The Good Doctor Recap 11/04/19: Season 3 Episode 6 “45-Degree Angle”

The Good Doctor Recap 11/04/19: Season 3 Episode 6 "45-Degree Angle"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, November 4, 2019, episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below. On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 3 episode 6 called, “45-Degree Angle” as per the ABC synopsis, “While performing his first solo surgery, Dr. Shaun Murphy alienates a nurse, which puts his residency in jeopardy.

Also, Dr. Neil Melendez disagrees with Dr. Audrey Lim on a risky surgery, and Dr. Claire Brown spirals into self-destructive behaviors, causing negative ramifications in the workplace.

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The Good Doctor begins tonight with Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) speaking to nurse Dalisay Villanueva (Elfina Luk), wanting to know what happened to all the nurses. Meanwhile, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) announces all his process for his first surgery. He goes in detail as Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) assists him.

Dr. Andrews comes into the OR, making Shaun say he is pretending that Andrews isn’t there. Andrews tells Shaun he doesn’t need the entire staff to rehearse his upcoming surgery and demands that they go back to their stations; but Shaun informs him that Chief Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) has assigned him his second first surgery and she assigned all the nurses to him unless there is an emergency on their floor. He asks Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) for the blade, which is actually Morgan pretending to be her. Shortly thereafter, Claire rushes into the hospital.

Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) inform their pregnant patient, Patty Fields (Tiffany Daniels) and her husband Andre Fields (Quentin Plair) that she has a mass that is too close to the baby. Melendez recommends them doing the procedure to remove the entire mass assuring them that the risk of harm to the baby is very low. She says they are opening a toy store within a week and doesn’t want to leave it up to Andre, but is told it is too soon and unrealistic. She feels had they known she had cancer they would have waited on having the baby or opening the store.

Andrews finds Lim, who tells him that every resident has a specific set of skills and Shaun needs this but he feels she is babying Shaun. She suggests that if he thinks she is wrong, let her fail and learn; but he should be prepared to apologize to her when she ends up being right. Back in the OR, Shaun speaks through his procedure as Morgan questions him about his dating Dr. Carly Lever (Jasika Nicole) and if it is everything he hoped it would be. He asks her to refrain from asking non-surgical questions as he needs to prepare but she reminds him that she is being Claire and she will ask him over and over about Carly.

Shaun is able to talk about both, talking like a robot as he explains things, with a nurse saying it was odd that Carly didn’t join him at the museum as she was busy doing something else. Shaun doesn’t understand as she explains that as a boyfriend, Carly should have asked him to join her; everyone confusing him as they all give their different point of views, asking Shaun if Carly has ever actually referred to him as her “boyfriend.” He ends the practice and rushes out of the OR.

Morgan finds Claire in the locker room, asking her when she became so slutty as her clothes wreak of cologne. She makes Claire take 2 hours of her work to thank her for covering for the hour she was late. Shaun stands in the hallway as Alex approaches him, he is staring at Carly, wanting to know why she didn’t invite him to her get-together; Alex suggests he get physically closer to her to find out, but he declines.

Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) works at the hospital clinic when Debbie Wexler (Sheila Kelley) asks if he could get away for lunch. He brings her into his office, explaining that she got fired for giving away free coffee to distraught patients. She wants him to come home for lunch, so she can bitch and there is actually someone there to listen. He agrees, looking at his room full of patients.

Melendez, Alex, and Morgan are doing Patty’s surgery, both giving Melendez suggestions on what they are doing. Morgan wants to run the complex surgery past Dr. Lim, but Melendez informs her that it isn’t necessary as there is only one clear path, implying there is no decision to make.
Once the procedure is done, Lim orders Melendez into her office. He felt she wouldn’t mind as they both complained about how Andrews always dominated everything. She had hoped their relationship was better than the one with Andrews. They both feel that this is making each other look bad.

Morgan finds Claire, saying they might have a bigger issue than her lying about a blood test that she screwed up. Morgan informs her that Shaun is a mess because she was at the dentist, explaining what happened through practice making Shaun question the validity of his relationship with Carly. She had put it on Claire’s list to be kind and friendly with Shaun, so she doesn’t have to; suggesting she speak to Carly first when she drops off the blood vials.

