All Rise Recap 11/23/20: Season 2 Episode 2 “Keep Ya Head Up”

All Rise Recap 11/23/20: Season 2 Episode 2 "Keep Ya Head Up"

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, November 23, 2020, season 2 episode 2 called, “Keep Ya Head Up,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise season 2 episode 2 “Keep Ya Head Up,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Lola may be asked to recuse herself from a case after the video of her detainment is leaked.

Also, Mark continues to seek the hate crime enhancement in Jesse’s (Tyler Barnhardt) trial, even after being met with resistance, and the case is further complicated when Jesse is suspected of having a medical condition.”

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Lola, Lisa, and the others are all talking about her run-in with the law at a protest. A video has now been leaked and makes her look bad as many are calling Lola the “BLM” judge. Some on her team wants her to recuse herself while others think she is fine to continue on a new case. The case involves a white male teen with a baseball bat who went off on a group of African Americans. Sherri tells Lola she has this and will rule with fairness like she always does.

Emily gets the sad news that her client will be buried in a pauper’s grave after she died of COVID in custody. She had 2 kids in DCF and no money. Meanwhile, Lola is forced to dismiss a hate crime amendment in her new case due to insufficient evidence. Amy is thrilled for her client.

At the courthouse, Emily runs into a man she met during a night of protests. He thanks her for helping him after he was pepper-sprayed. Another video was released. Sara gives her an idea. Maybe she could raise money for the mother who died in custody.

Sara offers Lisa help with dating apps. She has some experience and since Ben and she fizzled it should be all right. Lola and Albert talk. She is still paying 6 months after the incident at the protest but if it was him he wouldn’t be.

Emily has a brief meeting with Luke’s love interest. It is uncomfortable for her. Meanwhile, Lola sees her baby in ultrasound with Robin by her side. They talk about her being zip-tied and on a curb at the protest. The man from the protest sends Emily a photo of her and Luke sharing an intimate moment in the alley. He was working the protests and avoiding her while she was telling him she will wait for him.

In court, the teen appears to become angry and is taken out of the courtroom while his ex is on the stand discussing his anger issues. His parents meet with Amy after. They discuss his possible medical condition as he could have CTE.

Luke heads to see Mark talk about a possible plea deal with the case. Mark thinks that isn’t an option given that this kid is just another white athlete’s privilege. Luke reminds him that they have been through a lot but they need to work it out, those nights of protests and what happened to Lola, and not in the case. But on their own time.

Lola talks with Lisa about being irritated as a black woman. Being at work and during this time is a challenge. Court resumes. Lola accepts the plea deal set out for the white teen, accepting his CTE. She also demands his family get therapy since his parents pushed him to keep playing football.

Sara and Lisa share some wine after Lisa gets a date. Emily visits the grave of the mother who was her client. She lays some flowers on the grave. After raising money, the mother was given a burial plot. The man from the protest stops by. They head out for coffee.

Mark claps, welcoming Lola on the roof. There are balloons everywhere for her baby. They talk about being in that courtroom and how hard it all was. She talks about bringing her baby into the world and how unsafe she feels. He will be there for her and loves her. She will be a great mom. She opens gifts while they laugh.