General Hospital Spoilers Update: Friday, May 22 – Double Death Memory Flood for Luke – Haunting Secrets in Old Elm Street House

General Hospital Spoilers Update: Friday, May 22 – Double Death Memory Flood for Luke – Haunting Secrets in Old Elm Street House

General Hospital (GH) spoilers update for Friday, May 22, teases that a memorable episode will air – and it’s all about Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)! Flashback Friday will pack an emotional punch as GH plays their 52nd anniversary episode once again. This 2015 General Hospital classic is one that left the soap world buzzing, so let’s talk about what plays out.

Luke returns to his childhood home in search of answers. After ripping down police tape, Luke jiggles the doorknob and finds that it’s locked up tight. He searches his pockets until he finds the key and gains entrance. It’s fitting since this is the very place that will ultimately unlock Luke’s memories.

Meanwhile, Patricia Spencer (Dee Wallace) frets about her brother, but she receives comforting words from Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman). Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) wants to have Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) put an APB out on Luke, but Patricia isn’t keen on the idea. After Bobbie closes the door, it’s decided that they have to discuss what transpired in that old house.

Luke spots the pencil markings on the wall, which signified that he was growing up along with his sisters. After Luke shuts his eyes, he’s taken back in time and recalls a younger version of himself. Young Luke (Joey Luthman) comes home glum and late after losing a baseball game. His mother, Lena Spencer (Laura Wright), is glad that his father isn’t home yet.

When Luke notices some bruising on Lena’s arm, she brushes it off as a vacuuming mishap. Young Patricia (Chloe Lanier) comes downstairs sporting pants and gets compared to Mary Tyler Moore. Lena isn’t thrilled about the wardrobe choice, but Patricia protests that her old dresses can be tailored to fit Barbara Jean aka “Bobbie.”

The gang realizes Bobbie has gone missing, which leads to a brief search. Bobbie suddenly appears from behind a curtain as an April Fools’ Day joke. Luke laughs at his knucklehead little sister, the mood turns tense when Tim Spencer (Anthony Geary) comes home. Tim complains about the racket and wonders why there’s no dinner on the table.

Back in the present, Luke frowns over his abusive dad. Over at Oak Hill again, Patricia is pushed to reveal the secret that likely caused this break in Luke. Patricia realizes it’s fitting for the truth to come out now. It’s 52 years ago to the day since the most traumatic event of Patricia and Luke’s life occurred.

More flashbacks show Tim griping about politics and being called a “jackass” by Patricia. Tim scolds Patricia harshly before snapping at Lena for overcooking the roast. Lena seems ashamed and tries to be submissive.

Once Tim hears that Luke lost his baseball game earlier, he demands to see what his son’s swing looks like. Tim thinks Luke swings like a little girl, but Patricia steps toward Tim to blast him. After Patricia calls Tim an old drunk, he smacks her across the face and tells the “little bitch” to keep her mouth shut.

In present-day Oak Hill, Patricia reflects on that night and how things would be different if she’d truly clammed up. Bobbie knows they all suffered due to Tim’s abuse, but she can’t recall the events surrounding Lena’s death. Patricia explains that Bobbie was sent up to her room as the conflict downstairs grew worse.

The story as Bobbie knows it is that Lena was beaten until her appendix burst and left for dead by Tim. Patricia somberly explains that wasn’t what really happened. In Patricia’s flashback, Lena has lost consciousness and blood’s dripping from her head on the ground. Patricia pipes up that she’s going to drive Lena to GH, but Tim barks that no one’s going to the hospital.

Lena awakens eventually, but Patricia still thinks she needs to see a doctor. Luke tries to go with Patricia and Lena, but Patricia thinks someone has to stay behind to protect Bobbie from Tim. At GH, Dr. Phil Brewer (Ryan Carnes) speaks with Dr. Steve Hardy (Jason Thompson) about a patient before Nurse Jessie Brewer (Rebecca Herbst) appears. She talks to Steve about another patient before Patricia brings Lena in.

