’90 Day Fiancé’: The Other Way Recap 11/08/20: Season 2 Episode 19 “Fight Or Flight?”

'90 Day Fiancé': The Other Way Recap 11/08/20: Season 2 Episode 19 "Fight Or Flight?"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, November 8, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 19 “Fight Or Flight?,” as per the TLC Synopsis“Brittany’s return to Jordan doesn’t go as planned, while Jenny and Sumit are sure nothing can stop them now. Tim’s mom’s arrival stirs up tensions. Bini’s long work hours make Ari suspicious. Deavan and Jihoon face a tragedy and form a new family bond.”

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Brittany was on her way back to Jordan when she got into a new fight with Yazan. It was about Yazan’s car of all things. Yazan was involved in a car accident in Jordan and he blames Brittany for it because he got the car for her. She didn’t tell him to get the car. She actually advised him to save his money rather than spend it on a car, but he ignored her because he wanted to impress her with a car, and now it’s seemingly her fault that he got into a car accident. Yazan called her while she was heading to the airport. He blamed her for the car accident and then was surprised when she told him the accident was his own fault. Again, he bought the car on his own. Yazan blamed her for the car accident and then later he tried to change his story.

Yazan said the argument was Brittany’s fault because she wasn’t sympathetic enough. She heard he was involved in a car accident and she didn’t ask him how he was doing and it’s true. She didn’t ask. She should have and she didn’t. Yazan claims she immediately jumped into blaming him for the accident. This is not true. She received a long message from him in which he blamed her and she said she didn’t have anything to do with it. Yazan forgets that this phone call was recorded and that it was clear he did try to tell her the car accident was her fault. He tried to blame it on her. He tried to manipulate her and then he changes his story when it’s his turn to talk to the cameras. Yazan was being such a jerk about this stupid car that Brittany wasn’t even sure if she still wanted to be with him.

Brittany knew for sure she didn’t want to talk to him. She didn’t want to see him. She was going through with her trip to Jordan because she already made plans to meet up with her friends over there and so she was still going to Jordan, but she didn’t want to run into Yazan. Brittany didn’t like the way he talked to her. She said it part of a pattern with him and she didn’t want that in her life anymore. Brittany claims that her relationship with Yazan is over. She said she didn’t want to try anymore with him and so this was very convenient for her because she is still married after all. Brittany was still married to her ex. She therefore couldn’t marry Yazan right away and that’s what Yazan wanted.

Yazan wanted them to get married. He would have married Brittany by now if she hadn’t come up with one excuse after another on why right now isn’t a good time for her. Brittany hasn’t mentioned she’s still married to Yazan. Yazan thinks she’s divorced by now and he also thinks Brittany will convert eventually for him and so they were both operating under wrong impressions. Yazan thought Brittany would change everything about herself to suit him and Brittany thought Yazan would stop being so attached to what his family wants for him. And only Brittany turned out to be right because his family hated her so much that they kicked out Yazan and they don’t want him around as long as he’s still in a relationship with her.

Ariela or Ari as she’s known was struggling with her boyfriend Biniyam’s working hours. Biniyam works at night in the clubs and he usually spends most of the night surrounded by beautiful women. Biniyam didn’t get home until the early hours. Like when Ari was asleep and so she’s struggling with trust right now. Ari wants to trust Biniyam. She wants to believe that he’s working and that he isn’t using his work as an excuse to stay out all night, but it’s hard on her. She thinks Biniyam might see all these other women who haven’t just had a child and that he might be tempted. Ari didn’t want Biniyam throwing away their relationship because of an insignificant temptation. She would have liked to have talked about her fears with Biniyam and instead he sent his sister.

Biniyam continued to work late hours. He sent the sister he knows Ari doesn’t really like over to the apartment and the sister has been goading Ari. The sister seems to enjoy exploiting Ari’s fears. Ari knows what the sister is doing and she tries not to listen to her. Except it’s hard sometimes. Ari is dealing with a newborn who doesn’t sleep for more than two hours and she’s breastfeeding. Her self-esteem is so low right now that she doesn’t believe Biniyam will stay truthful to her. She firmly believes that he’s going to cheat and she doesn’t want that to wreck her family. Ari wants to stay with Biniyam in spite of suspecting him. She still wants to have a family and so she talks about Biniyam’s cheating as if it’s a forgone conclusion. And she goes through his phone when he’s asleep.