Debbie loves the hospital, saying it feels like home. She suggests coming to work with him as he really needs the help at the clinic since she was a nurse and she can help out making it better. He refuses, saying couples that are apart every now and then is a good thing because couples who are together 24-7 tend to run to the opposite sides of the house when their day is done.

Claire returns to the lab, wanting a rush on the blood because if it doesn’t get done right away Shaun may get bumped for his surgery, explaining that Shaun is distracted and upset; asking her to talk to Shaun to reassure him that everything is okay. Carly promises to put a rush on the blood test but doesn’t say anything further to Claire.

Aaron deals with one of his patients, who enjoys gardening but could do with a little less talking. Aaron pulls a bee out of the man’s eye just as Shaun bursts through the door, saying he needs to compartmentalize. Shaun explains how everything going on with Carly; not liking that he is thinking about Carly all the time and would like to talk to her but cannot. Aaron tells him he is great at organizing things and everyone struggles with their work-life and their personal life; that is why they wear uniforms as it tells the world that this is what they have to focus on right now and cannot worry about anything else. It makes sense to Shaun, so when he sees her in her white lab coat she is working and when he is wearing his, he is a doctor and romance doesn’t matter. Shaun repeats the sentence, takes his lab coat and shouts it out one more time before he leaves. Aaron’s patient asks him if he is a doctor and would care to get the other 2 bees out of his eye.

Morgan and Claire walk as Morgan says she is consistent when she is going through her own issues. They find Shaun who claims he is a civilian right now but his surgery is in 6 hours. He says he needs to talk to Carly as Morgan reminds him they practiced this morning to learn to communicate better, suggesting he talks to her first. Claire stops him, saying he doesn’t need to talk to Carly as she spoke to her earlier and there are no problems. When he questions her about why he wasn’t invited over to meet her friends, Claire says there were no friends and the laughing he heard was probably a podcast she was listening to. He decides to go back and get his lab coat on.

Alex informs Patty that they didn’t remove the mass as they will wait another 2 months to ensure the baby can survive outside the womb. Suddenly her vision goes and her blood pressure crashes; he calls for Dr. Melendez to come immediately as Andre looks on, terrified.

Shaun walks confidently into the OR as the nurse puts on his gloves. He will be assisted by Dr. Claire Browne, proudly saying he is lead surgeon. He requests for the 10 blade from the nurse and begins the procedure. Meanwhile, Alex, Morgan, and Melendez review Patty’s case, saying the mass is leaking blood and they need to go back in. Melendez informs them even with the best NICU on hand, the baby only has a 15% chance of survival at this stage. Morgan thinks they are wrong, explaining how they can keep the baby inside her mom. Morgan wants to book an OR but Melendez takes the plan to Lim, who feels that she could terminate the pregnancy to save a life. He feels he has performed riskier surgeries and had success. He knows the hospital policy but they need to know what the mother wants. She thanks him for coming to her with his plan.

Shaun gets the patient’s stats, thanking the nurse for hearing and responding. He explains what technique he will be used to remove the appendix, asking for specific instruments and proceeds with caution. He tells Claire to get on it when he nicks the patient inside, asking them to sponge up the blood as he continues the surgery.

Melendez informs Patty and Andre about their idea. Patty feels if the doctor says he could do it then he should as Andre wants them to do the other procedure. Andre admits that he doesn’t want this baby as they can have another one some other time as he cannot replace her. Patty takes his hand, saying she doesn’t want another baby. She wants the one she has been carrying for the last 23 weeks; that is the baby she wants to hold and she couldn’t live with the guilt if they killed their baby to save her own life. She nods to Melendez about the procedure he suggested, no matter how risky.

Shaun seems to have everything under control when he removes the appendix, confidently. He asks Claire to close up as Dr Andrews says he owes Dr. Lim an apology and tells Shaun to continue. He gains more confidence after hearing that but the nurse is suddenly handing him the sutures clamp incorrectly but she doesn’t know-how as she pleads with him to take the clamp. When she doesn’t listen to his instructions he orders nurse Hawkes to leave the OR. He picks up the instrument and proceeds quietly.

