Criminal Minds Premiere Recap 01/08/20: Season 15 Episode 1 “Under The Skin”

Criminal Minds Premiere 01/08/20: Season 15 Episode 1 "Under The Skin"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama Criminal Minds returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 8, 2019, season 15  episode 1, called “Under The Skin”,” and we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap below. In tonight’s Criminal Minds episode season 15 episode 1 as per the CBS synopsis, “In the Season 15 premiere, the team looks into an unknown subject that bears resemblance to “The Chameleon”.”

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The team came together for a baby shower. Special Agent Simmons and his wife were having another baby and they had a baby shower with all their friends. The only one that wasn’t there was Rossi. Rossi can’t seem to late go of the missing Everett Lynch. Lynch got the better of him in the field and he went on the run with no signs of which direction he was heading. The rest of the team had given up hope on finding Everett. They were all ready to move on and Rossi however couldn’t let this one case go.

Rossi is even used up his vacation days to hunt down Everett. He was now asking his superiors for favors and that was if he did ask for permission rather than seeking forgiveness. His latest trip hadn’t been run by Prentiss. Prentiss didn’t even know he was out of town until she called him to see where he was and he told her the truth. He was in Baltimore. He went there because he heard the city was dealing with a man nicknamed the Chameleon. The Chameleon would target gay men and then leave them out in the woods with missing pieces of flesh,

The only similarity between Everett and this Chameleon had been missing skin. Everett liked to cut his victims’ faces off and this new guy removes skin from the body. This was their only similarity. Everett targeted woman and he tended to make their deaths look like an accident by setting a fire. He was also a serious misogynist. He targeted women with kids because of his own very sick relationship with his mother and its why he involved his daughter Grace in his kills. He also left Grace holding the bag when he made his escape.

Grace wasn’t talking. Her grandmother was of no use and so the only thing the team had on Everett was his profile. They profiled him as a man with violent sexual impulses. They also said he removed the faces because he was someone without an identity and he struggled with self-hatred. It was the self-hatred that made Rossi believe Everett could have changed his M.O. Rossi believes the moment that they fought that day in the woods had permanently changed Everett and that he deliberating changed his profile for his victims because he was back to stay under the radar.

It was a reach, but Rossi was able to sell his team on it. He told them about his theories and two victims in Baltimore still warranted their notice. They were supposed to work the case without any preconceptions. They were practically ordered to do it by Prentiss and all the while Rossi kept investigating his theory. He was sure that the Chameleon was Everett. He didn’t even want to take Prentiss up on her offer to play Grace against her grandmother Roberta and so Prentiss had to force him to do it.

Only first they had to deal with a new body. The Chameleon had left a third body in the woods and this time he didn’t try to hide it. He left it near the road. The Unsub could have done this because of the increased police presence in the woods or he could have done it because he got what he wanted. In this case, that would be the pieces of flesh he stole. The pieces were his trophies and he seemed to be collecting them as a part of a set. He only removed flesh from the torso. There was also the precision in which he removed the pieces.

It wasn’t like how a hunter skinned his prey. It was more like a doctor with a scalpel and there was more. The special Medical Examiner that was brought in to work the Chameleon case had had several observations. He added how the victims were all drugged with a coma-inducing medication and that they were smothered once they had been drugged. Dr. Hurst knew everything there was about the Chameleon. He knew so much about the killer because he secretly was the killer. He was operating right under the team’s noses and they had no clue.

They were still investigating. They figured the Chameleon was a doctor and that he was using the dating site Date Craze. Its how he found his victims. The victims were all identified in the end and no one was from Baltimore. There was no reason why they were in the city yet they came because of the date and the date ended badly. They all traced these dates back to a guy named Tyrell. Which should have ended Rossi there. Rossi instead looked for a connection between who he believed was the Chameleon and Everett and surprisingly he found one.

He found out Dr. Hurst dated Everett’s mother Roberta. He almost married Roberta and the only reason the marriage didn’t go ahead was because it was all a part of the con. She conned him out of his money. She left with her son and so Everett must have come back. He must have reached the closest thing he ever had as a father. Rossi realized this before his team and he went to Hurst’s place alone. He went there because the good doctor to tried to attack him. Rossi used as justification of hurting him and all the while he was hurting him because he wanted information on Everett.

No one was ever going to believe Hurst’s story about being tortured for information. He had killed three men and had a fourth in his basement ready to be cut open. Rossi simply did his thing while his team putting the pieces together. They went to their suspect’s home and they found pictures. Pictures that Hurst took of himself. They then realized he insinuated himself into the investigation so that he could watch and so they then went to his place to arrest him. Except Rossi wasn’t there. He got what he wanted.

He found out Everett’s plan. He learned that Everett used his stepdad as cover and then it was supposed to keep the team busy even as Everett broke his daughter Grace out prison. Grace must have been in on the plan as well. She did suddenly ask for a deal. She was moved to DC because she was supposed to talk and as it turns out she had asked for a new lawyer on top of that. This new lawyer was her father in disguise. He came and he killed anyone that stopped him from taking her out of there.

They had made it to the garage when JJ found them. She tried to arrest them and unfortunately Grace shit her. Grace and her father then fled the building. They were gone and JJ was left bleeding out.