The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Who Does Sharon Love The Most – Man of Her Dreams Revealed?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Who Does Sharon Love The Most - Man of Her Dreams Revealed?

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers remind fans that Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) has loved a number of men on the ABC soap. Viewers first knew her to be devoted to Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), when Case’s character and Morrow’s SORAS’d edition of Nick debuted in the mid-1990’s. But a lot has happened since ‘Shick’ first formed.

Among other current Y&R characters, Sharon came to fall deeply in love with Adam Newman (as then played by Michael Muhney), which created ‘Shadam.’ And then last summer, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) first caught her eye. Though ‘Shey’ didn’t formally become a couple until earlier this year and then didn’t last long because Rey broke their relationship off.

Nick Then, Now, and Maybe Forever

Sharon had her first two children, Cassie Johnson (Camryn Grimes) and her originally unknown twin, Mariah Copeland (as also played by Grimes), with Frank Barritt (Phil Dozois). But Sharon had her other children, Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) and Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind), with Nick. That bond seals Sharon and Nick for eternity as parents.

Y&R fans witnessed two failed attempts at ‘Shick’ remarrying in recent years, 2014 and 2018. A recent conversation that this often times romantic couple had at the Genoa City Athletic Club’s rooftop pool reaffirmed that they are enduring friends.

The potential of Sharon and Nick reaching the nuptial finish line again persists. But whether that happens, or not is a separate issue. Who she loves most is the question that this poll feature asks readers to consider.

Sharon Didn’t End Shey

Because Sharon didn’t end the relationship that she’d just started with Rey, it’s fair to wonder if they’re done. As viewers have seen, Rey has remained single since the breakup he initiated and he’s been honest about still loving Sharon.

The ‘Ria’ crash was loud. With it Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzalez) and Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) went back to Miami, Florida, together. Arturo’s recent return to Genoa City, Wisconsin, for Lola Abbott’s (Sasha Calle) wedding was brief.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say fans aren’t totally sure that Mia’s baby is Arturo’s, though that’s what Gonzalez’ character and a paternity test claimed to be true. Any ‘Shey’ potential would surely be endangered or dashed if the baby is revealed to be Rey’s at some point in the near future. But the point readers are asked to ponder is whether Sharon loves Rey more than Nick and this other guy who’s about to be detailed?

Adam Is Overwhelming

Out of nowhere Adam (as now played by Mark Grossman) asks Sharon to marry him! Then, when she says no in person, he says that her feelings for him reveal the own darkness within her. Hardly romantic, but that’s Adam.

Adam’s steal of Faith at birth, his later rescue of Sharon from the Newman Ranch fire she started, and his aiding her in getting proper medical treatment, which led to her bipolar diagnosis, now seems so long ago. Today’s Adam is much more like Muhney’s edition, when Sharon did love this character, then the softer Justin Hartley (Adam) version, when Sharon wasn’t interested.

Sharon’s actions and behavior indicate that she still has feelings for Adam. But does she love him more than Nick, or Rey? Well, that’s why the opinions of all readers are being solicited.

Fans of The Young and the Restless rightfully express their opinions on a regular basis. So, who does Sharon love the most? CDL is a leading source for everything linked to The Young and the Restless!