Patty is back in for surgery, nicking an artery and now she is hemorrhaging; they work rapidly to correct it. Meanwhile, Shaun is up in Lim’s office who tells him he cannot solve his interpersonal problems by making people go away. Shaun explains what happened, but didn’t explain to the nurse why he wanted it a specific way; Lim wants him to apologize but he refuses, saying that she didn’t do it right. Lim points out that he didn’t do it the right way either and he needs to make this right. Lim confronts Andrews about not stepping in without this escalating, but he reminds her that she has her way of dealing with Shaun and so does he.

Melendez and his OR team cannot get the bleed under control as Morgan says they have to take the baby out. He calls for NICU to be prepared for a 23-week old girl on her way soon. Aaron finds out from Debbie that she has gotten a job offer but she is declining because she wants to come work with him. She already listened to him, so now it is her turn. She explains how the clinic is a disaster and she is a good partner and she wants a chance. He can fire her if it doesn’t work out as he asks for a resume. She leans in to kiss him, saying she is hoping to avoid that. Before he lets her kiss him, he takes off his white jacket and closes the door; giving the newlyweds some privacy.

Shaun brings nurse Hawkes a coffee, who simply asks to enjoy her lunch after a long difficult day. He tells her that Dr. Lim told him he needed to apologize to her. He moves his chair closer to her, explaining why he preferred the instrument handed a specific way, using historical facts. She tells him he needs to go away, but he refuses to say she needs to see he is right because then there would be no reason for him to apologize.

Patty’s stats drop and they need to shock her, trying to get her heart started but when it doesn’t work, Melendez says he is cracking her chest to massage her heart. He is determined to save Patty, but her vitals are gone and there is no heartbeat. They watch the monitors and Melendez decides they need to get the baby out as her little heartbeat keeps rising from being in distress.

Lim finds Shaun, saying all he had to do was say sorry. She doesn’t hear him taking any form of responsibility as the nurse has filed a complaint with her. Shaun becomes very upset as Lim makes it very clear that he screwed up and is wrong. This incident will be noted in his file and if anything like this happens again, this will be the end of his residency. Lim asks what Shaun has to say, but he remains mum, as she suggests he could say he is sorry. Shaun finally says he has failed and he is sorry. She orders him to say that exact thing to nurse Hawkes and mean them; several people, including Andrews witnesses the exchange.

Morgan finds Claire, saying she is a terrible fairy godmother as she spoke to Carly. Claire feels Carly is pissed at him, but Morgan feels Claire only made the situation worse by burying it. Melendez comes out of surgery to find Andre sitting alone in Patty’s room. Melendez explains what occurred and Andre becomes visibly upset at the loss of his wife. They dress him in scrubs and bring him to the NICU to meet his daughter; he struggles with his emotions as he touches the tiny infant.

In the locker room, Claire tells Shaun they need to talk. Later he sits with Carly, knowing she is mad at him because whenever he has a problem she hears it from everyone else, rather than from him. He apologizes to her, then takes his coat ready to leave. She tells him this is the problem because he is not telling her what is bothering him. He demands to know why she didn’t invite him to her get together as she tells him that her friends are snarky and tease, playing practical jokes on each other and she knew he wouldn’t like it. She decided not to invite him because she didn’t want things to get weird.

Shaun shares that his father always sent him to his room when he and his friends would play poker as his friends were loud and would tease him. He wants to know if her friends would make fun of him, but she assures him they wouldn’t do that but sometimes when you bring the guy you’re dating into the mix it can make a disaster. He wants to know how she knew it would be a disaster with him, making her confess that she made an assumption, which she shouldn’t have done. She is also sorry for her actions, asking for his forgiveness for not being a good girlfriend. As soon as she says he is her boyfriend, he excitedly forgives her and she asks if she can kiss him, which he agrees to; both glad they spoke as he declines meeting her friends, making her giggle. The two kiss again.

Melendez sits at home when Lim comes into the living room, knowing the state he is in, she simply holds his hand as he finally breaks down.