Carole Middleton Devastated Over Prince Charles’ Feelings – Charles Displacing Frustration With Prince William Onto Carole?

Carole Middleton Devastated Over Prince Charles’ Feelings - Charles Displacing Frustration With Prince William Onto Carole?

British royals news reveals that Kate Middleton’s mother Carole Middleton was surprised and devastated when she learned about what Prince Charles had said about the amount of time that she spends with Prince George. Back in 2016, the Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles expressed his displeasure that he didn’t get to spend more time with Prince George.

Well, it seems that Carole Middleton was quite upset when she learned about Prince Charles’ feelings, and a friend of the Middletons suggested that they may be keeping their distance from the royal family as a result of Prince Charles’ words.

“She was devastated,” the friend said. “All she had ever wanted is to be a good mother and grandmother, not upset anyone in the process. Perhaps their low profile is their way of keeping a respectful distance.”

We should note that Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton were not seen at several major royal events for the duration of that year. Carole and Michael were not present at Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday services, nor did they show at Ascot or to the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2016.

This is in stark contrast to earlier years, when Kate Middleton’s parents were routinely present during the early years of Kate and Prince William’s marriage. But since Prince Charles’ reported statement about not spending enough time with Prince George, things have drastically changed.

In fact, a friend of Prince Charles has said that “Charles feels very much that the Middletons get more than their fair share of time with George and Charlotte. In comparison, he sees them very little and he bears a bit of a grudge about that.”

This comes after reports say that Prince Charles was upset over Prince George’s third birthday party, which was basically a “Middleton event” and organized by Carole Middleton. According to sources, Prince Charles felt alienated.

There are also reports that Prince Charles generally feels that he doesn’t get to spend enough time with Prince William. A friend of Charles has said: “Charles would love to do something like a family skiing holiday, but William is not interested.”

It seems that Prince Charles’ concerns about spending time with Prince George may be rooted more deeply in his concerns over not seeing his son or being able to spend time with him. But instead of being upset with William, could Prince Charles be displacing his feelings onto Carole Middleton?

One wonders if this “Battle Royale” between Prince Charles and the Middletons could be the result of a deeper rift or feelings that Charles had over his separation from William. Yet sources say that William “wants to do his own thing these days and often his father doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing.”

Of course, at the present time, the family cannot get together due to the coronavirus pandemic, and reports are that family time is currently spent on video calls.

But what will happen once social distancing becomes relaxed and the family can conceivably be in the same physical space? Will Charles get more time with his son and grandson then? Be sure to check back here at CDL for more British royals news and updates.