Big Brother 22 All-Stars Recap 09/03/20: Season 22 Episode 13 “Live Eviction and HoH”

Big Brother 22 All-Stars Recap 09/03/20: Season 22 Episode 13 "Live Eviction and HoH"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 22 airs with an all-new Thursday, September 3, 2020, episode and we have your Big Brother 22 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 22 episode 13 “Live Eviction and HoH,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on Big Brother it will be the live eviction and either Christmas or Kaysar will be sent home.  Following the Live Eviction, the Head of Household competition will be held.

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Its day 30 inside the Big Brother house and the ghost of Janelle continues to haunt the game as her closet ally Kaysar sits firmly on the block, guilty by association. Should Kaysar go home, the dominant alliance in the house will need to find a new target, or turn on their own.

Enzo put Christmas up as a pawn because that will solidify Kaysar leaving the house. Kaysar realizes in that putting up Christmas, it is a clear message that they want him out of the house.

Kaysar sits with Memphis and asks him if he is going to let “them guys” run the house. Memphis really doesn’t answer, what Kaysar doesn’t know, is that he started the whole thing. Next on Enzo’s list is Dani, he calls her the Gardner, she plants seeds everywhere. Enzo is done with her, her game is sloppy and she is overplaying everything. Tyler finds that Dani is just being so extra in this game, and just doesn’t stop planting seeds. She is trying her best to turn the Slick Six against each other and he wants to be the one to end all this madness that she is spreading throughout the house.

Tyler goes to speak to Da’Vonne and tells her that Dani is trying to fuel the fire, she wants her out. Looks like they have found their next target. Tyler shares with Cody and Enzo what he said to Da’Vonne. Cody thinks that the Slick Six alliance is gone. Enzo says Da’Vonne and Dani both need to go.

Ian and Kevin are talking about Cody and his core running the house. Ian thinks that Cody and Nicole are the core of the house. He starting to realize that his relationship with Nicole is not what he was thinking it was. Ian believes they have to figure out a way to take down the core or they are going to run circles around them.

Ian speaks to Bayleigh, he said the house is like an octopus, a head, and a bunch of legs. Ian is giving Bayleigh information and she is happy, it is great for her game.

Ian has a plan, get Kaysar to light the house on fire, but he wants the evidence of his involvement to go out with him. Kevin thinks they can nudge him to do it. Ian goes to speak to Kaysar, he asks who he would like to do well, Kaysar tells him that he likes him and would want him to excel. Ian tells him that he has this thing mapped out. He thinks there are many people who believe they are in alliances, but there is a core; Nicole and Cody. Ian goes over and gives Kaysar a hug.

Time for the live vote and eviction. Each nominee gets to make a brief statement. Christmas says hi to Julie and thank you to CBS. Then she recites a poem about her staying in the house. Kaysar says he loves everyone on a personal level but on a game level they all suck. Here’s why Cody and Nicole have been running this house since day one and they have a secret alliance that is going to take them to the end. Meanwhile, the guys have an alliance with Enzo, David, and Tyler. Then, he looks at Cody and says he hopes he has his vote.

Cody is the first to vote, he votes to evict Kaysar, Memphis for Kaysar, Dani for Kaysar, Ian for Kaysar, Kevin for Kaysar, Da’Vonne for Kaysar, David for Kaysar, Bayleigh for Kaysar, Nicole for Kaysar. With a unanimous vote, Kaysar is evicted From the Big Brother house.

Kaysar joins Julie outside the house, she tells him that it was quite a speech. He said it was a long shot, it was his hail mary. He left them a little present on the way out, and he got an icy hug from Dani and Nicole as he left. He felt he needed to spice things up a bit because the house was getting boring. Julie tells Kaysar that Memphis created the alliance. Kaysar says he didn’t come back for the money, Big Brother changed his life fifteen years ago, and it was a call of duty to come back. Julie thanks him for coming back. Kaysar thanks BB nation for allowing him to come back and be a part of this journey.

Its time for the HoH competition, Julie announces that for this week there will be no Have Nots. The power is up for grabs, this competition is called Filter Faceoff. Two at a time, the houseguests will faceoff at the podium, there they will see the faces of all Big Brother All-Stars with filters applied to all the faces. Julie will ask them questions about the photos, the answers will be either more, exactly, or less.

If they are the first person to answer correctly and ring in, they stay in the game and their opponent is eliminated. They will then choose the next two houseguests to face off. If no one rings in, both will be eliminated. The last person standing will be the new HoH for the week. Turn after turn it comes down to Christmas and Da’Vonne, and the HoH winner this week is Christmas.

In the next episode, the BB Basement will be revealed. Here for the first time ever, one competition played completely in the dark will award three new game-changing powers.