The Good Doctor Recap 01/21/19: Season 2 Episode 12 “Aftermath”

The Good Doctor Recap 01/21/19: Season 2 Episode 12 "Aftermath"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, January 21, 2019, episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below.  On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 2 episode 12 called, “Aftermath,” as per the ABC synopsis, “In the aftermath of the quarantine, the staff tries to return to their normal routines as the Department of Public Health office decides they need to review what transpired to restore public confidence.

Meanwhile, as Dr. Audrey Lim recovers from the virus, she and Dr. Neil Melendez navigate their new personal and working relationship, while Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Aaron Glassman try to relax and visit Lea at work.

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The Good Doctor begins with the alarm going off and Shaun (Freddie Highmore) shutting it off. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) checks on his sleeping son. Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann) tries to relax while Claire (Antonia Thomas) goes for a run. Lea (Paige Spara) cranks up her headphones and dances around the kitchen in her pajamas, which Shaun walks out to, scaring the crap out of her. She feels like a fool, wondering why he is up after going through hell, giving him multiple suggestions to relieve his stress and orders him to get out and do something, shoving him back in his room; saying she is right about this.

The hospital is being decontaminated while Marcus (Hill Harper) is dealing with a DSI review, which they say is to help restore public confidence. He reminds her the virus started in Malaysia and there is nothing his medical staff could have done to prevent the three deaths. She demands all medical records and staff communication from the moment the first outbreak patient arrived.

Shaun reluctantly avoids his medical books, holding a Rubik’s cube as Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) visits Audrey Lim (Christina Chang), who is recovering and already working. She tells him he doesn’t need to play a supportive friend just because they slept together; admitting she prefers them to be competing then him being nice to her. Melendez doesn’t think that is fair, but she dismisses him, asking him to shut the door as he leaves.

Claire plays her guitar, singing until Morgan calls her, convincing her to join her for Mimosas; knowing what she is doing because of what it says on her dating profile. Kellan’s (Ricky He) mother leaves, as he promises to call her every night, but before Mia gets in the car, Alex asks her to stay with them until Kellan flies out on Sunday, feeling it has been good and she could definitely use a break. She declines and he wishes her a safe flight, suddenly saying she will take a later flight that night.

Shaun finds Aaron (Richard Schiff) getting dressed and ready to leave but Shaun reminds him that Dr. Marina Blaize (Lisa Edelstein) said he couldn’t leave for 2 days. Aaron is simply sick of being sick and insists he needs a break. Aaron says he is not quitting, but he just doesn’t have any idea, storming off and leaving Shaun alone in the room.

Shaun chases Aaron, saying he going with him but Aaron asks him if they are friends; Shaun believes they are and that Aaron has a lot of friends. He questions that since he had someone drive him around that he barely knows and doesn’t really like. He also wants to know why Lea doesn’t have any friends other than him, but Shaun defends her saying she has plenty of friends as she goes out all the time; Aaron finds her questionable. Their chat is interrupted when Lea calls Shaun, inviting him out for lunch; she invites Glassy too but he says he never wanted to come and isn’t hungry. He tells Shaun to go but when he refuses, Lea begs him saying he is her only friend; a wary Aaron says he would love to join them.

Morgan and Claire are drinking when Claire offers her condolences about Tyler as she is trying to be a decent human being. Morgan acts like Claire is the one with the problem and walks outside to take a call from her mom. Meanwhile, Alex and Mia are enjoying Kellan at the pitching range; both discuss their lack of dating and how they imagined getting back together, she says similar to being attacked by a great white shark; Alex says he gets it!

Marcus watches the DSI investigation being conducted, and is not given any updates; only advised to wait until the investigation is complete before releasing any findings. She is surprised to learn he only has a part-time chief of surgery; questioning his role that night as COS or President of the hospital. He says this way there is no miscommunication in making major decisions, but feels it is none of her business; she feels it is if it directly affects patients’ care. He says these bureaucrats have no idea how a hospital runs nor what doctors and nurses do daily to provide optimum care for patients and she can tell the governor that for him!