Lena’s got a cloth on her head to soak up the blood and claims she took a tumble down the basement stairs. Patricia quietly snaps at Lena for not telling Phil what really happened, but Lena doesn’t back down on her fib. Soon after, Lena decides they should go and makes a move toward the door. She loses consciousness again instead, so Patricia is forced to sit in the waiting area while the doctors work.

Steve and Jessie discuss the seemingly abusive situation in Lena’s home. Jessie agrees to call Lena’s brother, Fred Eckert, a bakery owner there in town. Patricia pulls out her crucifix, clutches it tightly and says a prayer for her mom.

Present-day Patricia notes that it felt like she was waiting forever, but it was probably only an hour. Back in flashback mode, Patricia is shocked by Steve’s updates. Lena never regained consciousness after fainting at GH. There was brain swelling due to her injury, so she didn’t make it. Patricia is tearful as she’s taken back to see Lena’s body.

At Oak Hill, Patricia reflects on that difficult goodbye. Bobbie misunderstands the situation and thinks Tim must’ve killed Lena in front of Luke – resulting in the trauma that ultimately broke him. Patricia continues her explanation, which is far more complex.

Bobbie gets a call and steps aside to take it. Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) is on the other end, and he reveals that Luke has been spotted at the old Spencer house on Elm Street. There’s confusion about why Luke would be there since it’s still in shambles from an explosion. The building is still under investigation by the cops.

Back in Luke’s mind, Tim drinks heavily and staggers to the phone. When he returns to Luke, Tim seems bewildered. Luke tries standing up to his dad and feels it’s time for Tim to start showing Lena some respect. Tim warns that’s not going to happen since Lena is dead. Luke insists that he doesn’t believe Tim.

Tracy’s putting it together in the present at Oak Hill – or so she thinks. She suggests the story about Lena’s appendix bursting was about covering up what Tim did. Patricia insists that’s not it, but Bobbie reveals Luke’s location before Patricia can continue. Patricia believes Luke is trying to recall the truth about when Lena died.

In another flashback, the Eckerts arrive to support Patricia. She’s surprised when her teenage cousin, Bill Eckert (Joey Luthman), introduces himself. In the Elm Street house, Luke remembers how furious he was when Tim told him to tuck Bobbie in and tell her the truth about Lena – that her mother was dead.

Young Luke launches a tirade as Tim drinks, drinks and drinks some more. Present-day Patricia reflects on how kind Bill was to her. In the past, Bill wants to know if Tim was behind Lena’s death, but Patricia’s more concerned about getting home to keep her brother and sister safe. Bill goes with her, but they’re not prepared for what they see next.

Young Luke’s shaken and clutching his knees. The living room’s a mess and Tim’s dead body’s there on the floor. Older Luke remembers this in the present day and utters aloud that he killed his father. Tracy barges in with Bobbie and Patricia next, but Luke doesn’t think they should be there. Patricia doesn’t think Luke should be there either.

Luke mentions that he killed his father and notes that no one’s having much of a reaction. He admits he’s not sorry he murdered Tim, but Tracy thinks part of him must be remorseful. Luke feels like Tim’s looking back at him whenever he looks in the mirror.

As Luke keeps thinking back, he remembers someone helping Patricia drag Tim’s body down to the basement. They made sure it was buried in the unfinished wall. Luke pieces together that it was Bill and expresses confusion. He eventually remembers Bill urging him to forgive himself for what he did to Lena.

That takes Luke back to his final flashbacks. As Lena gets in the middle of Patricia and Tim’s argument, Luke snatches up his baseball bat. Lena tries to tug on Luke’s arm to prevent the confrontation from turning violent, but she takes a blow to the head inadvertently. Older Luke flashes to the later argument when he bashed Tim and killed him, too.

Luke falls to his knees in despair over killing both his mother and father. Bobbie and Patricia immediately reach out to console their crumbling brother.

We’ll fill you in as other GH news emerges. General Hospital spoilers say this is a riveting episode that plenty of fans still talk about, so don’t miss this encore presentation. Don’t forget to stop by CDL regularly for thrilling General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.