Survivor Premiere Recap 09/25/19: Season 39 Episode 1 “I Vote You Out and That’s It”

Survivor Premiere Recap 09/25/19: Season 39 Episode 1 "I Vote You Out and That's It"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, September 25, 2019, Season 39 Episode 1 premiere and we have your Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Survivor season, 39 episode 1 called “I Vote You Out and That’s It,” as per the CBS synopsis, “One castaway gets fired up when learning a lesson on the Island of the Idols, where Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz serve as mentors in an all-new twist.

Also, castaways question whether likability will prove to be a liability, on the special 90-minute season premiere of SURVIVOR”

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“Boston” Rob and Sandra, two of Survivor’s dominant winners are back. Sandra is the only person to ever win twice, and she is coming back because it is time that the queen teaches others some of her tricks. This time the two are not competing, they can’t vote and they will not win the million dollars. Instead, they will serve as mentors to a new group of players. They will live on the island of the idols. It’s a Survivor boot camp run by two masters of the game. Boston Rob understands every component of this game.

Every player who visits will be instructed in a different facet of Survivor. And then, be given an opportunity to test what they have learned and a chance to win an advantage. Which ones will rise to the moment? Which ones will fall victim to lessons learned? And who will have what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast all the rest to claim the million-dollar prize? Thirty-nine days, twenty people, one Survivor.

Lairo Tribe: Dean, Karishma, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Elaine, Ronnie, Tom, Aaron and Vince.

Vokai Tribe: Jack, Molly, Lauren, Kellee, Jane, Noura, Dan, Jamal, Jason and Tommy.

Karishma is really excited to head to Fiji, there are no words to describe it. Chelsea is so excited to see her tribemates, but then I am thinking where is Jeff Probst, what is happening right now. They walk up a hill after coming off the boat and see their flag, Island of Idols, then everyone grabs a buff for the Lairo tribe from a basket.

Elizabeth is a three-time Olympic swimmer and a competitor, she shares that with some of the other women. Not sure if that was a smart move. Missy was in the military, played basketball, then had a brain tumor and almost died. She is very grateful to be on Survivor.

At Vokai tribe, they are looking around for Jeff Probst as well. They find a basket of buffs and share them around. Everyone introduces themselves. Molly is excited to be on her tribe, she finds everyone is smart and bright. Janet is worried to be an easy vote off, so she tries to stand out to break that stereotype; she starts by making fire.

Janet does it, she made fire and the entire tribe is thrilled and she feels like she broke the mold on the older woman.

At the Lairo tribe, Vince is used to always doing the work, he throws himself right into making a shelter. Tom starts his own alliance with Elaine and Vince; the rest of the tribe are getting suspicious. Aaron thinks they immediately painted a target on their back.

Back at Vokai, Jason is looking for an idol and everyone notices right away; he is also painting a target on his back. Jack is the youngest person on the tribe and he finds a huge clam. He has already paired up with Tommy, the other young player on the tribe. Tommy, on the other hand, is making lots of alliances and may get himself in trouble from the start if everyone starts talking. Noura gives Jason a heads up that people are talking about him vanishing and looking for an idol on day one.

At Lairo, Missy likes the other women on the team because it looks like they are going to do whatever benefits them; they already start talking about an all-girl alliance. Missy tells Elaine that there is already a target on her back because they think she belongs to that alliance of three. Roonie is just watching everyone and he is worried about because she is very down to earth and from a small town.

On Vokai, Dan is starting to rub people the wrong way because he is a little too touchy. Molly talks to Janet about it, but she is not the only one that is feeling that way. It seems to be bothering Kellee the most. Janet thinks they should just say what they think to him. Kellee takes her advice and tells Dan how she feels. Kellee feels like they had a good conversation about it, but she still thinks it is going to hurt his game.

Time for the official welcome from Jeff Probst. Elaine tells him that when they didn’t see him, they thought he quit – everyone laughs. Jeff announce it is time for the first Immunity Challenge. Tribes are going to race up and down an obstacle, they will then drop a bridge, and climb to the top of a tower where they must solve a massive village puzzle. The first tribe to finish wins immunity. Jeff shows them the immunity idol. In addition, they are playing for reward in the form of flint.

Both teams arrive at the puzzle pretty much at the same time. It is Dean, Vince, and Chelsea doing the puzzle for Lairo. It is Molly, Lauren, and Jamal for Vokai. Vokai did really well and they win immunity, nobody is going home from this tribe. Jeff announces that Lairo is going to tribal council and one more thing, island of idols does exist and one of them is going to be the first person to experience it. Jeff has a bag with all the tribe’s names inside, the one drawn will go to the island of idols. Jeff asks for a volunteer to pick the name, Elaine puts her hand up and she chooses Elizabeth. Jeff announces that Elizabeth will return for tribal council.

Elizabeth arrives on the island and she sees these two massive statues, and she recognizes them as Boston Rob and Sandra. All of a sudden, the two come out; Elizabeth can’t believe it, she is so excited, surprised and in awe.

Boston Rob reads Elizabeth The Oath Of The Idols; we are the survivor idols, we are not competing, we do not vote, we cannot win the million-dollar prize, our job is to mentor you in the game of Survivor and then offer you a chance to test what you’ve learned. Everything that happens here is intended to make you a better Survivor player.
Elizabeth tells them that her tribe has a shelter, they can fish but have no fire. Rob says he can teach her how to make fire. He shows her how to do it, then she gives it a try but has a hard time. Finally, after Sandra shows her as well, Elizabeth finally does it and is so excited. Rob tells her that she has to go through a test of what she learned to win an advantage in the game. There are two fire making stations, if she makes fire first she wins an immunity idol for the next two tribal councils, if she loses, she loses her vote for tonight. Is she confident enough to take the risk or will she return to camp empty-handed. She has learned from the best, but can she beat Rob?

Back at camp, it appears that Ronnie’s name is the top one to vote out. Vince seems to be the swing vote. Karishma is torn because Elaine’s name is being thrown around and she made an alliance with her. Vince as well doesn’t want to get rid of Elaine because he likes her.

The competitor in Elizabeth says yes, she is going to make fire and try to do it before Rob. Meanwhile, Rob is disappointed that she took the first offer, she is like every other Survivor player, she didn’t know if he had another offer in his back pocket. No surprise, Rob wins and she lost her vote at tribal council. Rob asks her what was she thinking about going against him; then he tells her to always go with her gut, she should have never have battled against him. Rob tells her that she gets to pick the next person from the other tribe to visit the idol. She puts her hand in the back and chooses, but they won’t let her see who it is.

Elaine is nervous and she is upset that she is even on the radar. Elizabeth returns to the tribe and she tells a lie, she says there are three urns, she has to choose to smash one and the result was that she lost and didn’t win anything. She doesn’t mention that she lost her vote.

Time for tribal council, everyone lights a torch which represents their life in the game. Chelsea tells Jeff that there was a lot of paranoia when he wasn’t there in the beginning when they arrived. Elaine tells him that she has clicked with everyone and doesn’t understand why her name is being thrown around to vote out. Karishma says that in the game of Survivor likeability is a liability. Elaine tries to defend herself and says why do that so early in the game. Ronnie says that they have to be smart and not get rid of their strong players so early in the game. Elaine says that she is devastated that she may be going home. Rob and Sandra are listening in. Time to vote.

The first vote is for Vince, then Ronnie, Vince, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie. That’s six, that’s enough, Ronnie is the first person voted out and he is clearly in shock.

Jeff says that the results tonight were obviously a devastating blindside.