Claire returns to the restaurant, saying she needs to go. Morgan wants her to stay to enjoy more mimosas but Claire says she needs to go help her mom who is being evicted; Morgan wants to help. She finally admits that Tyler’s death was upsetting. She can carry a lot and is great with moms, so Claire agrees for her to come along.

Marcus talks to Allegra (Tamlyn Tomita) about his recent conversation, learning that she agrees and was never a fan of his promotion. He doesn’t want to look like an indecisive fool but she suggests he might look like a man who made a mistake and has reconsidered; she leaves him to think about it.

Lea welcomes Aaron and Shaun to her work. Aaron wants to know if any of her co-workers are going to join us, she questions him as Aaron calls her “suspicious”. She leaves them to get their food and to meet at their table.

Claire and Morgan help Breez empty everything up as Claire demands to know who else is living here since it was her money paying for it. Breez says it is none of their business and didn’t rip them off, she is just a little late on the rent. Breez reveals that she has had her ass beaten and is terrified he is going to do it again, so she needs to get out as quickly as possible; refusing to go to the cops.

Alex and Mia play mini golf, enjoying their time together. Mia wants to know what this woman has done that he isn’t serious about, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Mia asks about Shaun as Alex says he is a bit immature but nice. Alex doesn’t want to talk about it, nor his personal life; so she pushes to know how he is doing. He just wants to relax and have fun as she reminds him this is exactly how they broke up. She admits she made a mistake, but they were broken long before that. She felt she couldn’t support someone when she knew nothing about anything as he left everything as a “need to know” basis.

Morgan finds an old paystub in the trash from a Karnell Hunter, but Claire doesn’t think it would be helpful. Morgan wants to confront him, but Claire says the guys her mom dates are psychos and since she doesn’t want to involve the police there is nothing they can do about it. Morgan reveals she was stalked in med school and carries a permitted weapon, showing Claire her gun. Morgan wants to send him a message as studies have shown that men are better visual learners.

Claire wants the key from Morgan, she locks the glove box. She tells Morgan to stop calling her “St. Claire” and isn’t really willing to face the fact that her mother is bipolar. In the meantime, Melendez returns to see Lim, saying he is getting angrier as he thinks about it. He blames her for inviting him out for drinks and then insisting on returning to his place for sex. Lim tells him he needs to project more and use his diaphragm if he wants the whole hospital to hear. He promises to never go out of his way to be nice to her again.

Lea tells Shaun that Aaron doesn’t like her, but doesn’t know why. She wants Shaun to help the situation but he needs her to help convince Aaron to start chemo. Lea is getting tired of people who act like she doesn’t understand; Aaron knows exactly how she feels. Aaron returns with only a drink because so many food options confused him. Lea tells them they all need to do something fun.

Alex’s day with his son and ex is not going well; Kellan returns to the arcade so his parents can talk it out. Alex suggests him and Mia should consider getting back together. He insists he respects her and wants her in his life to remind him of who he can be. She feels he is simply exhausted and lonely after such a traumatic event. He tells Mia he loves her and will do whatever she wants him to do. She thanks him, as she holds his hand, saying she loves him too but it is best if they keep moving forward with their lives; Alex is heartbroken.

Morgan and Claire find Karnell in a warehouse, they tell him he needs to listen to them and they are going to talk. He tells Morgan to get out of his face, as she questions if he is going to beat her ass. When he questions who they are, Claire reveals Breez Browne is her mother, informing him that she is moving out of the apartment and never wants to see him again. Morgan calls him a coward but he swears he would never lay his hands on a woman, especially Breez as she is the best thing to ever happen to him. He reveals he proposed to her and wants to know what Breez told him.

They find Breez and confront her, as she tells them it was not their place to interfere. Claire doesn’t understand how her mother felt disappearing into the night would have been easier for him but Breez confesses she doesn’t want to marry him, admitting he is one of the sweetest men she has ever met. She doesn’t know why she is trying to ghost him as Claire hugs her, worried.