Ari also looks forward to the moment her parents visit Ethiopia. She misses her parents. Her mom has been out there before and her father has never visited. His trip today was the first time he was going to be meeting Biniyam. Biniyam told Ari he wanted to make a good impression. He told her that he would be on his best behavior and at the same time, he hasn’t really been talking to Ari. He’s a DJ, he’s a dancer, and he’s also has a singing career. He was at the studio a lot as well. Biniyam really does leave Ari more on her own and she was getting sick of it. She only had her baby for comfort. She needed adult conversation and she demanded it tonight after she told Biniyam she doesn’t trust him.

Ari admitted to Biniyam that she goes through his phone. She told him she has to check it because he’s constantly on his phone speaking to someone else when she’s right there and she needs adult conversation. Ari even tried to grab his phone after admitting she goes through it. She wanted to see who he was messaging and that ticked him off. Biniyam thinks Ari is crazy. He doesn’t like it that she goes through his phone and he wishes she would stop. He says she has to trust him or what relationship can they have. Biniyam is probably going to start hiding the phone now that he knows what Ari has been doing. And so really should have kept that truth to herself because now he doesn’t trust her either.

Jihoon and Deavan are closer than ever. There were some problems in the past and the two were working on their issues. Only they received some unexpected news. They found out they were pregnant again and so they became excited. They couldn’t really afford a baby. They were working with just one income and yet they became excited because they both thought it was meant to be. The couple was so happy that a follow-up doctor’s appointment proved to be devastating when they found out Deavan suffered a miscarriage. These things happen. There was nothing the couple or their doctor could do about it and so they were doing their best to make peace with it. The couple was staying home more and they took comfort in parenting their children.

The tragedy also brought them closer. Deavan realized how much she loves Jihoon and how grateful she was to have a partner around to support her while she works through her loss. Jihoon had also stepped up. He was making seafood soup for Deavan because he heard its good for the body and it has a lot of minerals. Jihoon has also stepped up as a father. He was helping more around the house and with the baby. He was being very good to Deavan. Which is what she needs right now and so the two of them were still quite happy together. They might even consider having more children in the future. They weren’t really ready for it right now and so time is the only thing they currently need with everything that’s been going on.

Surprisingly, Jihoon’s mother was being very supportive. She’s been there for Deavan since the miscarriage and, while they didn’t always understand each other, they do get along. They rely on the translator app. They also went to a museum together. Jihoon’s mother showed off some of her traditions to Deavan and Deavan loved it. Deavan is a huge history nerd. She loved learning more about South Korea and the two women bonded. They had a relationship that some of the others could only dream about. They were in-laws who got along and Deavan felt comforted after her miscarriage. She knew she could rely on her mother-in-law. And on Jihoon and so she wasn’t concerned for the future.

Melyza and Tim were dealing with the arrival of Tim’s family members. Tim’s family was visiting him in Colombia because it’s been a while since he moved down there and miss him. They also thought they would be seeing a lot of Melyza now only Melyza hadn’t been kidding when she said she was clear out. She was going to stay with her parents as long as Tim’s mother was in town. She and Tim’s mom Robin used to be close. They used to get along and that all changed after his mother intervened in a fight between Melyza and Tim. Tim’s mother naturally took his side and she threatened to call the police on Melyza if Melyza didn’t calm down. Melyza lost a lot of respect for the other woman because of what happened.

Melyza doesn’t trust Robin anymore. She doesn’t want to be around the other woman either and its why she’s choosing to run back to her family. She remembers the last conversation she had with Robin. Robin had said she didn’t think Tim and Melyza should be together anymore. To be fair, she saw how bad the fighting was between them and she was concerned for her son. Melyza’s own mother was also concerned. She also didn’t think the relationship would work out and she advised Melyza to end things. Both mothers thought such a fraught relationship wouldn’t work out. Melyza however was focusing on what Robin said and she ran off so fast that it was noticeable that there was a problem. And Robin had no idea what to do.

