Criminal Minds Recap 01/08/20: Season 15 Episode 2 “Awakenings”

Criminal Minds Recap 01/08/20: Season 15 Episode 2 "Awakenings"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama Criminal Minds returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 8, 2020, season 15  episode 2, called “Awakenings”,” and we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap below. In tonight’s Criminal Minds episode season 15 episode 2 as per the CBS synopsis, “The team searches for Everett Lynch and his daughter; Spencer has a meaningful visit with his mother.

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The team didn’t give up. They hunted down the Lynchs and Reid meanwhile found JJ. Their relationship has been weird since JJ admitted that she’s always been in love with him. They had tried to forget what happened to go back to being friends, but it was never the same again. They were still in such an awkward place and so Reid finding her the way he did had helped put everything into perspective. He didn’t care if things were weird. All he cared about was getting her to the hospital in time and even then it might not be enough.

The doctors had told Reid to call JJ’s husband. He also warned that her family should hurry down to the hospital while there was still time and so Reid tried to make things right. Prentiss was trying to do the same. She blames herself for not listening to Rossi. She kept telling him the Chameleon wasn’t connected to Everett and she thinks if she hadn’t been so in his way that JJ would never have gotten shot, but Rossi told her not to think that way. He said the blames lies solely on Everett Lynch. And they didn’t know how wrong they were.

It wasn’t Everett that was the problem. It was the daughter, Grace. Grace has been trying to prove herself to her father and that’s why she’s been taking more risks. She’s the one that shot JJ. She also killed a couple without hesitation because they needed someplace to hide and so the team didn’t catch on to Grace until they found the murdered couple. The wife had been missing a face which was Everett’s doing. He just didn’t make sense why he would do that after being careful about it for months and so that’s team came to suspect Grace.

Grace’s dynamic with her father was shaping him into someone different. Everett used to plan everything to the last detail and his plan went out the window when the BAU caught wind of his plan. So, the team needed more information on Grace. They went to her grandmother and they asked Roberta about the young woman. Roberta said she was the one keeping the two apart. She knew her son didn’t have a soul and so she kept him away from his daughter because she didn’t want him to use Grace up before tossing her away.

The con-woman said the two were only together now because she was behind bars. She did everything she could to protect her granddaughter from her son and this killing spree was what she was afraid of. She always knew it would happen if she wasn’t there to protect Grace. Roberta gave them good information. They found out she conned her way into getting things for her granddaughter. Grace went to the best schools under an assumed name and she was a wild child. The story was her father was dead.

The story created a complex for Grace. She went around believing her father was this great man and that things would be different if he was around. She grew so wild at school that she was eventually asked the leave. The school had hushed up the reason and so no one, much less her friends, ever knew why Grace left school. Her buddies, therefore, became the perfect hunting ground. They were a part of the 1% and the Lynchs needed money. They left over seventy thousand at the safe house. They were now broke and had nothing to live off of.

The team was also right in assuming Grace would use her friends. She contacted her former girlfriend and then lured the girlfriend to an empty house. They then stole a thumbprint that Grace later used to clear out her ex-girlfriend’s safe deposit box. Grace grabbed the money and she returned to her daddy. The team later found her and her victim. Charlotte Burke was still alive. She was missing her thumbprint but was left relatively safe and so the faceless woman was Grace. Her father stole her face once he got what he wanted.

Everett never cared about Grace. He considered her a liability and he ultimately took her face because the team suspected he used her as a surrogate for Roberta. Roberta was the only woman to ever survive her son. Everett never hurt her when he had the chance and now the opportunity is gone. He was also back on the run. The feds didn’t catch him and they had no clue where he might go next. They figured their best bet at finding him was to go back to Roberta. Roberta broke down in tears when she found out Everett killed Grace.

She always knew what would happen. She also wanted to stop him and so she talked to Rossi about her son. They talked while the rest of the team visited JJ. JJ made it out of surgery alive and she even woke up. She had the chance to talk to Reid alone and so she apologized for what she did to their friendship. She does love him. She also loves her husband and her sons. She didn’t want to lose her family. She just wanted things to back to normal and so she and Reid were going to try and put the past behind them.

Reid did at least talk about what might have been with his mother. She was having one of her good moments and so Reid got to lean on his mom. And that’s how he’ll move the weirdness with his friend.