The Bachelorette Recap 07/22/19: Season 15 Episode 10 “The Men Tell All”

The Bachelorette Recap 07/22/19: Season 15 Episode 10 "The Men Tell All"

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, July 22, 2019, episode and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 15 episode 10 called, “The Men Tell All,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Luke P.’s stunning final standoff in Greece is revealed; and then, the controversial bachelor will take the hot seat opposite Chris Harrison to give his side of the story. The other men, fired up by Luke P.’s self-defense, explode into the vitriolic outburst they have been holding back all season long.

Finally, as the clock ticks down on Hannah’s journey to find love, a special sneak peek of her dramatic final week with Jed, Peter and Tyler C. are featured.

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2019 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Usually, they start the tell-all with all the men in the studio, but this time, they are going to start off where they left off in Greece. What happened there was so shocking that they couldn’t wait to show us.

It is the last day in Greece, Hannah has Peter, Tyler, and Jed. All of her overnight’s went amazing. She has been loved so fearlessly. Peter tells Chris that he is crazy in love with Hannah. Hannah loves all the men in different ways and this will be hard. Tyler feels amazing and really confident. Jed feels good, there were a lot of questions he had, and he got a lot of clarity. Hannah also wanted clarity and she was finally hit right in the face with everything that the men said about Luke, she saw it for himself. In fact, she does not want Luke in her life and will never question her decision to send him home.

Meanwhile, Hannah thought when she sent Luke P. home and everything that she said, she doesn’t realize that he still loves her and this is not over for him yet. He didn’t go home, he has to speak to her again and get everything off his chest, he loves her and knows that she loves him. She doesn’t know it yet, but he is on his way back, he is coming.

Oh my, Luke P. has a diamond engagement ring in his hand, he is ready to propose!

Hannah arrives for the Rose Ceremony, she is greeted by Chris and we see Luke P. coming down the stairs. Luke P. walks right to the men and steps beside them, making it four. Meanwhile, Chris tells Hannah there are three men, neither of them has any idea that Luke P. is there. Chris hugs Hannah and wishes her good luck. Hannah comes around the side, she sees Luke P. and he approaches her, she asks him, “why are you here?” Luke P. tells her that he needs to talk to her and can’t go home until he does. Hannah says no and tells him to go and to get away from her.

Hannah says she is about to go psycho and asks him to please leave. Luke P. says he needs clarity and he is not leaving until he has closure. Hannah says that she has gone over and over in her head about how many chances she gave him and she is not doing this anymore. Hannah calls him narcissistic and it’s all about him, he has already broken her heart fifteen times over and she is done with it. Jed, Tyler, and Peter go to Luke P. and tell him just to leave, Tyler and Jed have their hand on his coat and Luke P. tells them to take their hands off, he looks ready for a fight with clenched fists.

Hannah asks Luke P. why he is doing this. Finally, Chris is there. Hannah shares with the other men what Luke P. said the other night about if she had sex with any of the other men, he was going to remove himself from the game. Luke P. says that he knows she still has feelings for him and he is misunderstood. Hannah says that there is nothing to really talk about. Chris turns to Hannah asks her what she wants, she says she doesn’t want Luke P. to be there. Luke P. asks her to look him in the eyes and tell him, she does.

Chris tells Hannah that she has clarity now. Luke P. thought she was the one, he had a ring in his pocket and he was ready to propose to her.

We are back in the studio. We just watched Luke’s crashing return. We start tonight with the man behind all the controversy, Luke P. Chris asks him how he is doing. Luke P. said he was looking for clarity or closure, and the reason she sent him home was that she thought he was judging her. Chris reminds Luke P. about what he said regarding her having sex with the other man. Luke P. said that he obtain from sex before marriage, and he was

expecting the same thing from whoever he chooses to marry. Luke P. says that his actions were because he was completely blindsided. He says that when people date they don’t need to see each other straddle, mount or swap saliva with other people and it is not easy. Chris says he respects how he feels but Hannah made her decision. Luke P. said he made a mistake, he made Hannah out to be a perfect wife and she is not perfect. Chris says that even though it was love at first sight, their relationship was really contentious. Luke P. is choked up, he says his feelings were real, that is why he went back for her – it was frustrating because she thought he was judging her. He was shocked, confused. Chris reminds Luke P. that Hannah called him a narcissist.

Luke P. says he admits that he was prideful and arrogant, but not a narcissist. Chris asks Luke P. if he is still in love with Hannah, he says yes, and he wants the best for her and knows she is not the one for him. Chris asks if he made any mistakes, Luke P. says if he could go back he wouldn’t change a thing. Luke P. says it is tough when the house thinks you are crazy, a psychopath and a liar. One of the hardest things for him is all the disrespect and jabs he got from all the guys constantly.

But what was hardest, is that the women who he thought was the woman of his dreams, was constantly judging him. From day one he felt like he was on a rescue mission for Hannah. Chris says when he says rescue, it sounds like he thinks she had to be saved. Luke P. says rescued from the other men on the show.

Devin comes up and on stage, he was backstage watching everything and his blood is boiling. He says there are two types of men, the ones that want a strong and confident woman and the other kind of men who want to control women, so they can feel better about themselves. What really blows his mind that the only one that had to be rescued was Hannah from him. Devin apologizes to Chris for coming on stage, Chris thanks him.