The older woman wanted to solve the situation. Tim also wanted that because he knew there was a problem and he thought if the two women could just talk then maybe everything would be resolved. It was just Melyza that needed to be convinced. Melyza’s main problem is that she doesn’t know how to let things go. She was still talking about Tim cheating on her and that was over a year ago. She should know by now if she wants to forgive him or not. The same could be said of his mother. Melyza should know if she wants to make the relationship work and if she doesn’t then she should be honest with Tim. Tim might himself have a problem with a woman that couldn’t be in the same room as his mother for long.

Tim later took his mom out to lunch with Melyza. He wanted to address what his mother said and that was hard to do because now Robin is claiming she didn’t tell Melyza she wasn’t right for Tim. Robin seems to have forgotten the whole conversation. She also doesn’t want to apologize for what she might have said to Melyza and so things were going south when Robin told Melyza that she does still love her. She wants Melyza to be happy. She also added that if it’s right between Melyza and Tim then she couldn’t wait for them to get married and give her grandbabies. Robin didn’t go as far as Melyza would have liked, but she did reassure Melyza and Melyza was willing to work on the relationship now.

Then there was Jenny and Sumit. This couple has been through it all and they survived it as a couple. Sumit’s family didn’t want him marrying Jenny. They ultimately convinced him to marry another woman and he’s divorced now because he wants to be with Jenny. Jenny is the only woman for him. The couple was now free to get married. They couldn’t wait to have a ring ceremony and a ring ceremony was basically a huge engagement party. The couple wanted to have one because they have never made it this far in the years in which they’ve been together. Sumit and Jenny were all set to have a ring ceremony when Covid-19 happened. They went into lockdown before the US did and they were especially concerned because Jenny’s age group was at high risk of dying from the disease.

Jenny’s daughter was frightened by the disease. She wanted to stay in contact with her mother seeing as they couldn’t see each in person thanks to the disease and so Jenny assured her daughter that she was staying in the house. She wasn’t leaving for anything. It was Sumit that did all the shopping and he and Jenny kept themselves entertained by playing games at the house. This whole pandemic seems to have brought them closer. They were laughing more and they were just being a couple. They weren’t fighting the world like they usually have to. Sumit’s family didn’t seem to be getting involved or trying to break them up and so the coronavirus was actually making things easier on them.

Brittany followed through on her threats. She saw Yazan and she completely ignored him. She went straight to a taxi. She took the taxi to the hotel and Yazan has no idea where she is. Brittany hadn’t told Yazan what she was doing. The first he saw of her was when she went into a taxi and drove off and so Yazan is second-guessing their relationship. He now believes his family might be right about Brittany and that she wasn’t the right person for him. Yazan gave up his whole family to be with Brittany. He was thrown out of the house and fired from his job at his father’s fish stall because he hadn’t wanted to give her up. And this is what she does to him when they’ve been having an argument.

Brittany doesn’t even know everything that Yazan has been going through. There were the one couple that spoke the least about their problems and it shows. Brittany and Yazan did not know each other. They didn’t know each other at all and that’s why their relationship isn’t working. Brittany was being incredibly selfish without knowing it. Yazan was being short-sighted by expecting a woman who doesn’t know everything to suddenly act like she knows everything and so yeah they got into another argument. They were always fighting. They were always disagreeing and nothing is going to change. Brittany will still put herself first and Yazan will still expect Brittany to read his mind.

Not long after their argument, Ari’s parents came for their visit. Her parents got themselves a hotel room and they even booked the room next to theirs for Ari so that they could see the baby all the time. Ari couldn’t wait for their visit. She looked forward to seeing her parents and finally getting some help with the baby. Ari thought Biniyam would stay with her at the hotel. He told her he couldn’t because he claimed he had to work and so that made her upset. Ari didn’t want Biniyam going to work with her family visiting. She wanted him to stay with her and he said he couldn’t. The two of them got into a fight over this. Biniyam claimed he had to go and Ari didn’t believe him. She thought he was making that up in order to go hang out with his friends.

Ari wanted him to, at best, spend the first night at the hotel with them. He stayed long enough to pick up her parents and take them to the hotel. He was there for the first meeting. He then said he had to work and that was just too much for Ari.

And Brittany toured Jordan with a good friend and she quickly realized how hostile Jordan can be without Yazan there. She and her friend went to a bar. She later called Yazan from the bar and she had forgiven him by then. She told him it’s okay if he picks them up, but she didn’t tell him she was at a bar or that she had been drinking and so who knows how he’ll react when he sees her again.