Sister Wives Recap 03/31/19: Season 10 Episode 10 “Moving Meltdowns”

Sister Wives Recap 03/31/19: Season 10 Episode 10 "Moving Meltdowns"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, March 31, 2019, season 10 episode 10 called “Moving Meltdowns” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 10 episode 10 as per the TLC synopsis, “Kody sees the plans for his one giant polygamist house and loves them, but his wives may not. Just weeks away from leaving their homes in Las Vegas, tensions run high. Robyn presses Kody to settle down and Gabe walks out.

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Kody took his best friend and brother to go see Flagstaff, Arizona. The family doesn’t know anyone in the area and so their best bet at having a community was if they convinced loved ones to move out there as well. Kody thought he could pull that off with Nathan and his baby brother Michael. Michael was born when the family was already living the principle and so all he knows is plural marriage. He was married right now and he and his wife have discussed plural marriage, but they haven’t met the right person and so they didn’t know where they want to go with the idea. Michael talked about it with his brother and according to them once there was a second wife then easily transition to a third wife because everyone just assumes by then. And so Michael got to hear how Kody and Christine hooked up.

Christine had actually been interested in someone else when she met Kody and it had been him that received the spiritual calling first. He was interested in her and as they came to know each other it was soon Christine hitting on him. It turns out husbands aren’t supposed to shop around for new wives. It’s considered smarmy if they do and so it was the women that had to present themselves to families. Christine wanted to become Kody’s family and that’s why she made the move. She and Kody can laugh about it now even if it was slightly nerve-wracking back then. Now they joke about it and were amazed how far their relationship has come. Christine, for instance, knew from the moment she heard the guys were taking a trip with Kody that Kody was going to tell them his big secret.

Kody denied it of course and waited until none of his wives were around to reveal he was going to do just that. He told the guys about the secret house plans. It was a giant complex really that encompassed all fours “apartments” for each wife and Kody wanted to convince his wives that it was a good idea. First, he had to see the finish project and boy was it something. It had a lodge hotel feel to it and so it would please each wife. And Kody was hoping that the appearance of it would be a huge incentive for them to listen to the rest of his plan. Kody wanted to move the family into one great big house because he said it would make things easier on him and that he could be around all of his kids without having to move from one house to the next. And so the whole plan was created for his convenience with a little “we’ll feel more like a family if we lived together” thrown in at the end.

Kody could have shown these plans once they were ready to his family, but he decided to sit on them because he wanted the move to come first. He also wanted to rush his family. They all found places in Flagstaff to temporarily move in their stuff and so Kody wants his family out of their houses now because they would save on the mortgage. He had everyone pack up their things and the one person that wasn’t following orders was Meri. Meri believed she could wait to pack because she first wanted to help her daughter Mariah with Mariah’s own move to Chicago and so Meri told Kody to back off because she has a right to be there for her daughter. Only he took what she said and used it against her. Kody talked to Mariah and he convinced her that she could move all on her own without needing help from her parents.

Nevermind that Kody has helped countless adult children to move in the past. He said what he did to Mariah because he wanted Mariah to realize that she was standing in the way of Meri’s move and that’s what she did. Mariah didn’t want to feel like she was making things uncomfortable for her mom and so she told her mom that “no” she didn’t need her help. She was going to get help from her mother-in-law and Meri could visit her in Chicago whenever she likes. Meri didn’t like that one because she had been looking forward to their road trip together and so she had no other choice than to pack for her own move. Meri was going with the family and she’s told them this countless times but they still seem to doubt her and so the only way to get Kody off her back was to do as he asked.

Kody later said that he was glad that Mariah wasn’t caught up in their own private war, but what “war” when Meri didn’t even know about it and was always going to go pack. She wasn’t someone the family needed to worry about and Kody for one she should have been paying more attention to Gabriel. Gabriel was in the latest round of triplets. The term “triplets” was sometimes used in plural families to describe three children born in the same year if not the same mother and so Gabriel was an in this group with two of his sisters. Both of the girls had come around to the idea of moving because they know there was nothing they could have said that would have convinced their dad to stay in Las Vegas and so Gabriel was the lone wolf. His mother Janelle said that he’s been going up and down a lot and he showed them when he blew up at Christine’s house.

Gabriel had joked that he needed a motorcycle and all the other kids chimed in how they would need motorcycles too, but it was all a game until Kody began praising Gwendolyn for her maturity. She said she was fine with the move and that just wanted to get through it already. So Kody said that she was very wise and he also said that she now deserved a motorcycle of her own. It was all pretty harmless and yet Gabriel blew up. No one knew why and they tried to talk to him only he stormed out of the house. Gabriel did probably overreact at that moment and what he needed was for everyone to understand why he was acting out and perhaps go talk to him. And instead, Kody didn’t go after him because he didn’t want to seem like he was “rewarding” Gabriel’s behavior.


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