Dr. Andrews is told by the DSI they have some findings. She says Dr. Audrey Lim nonconsensually dosed a man who wasn’t even a patient (unethical and a crime), Dr. Neil Melendez ignored a written DNR which is also a crime. They just reviewed a video revealing Dr. Shaun Murphy curled up in a fetal position. Marcus explains Shaun’s medical condition but she doesn’t care as it affected patient care and she will be recommending all 3 to the State Medical Board for suspension.

Lea brings Shaun and Aaron to electric spritz cars; she tells them they have driven on the highway and it is time to kick up the volume on their day off. Aaron and Shaun bicker about doing it, as Aaron feels Shaun does want to do it but is too worried about Aaron’s condition to do so. Aaron throws on his helmet and says he is in, Shaun joins them, while Lea just smiles at the two of them. Aaron and Lea take off immediately as Shaun is the cautious one.

At the hospital, Dr. Andrews informs Melendez and Lim about what happened. Mia enjoys watching Alex and Kellan play in the arcade as Shaun is more than 2 laps behind Lea and Aaron. Marcus talks to Allegra who seems frustrated and shocked as Breez talks to Karnell while Morgan and Claire watch from upstairs. Aaron is like a kid again in the car, laughing and racing with Lea, while Shaun continues to putter along. Suddenly Aaron loses focus and has a very worried look on his face; at the end, Lea and Shaun help Aaron step out. Aaron says he is better than fine… he is good! Lea hugs him as Aaron calls Shaun to catch up with them.

Marcus talks to the woman from DSI, saying he was unaware of what the doctors have done, saying practicing medicine requires doctors to make judgments, not just follow rules and because of that two human beings that should be dead are alive because of Lim and Melendez. They should be applauded for their job, she mocks him and claps, saying she will be notifying the state board of their findings and it will be up to them from there; leaving the bureaucrats out of it! Marcus promises to see her at the hearing.

Lim walks in her robe to Melendez’ office, where she admits she screwed up. She isn’t talking about the stupid investigation, she was talking about them. Since her divorce, she has always felt that no matter how real something feels it isn’t. She admits she has feelings for him, for a long time but it scares her. She doesn’t want their night together to be their last; he feels the same way but doesn’t think this is a good idea, especially since they will now be under a microscope. She suggests that as long as Andrews and no one else knows, he holds her hand as they share a good night.

Claire thanks Morgan, saying her being there helped. She knows Morgan isn’t clueless but says if she ever needs someone to talk to she can come to Claire, as she did work at a battered women’s shelter. Morgan says it was a good day and now she will return the favor and have Claire meet her mom.

Aaron tells Shaun he has decided to speed up the chemo and Dr. Blaize will have to agree as he wants to have more days like today and Shaun has no excuse to not have them too. Aaron feels Lea is a good friend, who gets Shaun. Aaron learns that Lea made it very clear she only wants to be friends with Shaun; Aaron says he is a good man who deserves to be happy.

Alex helps Mia pack up the vehicle, thanking her for staying. She hugs him goodbye and drives off, leaving him standing alone but the car suddenly stops and Mia gets out, telling Alex he is right and they could slowly and cautiously test the waters. She will come back in a couple weeks to spend the weekend alone with him. She kisses him and leaves again; Kellan sees the whole thing, smiling with his dad.

Shaun returns home after spending time with Glassy. Shaun says he wants to try a beer, as he notices there is a beer on the table. She introduces him to Jake (Andrews Joseph), telling Shaun not to wait up for her as she will be home late. Shaun stands in the middle of the room alone while Alex and Kellan thoroughly enjoy a movie together and Mia smiles at the thought. Outside the hospital, Audrey gets out of her wheelchair as Melendez picks her up; both smirking. Aaron enjoys his drink while Claire swipes through the dating app, seeing Morgan’s fake profile. Morgan meditates and smiles as Marcus sits worried in his office. Shaun sits on the couch and stares at Jake’s empty beer bottle on the table.


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