Sister Wives Recap 02/10/19: Season 10 Episode 3 “Kody Wants Out”

Sister Wives Recap 02/10/19: Season 10 Episode 3 "Kody Wants Out"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, February 10, 2019, season 10 episode 3 called “Kody Wants Out” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 10 episode 2 as per the TLC synopsis, “Mitch and Aspyn announce their engagement and the race is on to find a venue. Then, the whole family goes to Utah to help with the official opening of Meri’s business. At the opening, Kody drops a hint of some major changes ahead.”

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Aspyn was getting serious with her boyfriend Mitch. They had met nine years ago when they had been kids, but Mitch was older and so he didn’t really take notice of Aspyn until she called him out of the blue nine months ago. They had been closer in age by then and so that’s when Mitch realized how great Aspyn. The two of them quickly moved into the courting stage and they have had to make their relationship work long-distance. Mitch lived several states away and it been hard on them. Aspyn tended to get teary-eyed whenever she had to leave Mitch behind and so he decided to take the next step in their relationship by moving out to Las Vegas. Its where Aspyn was and where she wanted to stay in order to be with her family.

The same family that took Mitch’s moving as a huge sign. Everyone talked about when Mitch and Aspyn were going to get married and even Aspyn said she couldn’t wait. Aspyn had planned on getting engaged soon because she wanted a June wedding though before they could get married or even engaged they had to come to a decision about plural marriage. Mitch grew up around plural marriage and has a sibling living that lifestyle. Hence Mitch always thought he becomes polygamous. He’s thought it about it for himself and he knows he wouldn’t mind having more than just one wife. It was Aspyn that didn’t want a plural marriage. She’s talked about it with Mitch and she wasn’t sure about that step.

Aspyn, of course, grew up around plural marriage, but it was never something she wanted for herself and Mitch didn’t want to take that step without her consent. They both knew they were going to get married one day and for now, it appears that they weren’t going to be pursuing plural marriage. Her parents didn’t say anything one way or another about it because they believe both parties should decide what will happen in their own marriage and thankfully no one was offended. Kody and Christine helped Mitch move to Las Vegas and they teased Mitch the whole way. They really like the young man and they like how he acts with their daughter. Aspyn had been giddy to have him move for her and so the whole family came out to support her.

Except there was an issue with another one of Kody and Christine’s daughters. Their daughter Ysabel who’s been suffering from scoliosis hasn’t been doing her exercises like she was supposed to and so that worried her parents. They thought her spine looked worse than before and so Kody had gotten angry. He was usually an optimist and so he turns to lose it when he gets bad news. He thought that he would get some bad news at the doctor’s office, but it turns out that there was nothing wrong. There wasn’t an increase in Ysabel’s curvature and she’s been maintaining the same level for the last six months. It means great things for her because she was still on track for surgery and that’s what she wanted. And so it was her parents that didn’t want the surgery.

They were concerned that the surgery might be a too drastic step. Especially Kody who wanted Ysabel to improve her spine naturally and that’s why he’s so set on her doing her exercises. He didn’t understand how hard it was for Ysabel. She would get migraines and would often be in so much pain that she didn’t want to make it worse by doing stretches. Ysabel wanted to get into a position of surgery because for her it would mean she gets to final stop wearing the back brace. The brace made her feel like she was standing out and she thought she was ugly. She couldn’t wait to throw that thing away and put her entire ordeal behind her. Therefore, Ysabel and her father aren’t going to agree on what comes next with her doctors.

Kody still celebrated that she maintained her condition by calling a family gathering and so everyone came over to hear the good news about Ysabel, but right after they were told she was doing okay, that’s when Aspyn announced her own news. She and Mitch had recently gotten engaged. They had been helping his mother move when he took her out to a place to see the stars and proposed to her. Aspyn said she barely let him get through the words before shouting “yes” and even before they told the family they had figured out what they wanted for their wedding. They both had different ideas about how they wanted to get married because Aspyn wanted to elope and Mitch had wanted to invite half a thousand people in his family (remember his family are polygamists). And so they agreed on less than one-fifth.

They also wanted to get married in Utah. The family laughed about that because it seems like none of the kids wanted to get married in Las Vegas and so Robyn joked maybe it was because they moved around so many times that they wanted a destination wedding. The other wives had found it funny as well, but Kody had gotten super angry. He said that Las Vegas wasn’t home to him and that it wasn’t a joke. He’s been complaining about living in Las Vegas because it’s been his dream to move back to Utah and so he got a little mean about it after the joke. The wives had had to check him before he let it go and even then he complained about a wedding out of state because there was just so much to do. The family later joined Aspyn, Mitch, and Mitch’s family as they looked at wedding venues.

The couple had preselected three venues to check out. The first one they all liked, not everyone was on board with the second, and the third one was by far the most beautiful. It was also a little pricey. Kody balked at the price of everything even though both Christine and Janelle said it was on target with what they spent for the other two girls and so it had been a whole thing. The sister wives banded together to tell Aspyn that she could have that venue if she really wants it and Aspyn didn’t want to make that decision because she knew it was her family paying for it. The family wants to pay for all the girls’ wedding and Kody wants to be able to give them all the same amount for their special day.

Kody doesn’t want to short-change anyone and so the family took a vote. All the sister wives voted to get the place for Aspyn and so Aspyn was getting a beautiful venue with no one feeling like they had to make do it for it. The family had been united for Aspyn, but there were still a few problems lurking under the surface. Like Meri’s house. Meri bought a house that her ancestors built and she dreams of turning it in a B&B. Meri wants her new business to be a success and so she hosted a Grand Reopening with her family. Everyone had mostly seen it by then and the ones that hadn’t had been given a tour by a very excited by Meri who couldn’t help showing off a piece of heritage. And, well, seeing this house had made Kody feel a certain way.

Kody didn’t realize how much he missed Utah until he was back for Meri’s house. He loved the history of the place and the feel of being back. Kody talked about it with Mariah. He told her that he had been happy for a while when Maddie moved back in to have the baby and how he was even all that spring because the baby extended his happiness, but he now feels like he’s done with Nevada. He said he was feeling like moving back and running for office. Kody believes that becoming part of the change would help strike down the anti-polygamist laws in Utah and so the only thing stopping him from moving tomorrow is his family. Mainly his wives who all think that they’d run the risk of being marginalized or worse imprisoned.

Kody was the only one that wanted to go back. The others didn’t think it would work for their kids or for them and Meri was included. She has her mother running the B&B and she had owned her business back in Las Vegas. The wives were all happy with their lives and so it was just Kody that wanted upset all that by moving back.

Kody also couldn’t help realizing that Meri had gone ahead without his backing or his approval to do something all on her own. He admitted that he wanted her to gain the confidence to do something on her own and so he seems proud of her, but at the same time he also came across as being frustrated with Meri because he and everybody else was wondering if Meri was going to use this house as a reason to escape.


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