank and Ingrid arrive and announce that they are pregnant. Frank takes a shot of the Hobo Loco stuff and likes it, asking for more, when Ingrid says she is not having triplets, she has sextuplets and it is her body, her choice. After she shouts at him, Frank says things are great and will work out.

Tami sits outside with Lip, revealing she hasn’t decided if she is marrying Boone. She explains that his mom and her mom were best friends and he promised to always take care of Tami, which he feels is now an obligation to marry her. Cory and the others come outside, placing bets and Lip accepts a challenge. Tami reminds him this is not pissing on the tree kind of thing because she isn’t a tree.

Fiona is drunk on the train when a woman gets on with crutches and pregnant. Fiona grabs the man sitting in the seat and makes him move after he was being ignorant; the woman is scared and won’t sit so Fiona takes it; telling the woman beside her that she could have stood up too.

Veronica and Kevin drop off Santiago, saying there is an $8 utility fee for him staying but Veronica works for a deal as he will clean the house. Kevin tries to explain to Santiago where they are going, but it gets too hard. Debbie gives Liam his bill and tells him to figure it out; Liam speaks Spanish and Santiago tells him he will help him do it.

Carl walks in, Debbie says he has a bill of $70. She tells Carl to get a real job and stay away from Kelly. Carl is being unselfish when he worries about her losing out on regionals; plus her dad has a gun that has bullets with his name on it. Kelly appears, after jogging 20 miles, she is being a rebel saying she isn’t doing the “Supposed to”anymore.

Ingrid calls Dr. Kwan, saying she is not doing the reduction, but gets yelled at. Meanwhile, Fiona tells everyone in the bar about the guy on the train when Ford returns, asking her to stop screwing around and give him his tools. He offers her money and she starts throwing plates at him, but then a customer accidentally touches Fiona when he is walking by. She jumps on him and attacks him. Finally, Eliza makes her sit down, suggesting she find a safer place for this aggression.

Kevin and Veronica find several Jose, but as soon as they are asked them if they are legal, all of the bolt. Santiago and Liam find a construction site where Santiago asks for some bricks, the workers have no problem with that.

At home, Kelly continues to brush off her dad on the phone, when she hangs up she tells Carl she never knew this would be so much fun. Carl gets serious and tells her they can’t see each other anymore because she’s not hot enough. He admits that he doesn’t want to mess up her future, but she reveals she doesn’t want to go, she prefers to have a home and watch TV. Lip walks in, joking about Carl getting beaten up by another girl. They learn Lip won the 5K race. Fiona comes down and gives her some money.

Frank and Ingrid barge in announcing they are pregnant and on the run from a North Korean fertility clinic and are moving in. Frank is sure he can do this again, saying he was a great dad to them; but each reveals their vices are his fault. Ingrid tells them they should all be ashamed at the way they are talking to their father, then asks for scissors for her vision board.

Liam and Santiago have Santiago tied to a fence, offering people in the neighborhood to buy bricks to build a wall in front of Santiago. Kevin and Veronica find a taco place where Jose is working, but when his boss asks if he is illegal, he runs out the backdoor and right into the cop car, as a horrified Kevin and Veronica look on.

Fiona is fairly new to boxing so she has a trainer starting. Lip and Boone are at the bar when Lip learns that Boone will be staying at Tami’s place. Brad is surprised how Lip is handling this, tells him that Tami is the one who took her mom’s death the hardest and acts like she doesn’t have a future after 40. Brad tells him if he wants to make her his girlfriend then do it.

Veronica and Kevin question the cop as Jose is able to escape from custody; Kevin shouts for his “little friend” to run!! Ingrid is creating her vision board, encouraging Kelly and Carl to make their own vision board show what they want out of life.

Frank goes to see Rhonda at welfare, revealing he wants to prove the old set of kids wrong in order to provide the new six. He suggests if she starts his welfare checks now, he can invest it and have enough money to raise them properly. She orders him to get out as he shouts this is big government problems and all they want to do is drain the swamp.

Eliza and Fiona are back in the ring, but when she does jabbing, she punches him in the face and then nails him in the ribs and leaves his face bleeding. Fiona asks if he alright. Fiona keeps saying she is from the Southside, he suggests that she buy him a drink. She snaps, saying all men are scum as Eliza apologizes to Rob. He says all he wanted was a drink!

Liam and Santiago have pockets full of cash when they see two boys racing with air conditioners down the alleyway; Liam wants him to take on Santiago and its clear he loses. Santiago walks casually with it on his head while the other one is flipping it over and over again.

Lip comes out of the shower and sees Tami sitting on his bed. She jokes that she probably has a dead soul by this not bothering her. She kisses Lip, but he pulls back asking her if she f**kd Boone. She doesn’t think it matters but Lip says since Boone thinks she is marrying him and should probably clarify things with him. Tami leaves disappointed and belittled.

Ingrid has Carl read out his vision board and how he plans on fighting for his country with such pride. Kelly’s vision board is empty, admitting she has no goals nor dreams as her father had everything planned for her. Carl likes her dad and what he stands for as Kelly wonders if her calling could be staying home and having his babies. Ingrid tells her they can do whatever they want, giving Kelly inspiration.

Veronica and Kevin return to the bar, saying they found Jose and then lost him. A very drunk Frank is adding up the costs of raising the kids when he learns of the competition for the Hobo Loco Man. Frank believes he is the Hobo Loco Man and slurps up the booze from the bar.

Lip and Cory meet outside the bar, where they get hot and heavy against the dumpster. Major is calling Kelly, when she walks in with Karl, ordering them both to sit down. She wants to go to Minneapolis but she wants to hang out with Carl and eat junk food every once in a while. She wants to call him “Dad” and if either one of them have a problem with her choices they need to step up and deal with it. Both are speechless but have no problem. She says she will be staying at the Gallaghers 5 nights a week, so she will need a raise in her allowance so she can pay rent. She shouts for Carl to come, Fk the tent as they are having sex in her room!

Liam and Santiago return home, where Debbie informs Liam that she changed the locks. He pays her what he owes, but still short so Santiago can come in but Liam can’t. Fiona throws the tools through Ford’s windows, saying you don’t hurt someone you feel responsible for. She breaks down crying and continues drinking, grabbing bigger tools; tripping over the box and laying on the concrete she stares off.

Tami finds Lip sitting outside, learning that Boone is still asleep he tells her that he has sex with his sister. She insists that doesn’t bother her, but he wants to know why she cares so little. He reveals things have happened to him too, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel things. He tells her it was a good talk and is about to leave when Tami confesses that it bothers her that he slept with Cory and it bothers him that she slept with Boone. They agree not to f**k other people anymore and shake on it.

Fiona returns home and is unable to get in. She sees Liam laying on the bench, saying Debbie won’t let anyone in until they pay what they owe her. Fiona joins him on the bench, begging him to never screw over women; Liam says he doesn’t know because he isn’t sure if he is into women so he is keeping his options open. He later promises to never screw over women, making Fiona smile and hug him. Debbie lets them both in, even though they have no money.


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