Chris gives Luke P. a chance to rebuttal. Luke P. is clenching his jaw and asks Chris to give him a moment. Clearly, Luke P. is trying to control his temper; he says the last thing he would do is a control a woman. He wants a woman who makes a decision for herself, although a man is supposed to lead and guide a woman in a relationship. Furthermore, he is not there to argue with anyone. The audience is laughing.

Time for the other men to join the stage: Ryan, Daron, Brian, Matt Donald, Matteo, Cam, Devin, Dustin, Grant, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Luke S., Dylan, Connor S., Garrett, and Mike. Chris welcomes all the men. Chris starts with the elephant in the room Luke P., he asks why he could never get along with the men. Luke P. says that he had it in the bag from the beginning, it put a target on his back being a front runner and it made all the other men mad.

Mike says Luke P. is the only one who put the target on his own back; he continued to do stupid crap and didn’t learn anything at all, he is a narcissist and his future wife will be a prisoner of him if he doesn’t change.

Connor S. gives him the only compliment he is going there, he respects him being there because he is about to step into a firestorm. But, secondly, every single week there was something that Luke P. had to apologize for and his actions never changed. Connor S. then says, F*** you, you are a liar and a psychopath.”

Luke P. says that it hurt him to watch the season, he did make it about him and bold-faced lied to some of the guys. Furthermore, he was immature and hope they can support him while he works on those things and forgive him.

Mike reminds Luke P. that when Chris asked if he would change anything, he said no.

Grant tells Luke P. that he needs to apologize to Peter, Jed, and Tyler for interrupting them with Hannah.

Dylan tells Luke P. that it is 2019, he needs to mature and stop talking to women the way he does.

Cam says that he had no drama with Luke P. but right now he is making him look like a saint.

Matteo says that Luke P. made a lot of mistakes, but you could see the distress and pain he felt when separated by the group and for being here and taking all this from his, he has suffered from his actions.

Chris says that neither he or Hannah were virgins so why to be stuck on that. Luke P. tells Chris to think about what he is asking. He goes on to say some people call it a secondary virgin.

Jonathan said that he shared his with Luke P., but after he left, the way that he acted was not Christian like and you shouldn’t push your faith on someone else.

Chris gives Luke P. the final word, anything he wants to say. Luke P. says that it hurts him that some of the men don’t accept his apology and he hopes they will all someday forgive him. Chris thanks him for being there and sitting in the hot seat.

Chris says it has been an emotional night. Luke P. says he wants to say something, he takes full ownership for how he acted and they still don’t know him.

Chris calls John Paul Jones to the hot seat, in fact, he was a fan favorite. Chris says that he doesn’t know if in history of the show if there was anyone else had as great a time as him. Chris recaps some of his moments on the show. JPJ says it was great being on the show and thanks to all the men. Chris asks what life was like for him after the show. JPJ says that he is recognized a lot and appreciates the good vibes. A woman from the audience comes up and asks if she can cut a lock of his hair like he let Hannah did.

Chris tells JPJ that unless he wants to be bald, he better not let any more ladies cut his hair. Chris says that he will see him in Mexico and in honor of him, Chris is bringing out chicken nuggets for everyone. Chris and JPJ toast over chicken nuggets.

Mike is on the hot seat next. Chris tells him that he is throwing smoke because he looks great in a three-piece suit. Chris gives us a look back at Mike’s time with Hannah.

Mike says that he knew something was up when they hit the night time portion of his last date with Hannah. He poured his heart out to Hannah and feels like he didn’t get closure.

Chris announces that they are about to launch a new way to experience The Bachelor, it is called The Bachelor Live On Stage, hosted by Ben Higgins and coming to a city near you. If you ever wondered what it feels like to be on The Bachelor, then this is your chance.

Chris welcomes Hannah to the stage and asks her how she feels to be in front of her ex-boyfriends. Hannah says it is surreal but she is really glad to see them all. Chris asks her what stood out to her that she didn’t catch. She says it goes back to the beginning with Luke P., it was the closest thing to love at first sight but she thinks a lot of that came from being the Bachelorette in the first place. Ultimately she says she is very happy that her relationship with him is over. Luke P. apologizes to Hannah.

She says that in the end she was threatened by the shared faith that they had. Chris asks Hannah if she was shamed the night of her fantasy suite with Luke P., she says yes. Hannah says that she finally felt for herself what the men told her about Luke P. and she is so over being slut-shamed by him. Furthermore, she says, the Fantasy Suite is not about having sex but Luke P. wouldn’t know that because he never made it inside one. Mike says that he and all the men support her.

Luke P. gets up and leaves the studio without a word. Hannah says thank you to Mike and tells him that the goodbye to him was really hard. To know that he supported her the whole time, constantly being her cheerleader, she is so glad that he was on the journey with her; she is sorry, and he deserves the best.

Garrett says that he was pretty upset with her for a while. He was so upset that she chose Luke P. over him but he now knows she was misled. Hannah says she doesn’t regret the way it happened because of the relationship she had with Luke P., a lot of women can relate to because they have been in toxic relationships. But maybe, what she went through, and got rid of him might help someone else get out of a similar relationship.

Chris says there was a lot of drama but it has been fun. Hannah says she is sorry for the whole thing with Luke P. and having him on the TV longer than anyone of us wanted.