The Little Couple Recap 08/27/19: Season 14 Episode 6 “We part-tay!”

The Little Couple Recap 08/27/19: Season 14 Episode 6 "We part-tay!"

Tonight on TLC The Little Couple returns with an all-new Tuesday, August 26, season 14 episode 6 called, “We part-tay!,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Bill and Jen take the kids to a Hindu celebration of spring; the family then heads to Pop-Pop’s house where they enjoy a wild test drive of Bill Sr.’s boat.”

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The family is out at the pool. Bill gives the kids new pool floats. They are thrilled. Zoey shows off her new swimming tricks. Zoey swims from one side to the next. Bill tells Jen about possibly buying his dad’s boat. Jen is open to the idea.

Bill takes the kids to an Asian market to shop. He wants to be sure to show Will some of his culture. Zoey pushes the cart while Bill has fun making jokes with Will. Zoey points out that there isn’t much Indian stuff. Bill plans to take her somewhere to celebrate her culture. Back at home, Jen is back from work. They all talk about going to an Indian market. Jen thinks they should go to Holi Festival, a celebration of color and spring. They talk about what their names mean.

The family hits the road to go to the festival followed by a visit to Bill’s father’s house. At the festival many people were friendly and welcoming, sharing bags of colorful powder. Bill went crazy on the kids with blue and red. Will and Zoey got even, covering their parents. They leave the festival and head to the in-laws.

At the in-laws, Zoey and Will play with their cousins. They all sit and have dinner, laughing and talking about the festival.

The next morning they all have breakfast before heading to the marina. They all get in the boat. Bill is a little nervous about driving once they get out into the water. Bill’s dad helps teach him to drive. Bill acts confident but he is still on edge. When they start to go fast Jen wants to slow things down.

Jen takes her turn at the wheel and even gets gusty driving fast. Now it is the kids turn to drive. Zoey goes first. Pop-pop helps her. After they all have a turn they head back to shore.

One Week Later

Bill goes to see the boat with his dad, brother, and step-mom. His dad is a little sad that Bill is taking the boat off of his hands but he is happy the kids will be happy.

At the boat launch, Bill backs the boat into the water. His dad drives it to his house where they meet the family to load the kids in the boat for a spin. They christen the boat. Jen does the honors. Bill is nervous that she will blast a hole in the side of the boat! She is pretty strong. They name the boat the littlest yacht. They take off. Bill is thrilled and so is Jen with all of the memories they are making.