Counting On Recap 09/08/20: Season 11 Episode 10 “From Snow To Sand”

Counting On Recap 09/08/20: Season 11 Episode 10 "From Snow To Sand"

Tonight on TLC their reality show Counting On airs with an all-new Monday, September 8, 2020, season 11 episode 10 and we have your Counting On recap below.  On tonight’s Counting On season 11 episode 10 “From Snow To Sand,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Jinger and Jeremy go on a snow to sand adventure in California; The guys prepare a Dad-chelor party for John; Joy and Austin has some good news.

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Jinger and Jeremy welcome their friends for a visit. They plan on showing their friends how you can go from snow to sand in L.A. in one day.

At Jessa and Ben’s, Joe and Ben are planning some guy time for John since the baby was born. They are trying to come up with games. Spurgeon asks Ben if he can go since he is a boy. His dad tells him yes. After they head to the store to buy diapers, the guys all meet up for games and fun as they wait for John. The guys share some of their best dad jokes which are a bit cheesy. The rest of the family share their jokes with Abbie recalling her dad’s favorite joke about a tissue.

Jinger, Jeremy, their daughter, and friends arrive at a mountain just a few hours away to tube on snow. They all have fun taking turns flying down the mountain. Jinger gets some great speed. After tubing, they try out alpine sledding. Jinger is excited. She uses her brakes on the corner but Jeremy doesn’t. Their friends James and Seung also had fun with Seung being very cautious.

John arrives at his party. They play a diaper hoops game. The game becomes pretty competitive with Justin winning. They all eat steaks after. Spurgeon doesn’t eat steak, sharing that he ate crackers in the car.

The producers ask all of the ladies what they think the boys ate. They guess right by saying steak and with no sides just snacks. John shares how he and Abbie have been doing with Grace at night. He helps but Abbie does most of the feedings and changes at night. After they eat, the dads all share words of advice and encouragement. Most of them share what a great man they think John is and know he will be a good dad. They also agree to more steak dinners in the future if they add any more boys to the family.

Jeremy, Jinger, Felicity, and their friends are now headed to Venice Beach. Felicity loves the sand. But she doesn’t like it when her hands get dirty. The couples talk about how their beach days and Sunday drives have changed with their daughter. But they now appreciate simpler things. After they eat, Jeremy and James try to fly a kite with hardly any wind. Felicity doesn’t seem interested. James had better luck when he used a star kite. After James and Jeremy jump into the ocean.

Austin and Joy are excited to share what they are expecting. They are going to have a great gender reveal. She was nervous after the miscarriage. But she feels better because of her doctor and family.

The whole family gets together in the field across from the big house. John flies his helicopter over and drops a ton of confetti to share the gender of the baby. It is pink! Everyone screams. There will be 18 grandkids. Joy is excited to have a girl. She and Austin look forward to meeting their baby.