The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Beth Maitland Unfairly Attacked Over Daniel Goddard’s Firing – Y&R Star Shuts Down Blame Game

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Beth Maitland Unfairly Attacked Over Daniel Goddard’s Firing – Y&R Star Shuts Down Blame Game

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal that the soap world’s still buzzing about Daniel Goddard’s (Cane Ashby) departure. You’ve probably heard by now that Goddard was fired, so Cane and “Lane” fans are in an uproar. Unfortunately, Goddard’s innocent costar is getting caught in the backlash.

If you’ve ever checked out Beth Maitland’s (Traci Abbott) Twitter account, you know she’s a real class act. Maitland is courteous and respectful to fans who reach out to her. She’s kind enough to reply in many cases, which says a lot about how much she cares. Maitland seems like a total sweetheart, so it’s no surprise that she’s such a beloved cast member.

Sadly, some viewers have chosen to attack Maitland over Goddard’s firing, which is just flat-out ridiculous. Maitland is a recurring player who just rolls with whatever story they give her. She certainly isn’t responsible for Goddard being let go. In fact, Maitland was open about her disappointment when Cane and Traci’s love story was nixed.

Back in July, Maitland responded to a fan who was bummed when Traci chose friendship with Cane. “I understand,” Maitland said. “I am too. Sometimes the fuss and meanness gets to win. Makes me so sad.” Some viewers didn’t quite understand, so Maitland clarified her comments in another tweet. She said, “To be clear. This was not all fan meanness. So much more always involved. This was not writers backing down. Many factors. This happens. Let’s all look forward to what’s next. Xx”

As you can see, Maitland was all for having a storyline with Goddard. She was all for having a storyline period! Maitland’s always eager to get in the action, but Y&R doesn’t utilize her as well as they could. Thankfully, Traci is at least involved in the latest Abbott family mystery. She’ll uncover some shockers with Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) help in the coming weeks.

Of course, that may be what’s led to the recent attacks on Maitland. Perhaps there’s some resentment from Cane fans since Maitland got a story and Goddard got the boot. However, Maitland wasn’t keen on letting anyone think this was her fault – because it wasn’t! She’s just doing her job, so she shouldn’t be blamed for TPTB’s decisions.

When Maitland shared a post about her terrific year at Y&R, one fan insisted it was “at Daniel Goddard’s expense.” Maitland told the viewer she should check her sources, which caused another fan to hurl more accusations. You know those perfectly nice and tactful tweets we mentioned from July? This person called them “shady.” What’s so shady about saying there were many factors and the scrapped story was just one of those things that happens?

Basically, some fans were acting like it was Maitland’s fault that Goddard got sacked, but she decided to set the record straight. Maitland reiterated that she wasn’t behind “Trane’s” dropped story. She insisted, “…it was not me stopping anything. Just don’t like to be blamed for something that is in fact the opposite.” If we read between the lines here, it’s easy to see who was actually doing the stopping!

Maitland added, “I was taking the high road. And will continue to do that. I loved working with him and the storyline with everything in me. A high point in my career. I am so devastated about all of this. Odd I have to defend myself again.” It’s wild that Maitland is somehow getting the blame when she’s the one who promoted the story and actually wanted to see it play out.

Bottom line, Maitland is an enthusiastic team player at The Young and the Restless. If she could control anything involving contracts, she would probably give herself one! It’s irrational for anyone to come after Maitland over Goddard’s firing, but it’s great that she’s sticking up for herself against these outrageous attacks.

As for what’s next on Genoa City, The Young and the Restless spoilers say some new clues will surface about Dina Mergeron’s (Marla Adams) past with Stuart Brooks. We’ll give you updates as other Y&R news comes in. Stay tuned to the CBS soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news.

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