Blue Bloods Recap 03/13/20: Season 10 Episode 16 “The First 100 Days”

Blue Bloods Recap 03/13/20: Season 10 Episode 16 "The First 100 Days"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, March 13, 2020, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 episode 16 “The First 100 Days,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Frank and Garrett devise a plan to convince Mayor Chase to work better with others. Danny and Baez try to track down a perp who vandalized several NYPD vehicles with anti-cop graffiti..

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Eddie is out patrolling with Rachel and a dog walks up to her, tries to get her attention and wants her to follow him. The dog leads her to a man and a woman fighting, the man hit the woman, Eddie tells Rachel to cuff him. The dog is brought back to the precinct, Jamie promises to find his owner to Eddie’s dismay, it looks like she wants to keep the dog.

Danny is upset, someone spray-painted his car with the word, PIG. Maria tells him it is not that upsetting and it is her car too.

Garrett, Frank, and Linda are in the office talking. Garrett tells him that the mayor Chase’s office has been hounding them, it’s regarding Frank talking to the times about his first 100 days in a positive way. Frank tells him to let them howl.

Erin is getting in a car, speaking to Nicky on her cell phone, she just called to say hi. Nicky has to go, she hangs up, just as a truck smashes the side of the car that Erin is in.

Erin is sitting in the back of an ambulance, she says she is ok.

Garrett tries to get more cops of Frank from the Mayor’s office but has no luck.

Erin is going over cases with Anthony, she finds one that she wants to give Jessica. Anthony asks her why she is out of it. She says it is not her best morning is. Anthony thinks she is hungover, she won’t tell him about the accident. She hands him the file and tells him to take care of it with Jessica.

There is more graffiti on police cars, Danny is more upset. Danny says the culprit is giving them the finger in plain daylight.

Garrett goes to speak to Frank, tells him to maybe wait a 100 days before they approach the mayor again about the extra cops, Frank says no.

Danny found his graffiti culprit, he took the subway to get there, and Danny got a photo of the guy. Maria says this smells like a revenge thing. The kid’s name is Charles Morrow, he has no priors. Maria pulls out a case from the year by Charles’ brother, he has a rap sheet as long as his arm.

Erin goes to see Jack, he comes out to greet her. Inside the office, he asks her to sit down, Erin tells him that he hurt her. He says he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She says she has been denying it for so long from day one. He asks her if she is having an out of body experience or something. He doesn’t know how to respond, she leaves his office.

Frank tells the mayor that he needs 3000 more cops, the mayor says he can’t afford it, the answer is no. Frank says he can go to other fronts. The mayor says to kick it down the road and they will look at it in another year. Frank says he could always trash talk him to the times. Frank tells him his resignation is on the table. Frank says he is not irreplaceable, but he might want to think twice before he tears him down.

Jamie calls Eddie to the station, the dog trashed his office. Needless to say, Jamie says that he is not a law enforcement officer. Apparently the dog belonged to a gang, and he kept giving them up. Eddie wants to take him home.

Danny and Maria are at Charles’ apartment, Danny is knocking on the door. A lady comes out and says he is not home. Danny and Maria leave. Danny is upset, he knows the little piece of crap is in there. When Danny and Maria go back outside, there is graffitied with the word, PIG again. Danny says he is going to kill him.

Nicky surprises Erin, they are happy to see each other. She tells Nicky that she got in a car accident the other day, it was a fender bender, and she is fine.

Danny walks into the station, everyone is watching a video of him losing it at Charlie’s apartment, Charles posted it on Youtube.

Jamie and Eddie are walking down the street with the dog, she wants to keep the dog. All of a sudden, the dog runs and takes off out of Jamie’s hands. They run after him and find that he found a perp who stole a woman’s purse. Jamie says the dog is not going anywhere.

Danny and Maria are back at the apartment to speak to a neighborhood. She says Charles is a good person; she has three children, he babysits them. Maria asks the woman if Charles ever spoke about his brother, she says yes, and he is looking for revenge, but she hopes he is not dangerous.

At the Regan dinner, Eddie tells a story of when she stepped on an eyeball. Erin asks if they can stop, the endless accounting of the horrible things that go on in the world. She says she is not in the mood to listen to this. The mood gets eerily quiet and awkward. Frank tells Erin that everyone there has been in her shoes. Erin says it has just been a long week, she is sorry.

Danny gets a call from a neighbor, she needs help. Charles is in her apartment, she had to go to her sister’s house. Danny tells her that he is heading over there.

Danny heads to the apartment with Maria and a task force, they can’t find him in his apartment, they pretend to leave and find him in the neighbor’s apartment, Danny says surprise.

At the station, Eddie tells Rachel that they are keeping the dog after he found the purse snatcher. Rachel says they have already found a name for him, Jamko; they also bought him a dog house, Eddie is thrilled.

Charles is in the station with Danny, he tells him that his brother was a good person and didn’t deserve to die. Danny says life is hard and every time you make a bad choice, it gets harder. His brother made a lot of bad choices. Charles asks if he is in a lot of trouble. Danny says it depends on what choice he makes. Good grades and great accomplishments, or bad choices. Danny tells him that he is going in the system, he will probably get off easy, the rest is up to him. Charles thanks him, Danny says if he wants to thank him, he will lose the word pig from his vocabulary.

Frank and Garrett are in the mayor’s office, he tells him that he can find the money for a 1000 cops; it’s the best he can do. Frank says ok, and thank you. Frank says any help will do, he appreciates it. Frank says he sat down with the times yesterday. Before leaving, Frank tells the mayor that he will come to him if he is in need or in service.

Erin is sitting in a restaurant, Jack walks in, he tells her that he didn’t hijack dinner, Nicky is on her way. He thanks her for the other day, she said what he should have said a long time ago. He knows that he hurt her, and he is sorry. Erin tells him that she had a scare the other day and it made her look at her life, and the hurt part was just a tiny chapter in the whole story. Nicky walks in, smiles and looks at the menu.


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